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When Lin Fan returned to Nameless Peak, he realized that something was off.

Usually, upon his return, Zhang Ergou would be the first to run out and greet him. But, he had been standing here for quite some time, and even with him repeatedly coughing fakely, Zhang Ergou was yet to appear.

Weird. Something was definitely up.

The more he thought, the weirder it seemed. Lin Fan then headed towards Zhang Ergou’s wooden house. He had to see what this guy was up to.

Could it be that they couldn’t control themselves after eating the pills and with nowhere to release, headed down the peak to look for some girls?

But that was not right either. Even if they had descended the peak, there would be no girl willing to go for Zhang Ergou’s ugly face.

If he tried to go ahead forcefully, there would definitely be a ruckus, no?

But no, no, no. Zhang Ergou had such a low cultivation base. The outer sect disciples would have killed him with even just a tight slap across the face. Unless…it was Feng Bujue who brought him there???

At this moment, this struck Lin Fan as a possibility.

Upon reaching Zhang Ergou’s wooden house, Lin Fan just pushed the doors open without the need for knocking.

But what awaited his eyes was just… jaw-dropping.

Zhang Ergou laid on the floor, lifeless, dehydrated, and wrinkled, while panting heavily. And what destroyed Lin Fan’s eyes was the presence of a hole in the ground. A hole was dug in the ground. While it was a pretty small hole in width, it was deep. Definitely deep. From where he was standing, Lin Fan could not even see the depths of the hole. Deep.

"Ergou…you…f.u.c.ked…" Lin Fan asked.

"Mas…master! This pill…it’s poisonous!!!" Zhang Ergou bawled between tears as he recalled what had happened.

Indeed, he was raped by dear Mother Nature…

Boo hoo...

Zhang Ergou could no longer speak anymore. Although he had spent many years of his life mixing around with the rubbish collecting gang, he was still a good boy who kept his chast.i.ty pure.

But, to have done this sort of disgraceful act today…

Earlier on, when Zhang Ergou returned to his hut, he excitedly popped the pill and gulped it down. He then sat down and silently worked on cultivating the skills pa.s.sed to him by his Junior Brother.

Not long after, Zhang Ergou realized that something was off. A fire was dancing furiously within his body, surging about. Furthermore, what was shocking was the fact that his very own crotch area had a small man standing righteously upright.

It was an impulsive desire, one that stretched beyond the heavens.

Initially, Zhang Ergou thought that this was the effects of the pills working out.

But soon, he realized that it was definitely not right. The swell on his crotch felt unbearable, really unbearable. He needed…he needed to find a cave and conduct a thorough exploration expedition.

And in the end…there was…no end.

He looked at the bare ground and… started penetrating it. Luckily, the ground was considered soft. Otherwise, someone might have died.

"Have…a good rest…" Lin Fan mumbled, turned around and left silently. He could not face this man anymore.

At this moment, Lin Fan wiped his forehead. He had not expected the effects of this medicine to be so strong. In fact, its strength was quite frightening even for Lin Fan.

And it struck him. Ye Shaotian! Now that Ye Shaotian had consumed this pill, would somebody die?

After all, if Zhang Ergou even managed to penetrate a hole through the ground, if this were planted onto a human, wouldn’t the person just die?!?

But even if he were to rush over now, it might already be too late.

Both of them might be working towards a climax together…or walking towards heaven together.

Nah, forget it. There should probably be no big issues, it’s fine.

Soon after, Lin Fan arrived at Feng Bujue’s wooden house. He stole a quick glance within and confirmed. Just like Zhang Ergou, he was an extraordinary man who had penetrated the earth.

Forget it, back to cultivating pills for consumption.

Lin Fan had never enjoyed self-cultivation. Just sitting alone quietly and cultivating, d.a.m.n, it was boring as h.e.l.l. It was way easier to just swallow pills for experience.

And now that he had swept three different types of medicinal herbs from Danding Peak, it was time to mix and match for some different combinations for himself.

While these pills may not give much experience each, but as long as he popped more of them, it would still give him a decent amount.

In the span of three days, Lin Fan did not leave his house, Just cultivating pills and popping them all up.

As the experience points slowly entered his body like breathing air, the amount of experience for leveling up steadily increased as well.

Although he was stuck at the postcelestial level, based on the true ratio of how much he had cultivated, he should already be half a step through to pericelestial.

But, why was it that even though he was clearly half a step away from pericelestial, the system still indicated that he was at the first stage of postcelestial? Could it be that his power was now just like essence which was concentrated?

If that were the case, the amount of cultivation he needed from this day on would have to be way beyond that of others.

In those three days, neither Zhang Ergou nor Feng Bujue had made a visit to him. Initially, Lin Fan thought that those two were just throwing a tantrum. But later on, he found out they had just been spending the three days recuperating at home. Seemed like that one pill had utterly consumed whatever energy they had.

Upon this discovery, Lin Fan’s mind was filled with various quirky thoughts.

While he had already cultivated Biggra, the world was a large place with many mysteries after all. He couldn’t be so conceited as to think that this was the best product. There should be modifications available to improve on Biggra!

The next day…

Lin Fan had finally stopped with his pills cultivation. He had nearly used up all of the ingredients and as a result, and produced 100 Biggras. Anything else remaining was all mix and matched into various random pills, which were then popped by Lin Fan and converted into a ton of experience.

When Lin Fan finally came out of the house, he was greeted with the sight of Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue camping outside his house.

He let out a smile. ‘Heh, seems like these two look rather refreshed.’

"How was the pill?" Lin Fan chuckled. Perhaps to these two, the pill might have been their worst nightmare for this lifetime.

After all, Lin Fan felt that this pill was deadly poisonous to those who consumed it without the unspeakable flaw. But what he didn’t expect was that, after glancing at each other, both Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue replied with gusto, ‘G.o.dly pill!’

"Master! This pill is way too G.o.dly! No wonder you’re the man who I respect the most in my entire life! Your skill of cultivating pills is way beyond that of mere humans!" Zhang Ergou exclaimed while licking his lips.

Upon seeing Zhang Ergou a.s.s licking again, Lin Fan could only shake his head and sigh, " My dear Ergou, you can stop acting strong. This pill ain’t suitable for you guys"

"No, no master! Everything senior brother had said was what I was thinking as well! This pill is just G.o.dly! After consuming it, and while the process sure was torturous, the after effect was…I cant even describe it! It’s like…" Feng Bujue could not even use words to describe, but from his expression, one could tell that it was pleasure, pure pleasure. It was as though every single bit of worry had disappeared from him like dissipating clouds.

He was incredibly at ease and elated.

And that feeling did not last long. One day, just one day, and everything had reverted to normal.

"Feeling? What feeling?!" Lin Fan pondered, scratching his head. How could it be? A pill that was cultivated from just three different herbs, what sort of feeling could it have given?

"Master, this feeling is truly indescribable. Perhaps, you can only truly understand after you’ve experienced it for yourself" Feng Bujue replied.

Lin Fan squinted his eyes at these two guys. These guys couldn’t be trying to tempt Yours Truly into consuming it himself just for revenge huh? But, from the eager looks of their gazes, they didn’t seem to be faking it.

"You guys want the pills now?" Lin Fan asked to sound them out.

"Yes, master! If it’s possible, please grant a pill each to the two of us!" Zhang Ergou replied hastily.

‘F*ck! These guys couldn’t have turned into crack addicts, could they?

But forget it, let’s just give one each.’

After the two of them obtained the pills, they thanked Lin Fan gratefully and charged back to their wooden houses.

Looking at the two men who just ran off, Lin Fan was also amazed. Could it be truly that G.o.dly?

Lin Fan had always just taken the pills for experience points, but he had never tried the effects personally. Now that he listened to the both of them, he was a little tempted.

What…was this feeling they were talking about?

Could it be truly that G.o.dly?

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