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Chapter 849: He's About To Explode!!!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Senior, I've met some sort of a bottleneck recently with my cultivation. I feel like I've been veering off the right path. However, no matter how hard I try, I just can't see where I've gone wrong." Zhang Tao's face was bitter as he looked at Lin Fan hopefully, wishing that this Senior could give him a pointer or two.

"Senior, I've been trying to cultivate this mystic art recently. However, I just couldn't get started on it. Could you help me to check and see just where the problem lies?" Tian Yu flapped her wings a little and asked.

At this moment, Lin Fan was standing in the middle of a field and blinking his eyes blankly. He then looked at the grinning Xuan'er and realized what had happened.

'b.l.o.o.d.y sh*t! Yours Truly was scammed by this brat again!'

Lin Fan recalled about what had happened earlier. He had really thought that this brat was going to take him for some sightseeing. To think that it would be something like this!

In his memory…

"Big Brother Lin, shall we go for a walk later on? I've prepared tons of good food! Also, there are a lot of beautiful places around Xuan'er's hometown!"

Toward this little request of Xuan'er, Lin Fan naturally wouldn't reject. After all, he had been killing around all these years. It was quite a good idea to just sit back and relax every once in a while.

When Lin Fan first arrived at the place of the walk, he lamented for a moment. This was truly quite the scenery to behold. But, this feeling did not last for too long when he realized that something was off.

The group of little comrades of Xuan'er came before Lin Fan. In the beginning, Lin Fan hadn't discovered anything wrong with this.

But as time went by, these little comrades began to train and cultivate in his face.

Some of them displayed their martial arts. But when they were halfway through the display, it was as though they had met with some difficulties and came to a stop.

Some of them were trying to break through in front of Lin Fan. But they tried till their faces were completely flushed red, and were unable to break through even then.

In Lin Fan's opinions, these little comrades of Xuan'er were acting a little weird, weren't they? Weren't they here for a walk? Why were they cultivating?

But, seeing the diligence of the younger generation, Lin Fan naturally felt heartened as well. When he saw that someone was having some difficulties in displaying a particular martial art, Lin Fan could not help but speak up to give him a reminder.

But, after Lin Fan was done pointing out to the first person, things began to turn a little messed up.

"Senior, senior! What should I do about this?"

"That's right, senior! Could you please show us the way?"


All of a sudden, Lin Fan found himself surrounded by this bunch of little fellas. Looking at all of their hungry gazes, Lin Fan felt exasperated. It was not as though he could reject them now, could he?

When Lin Fan cast his sight over at Xuan'er, he found her sn.i.g.g.e.ring to herself at a lone corner. Evidently, this was all premeditated.

"This brat…!"

Lin Fan glared at Xuan'er. d.a.m.n it! He should have known. How could she be so kindhearted to invite him for a walk? Seemed like he was here to teach for free!

"Big Brother Lin, please! These little comrades of mine are really in awe of you! And, they don't have a teacher to guide them along either. They've been cultivating on their own all this while! Because of that, they must have suffered quite a bit along the way! As Xuan'er's most powerful and greatest ever idol, you'll definitely help Xuan'er, RIGHT?"

The relationship between Xuan'er and these little comrades had been winding at times as well. But, it was precisely because of that that the bonds between individuals would turn even stronger and tighter. These were also little comrades she could entrust her life to.

In front of the sweet nothings of Xuan'er, how could Lin Fan respond to that? And even if he could, what could he respond with?

The fact that she had already phrased it as such, if he didn't agree to it, it would definitely bring down his image.

"Alright then."

Eventually left with no other choice, Lin Fan nodded his head silently. This walk was now over as Lin Fan trod on the path of guidance.

But, Lin Fan truly held some of these little fellas in high regards. Some of them were rather smart. Even without his own guidance, their achievements in the future wouldn't be all that bad either.

And now that they had met with Yours Truly, who was the strongest in this entire world, their achievements would definitely be even higher in the future.

The Ancient race was the common enemy that required the thousands of races to fight together against it. Therefore, it wasn't a bad thing to train up a few more powerful beings.

And, since these little fellas had quite a chummy relationship with Xuan'er, Lin Fan was naturally glad to a.s.sist.

Given Lin Fan's exceptionally sharp senses, a single glance over was enough for him to check out their complete backgrounds. Therefore, when it came to guiding them, he could naturally tailor to their needs without any issues at all.

"What you're doing now isn't right. It should be like this."

"You'll be unable to break through this way because your foundation hasn't been built enough just yet. Just nice, I've got a couple of pills here. Pop them up."

"This is a Yin Yang skill. As a girl, what are you doing trying to cultivate this? Do you want to turn into a tranny? Just nice, I've got a skill here. Go and learn this instead."

It was needless to say that the mood of these little kids here was practically exploding right now.

In their opinion, this must have been the good fortune that they had cultivated over several past lives for them to be able to receive guidance from such a Great G.o.d! If others were to find out about this, wouldn't they die from sheer jealousy?

"Xuan'er, we've really got to thank you this time around! If not for your help, how would we be able to receive the guidance of this Senior?"

All of these little comrades who had just received guidance crowded around Xuan'er and thanked her profusely.

Through the guidance of Senior, they had benefitted immensely.

"It's nothing. We're all little comrades! And, Big Brother Lin is a really nice person!" Xuan'er looked up into the distance. Big Brother Lin, who was guiding her little comrades right now, had a sparkling glint in his eyes that seemed like stars right now.

He was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with pride right now!

"Senior, what's wrong with me? I feel like the powers within my body are about to burst out of me!" At this moment, a little fella who hadn't been able to break through for the longest time now was suddenly discovering that the True Energy within his body were rumbling furiously. It was as though a gushing river was trying to push out of his body, scaring the little fella witless.

When Xuan'er and the others caught sight of this, their hearts skipped a beat as they hurried forth, "Big Brother Lin, what's wrong with him?"

When Lin Fan caught sight of this, he was equally startled. This wasn't right. Didn't this fella just pop a single pill? Why were these signs showing up?

"How could this be? Isn't it just an Energy Pill? Why would it cause him to reach the brink of explosion?" Lin Fan looked left and right before yelling out, "Aiyoh! Holy sh*t! I've mixed up and pa.s.sed him the wrong pill! This is a Triple Energy Pill! No wonder he couldn't hold it in!"

"AH! Then what should we do?" How could Xuan'er and the others know what this pill was? However, the name alone was enough for them to guess that it must be powerful.

"It's alright, it's alright! Since that's the case, I'll just help him to raise his cultivation state then." Lin Fan replied casually.

There were many pills on Lin Fan that were basically all stolen from others. It had been a long time since he had cultivated any pills on his own. The main reason was that none of the pills cultivated would be useful at all.

And, even if he were to pop them himself, he wouldn't add in that many experience points. Therefore, wasn't it just one h.e.l.l of a waste of them to cultivate them left and right then?

As for this Triple Energy Pill, it was a pill that Lin Fan required to stabilize his powers when he was entering the Divine celestial cultivation state.

The cultivation state of this little fella here was only that of a Desolate celestial lower level. If he didn't have any guidance of a powerful being after consuming this pill, he might truly explode!

Lin Fan used his finger to tap on the head of this little fella. A surge of energy gushed right into his body, suppressing the rampaging powers that were rampant in his body right now.

And, what had Xuan'er and the others startled was that this guy's cultivation state was literally skyrocketing in their faces!

Desolate celestial middle level.

Desolate celestial upper level.

Desolate celestial full cultivation.


At this moment, Xuan'er at the others were absolutely dumbfounded. A straight jump of three levels! Wasn't that way too scary?

"Alright, it's settled now. Don't get nervous, it's nothing much." Lin Fan clapped his hands up and down, implying that it was nothing much.

But for Xuan'er and the others, this wasn't the case at all. This matter was way too explosive! This is way too b.l.o.o.d.y shocking!

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