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Chapter 846: This Is Just Skyrocketing!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"You're really just trying to against the Heavens."

Far in the distance, the Female Empress raised her head and looked over. The peerlessly beautiful face of hers was filled with a look of astonishment. This was a sign of someone leveling to the Divine celestial level 10 state! But by the looks of it, this was quite a lot more tyrannical than normal! The way the Spirit Qi of the Heaven and Earth was going berserk was way stronger than it was for her personally in the past… way, way stronger!

The reverberations of everything that was happening right now were felt by every single powerful being within the Ancient Saint World. All of them looked into the distance. They could tell that a rampage was going on far across in the world where the Spirit Qi was rumbling immensely, and had reached a peak state.

"Just what sort of a being is leveling up right now?!"

This was the question that was central to the thoughts of many powerful beings. For some of the powerful beings, this was a good thing. This proved that the beings of the thousands of races would have another supremely powerful being amongst them.

As for Desolate, who had just made his escape moments earlier, his face changed at the moment he felt this source of power. He then hurriedly bolted off to discuss this with the other Utmost Beings.

Not long after, the remaining five Utmost Beings were looking at one another.

"It's the Motherf*cking Human King who is leveling up. This time around, I'm afraid he's entering the Eternal G.o.d state." One of the Utmost Beings spoke up.

"This is something that we absolutely cannot tolerate. We have to step forth and take him down. Even without the powers of the Eternal G.o.d Seat, he had already created such a mess of our Utmost Beings. If he were to level up, wouldn't he just fly into the Heavens?"

"Who will be the one to go and stop him? I've already said this before, I'm not going. I'll sit here and wait for the Infinite Worlds to open up and the Heaven's Will to descend. No matter how strong this Motherf*cking Human King is, in the face of the Heaven's Will, he will be nothing but an ant." Another Utmost Being said out. To be honest, he was feeling a little cautious about this human by now.

"Your Utmost Being here can feel that Fault is already dead. He was defeated by that Motherf*cking Human King. This is an intolerable blow for the Ancient race."

Desolate looked around at the Utmost Beings present. When none of them wanted to head forth, he barked out in rage, "Look at you guys! Are you still the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race?! Right now, that human is leveling up! This is the critical moment. Doesn't he just have the Ancient One, Cruel, and the Demon Emperor around him, that's all?! If the five of us were to strike out together, it's not as though we'll lose, will we?"

"Huh?! Ancient One?!"

"Huh?! Demon Emperor?!"

"Huh?! Cruel?!"

At this moment, the other four Utmost Beings exchanged glances with one another. Initially, they were a little moved. But, when they heard those words, their hearts palpitated.

What kind of a huge joke was this?

And the most startling fact for them was that the Ancient One was still alive! That was an Utmost Being from the same period as they were! There was no doubt about his strength, the strongest of the Utmost Beings!

"If you guys don't want to go, I'll go! For the sake of the Ancient race, so what if we were to fall? We must definitely not allow that human to level up!" Desolate shouted out in anger.

The other four Utmost Beings looked at Desolate and shrugged their shoulders helplessly. Those malevolent eyes that were glaring at Desolate had a clear meaning to them: 'Go alone then.'

Desolate looked at the four other Utmost Beings and was so mad that his entire face was flushed red. He did not know what in the world was going on with these Utmost Beings!

To think that a mere Motherf*cking Human King would have them this wary! Did they still have any dignity as Utmost Beings?

"Desolate, don't do this. The Heaven's Will is asleep right now. Back then, he had expended too much energy. He does not even know about what we're talking right now. Therefore, even if you bootlick him now, it's useless. If we go and seek out trouble with that human, even if we were to succeed, it would cost at least three of us."

"It's either you who falls, me who falls, or all of us who fall." Another Utmost Being said.

The other Utmost Beings looked at one another and did not say anything more.

"Right now, our main task is to use all we've got to suppress the Fire Water Empress. We must not let the Fire Water Empress out at all cost. No matter how strong that human is, he will not be able to break through the Eternal Barrier. All we have to do is await the awakening of the Heaven's Will, after which, everything else will cease to matter."

"That's right! We Utmost Beings cannot afford to take another loss anymore. The Motherf*cking Human King has already started building his foundation, and has two Utmost Beings by his side. Not only that, even the Demon Emperor may have already recovered. Even if we head over now, it will not aid in anything at all."

"And, if those fellas from the Guarded Ground were to pop up, our strength will pale in comparison. There's a likelihood that we might all die there instead."

At that moment, Utmost Being Desolate sucked in a deep breath, feeling like he had just been convinced by them.

If they were timid, they should just admit it. What was the point of saying so much more?

At this moment, Lin Fan raised his head into the void and looked at the b.a.l.l.s of Spirit Qi which were coiling around rampantly, having him caged up by a Spirit Qi Typhoon.

Instantly, all the pores in Lin Fan's body opened up as he took in a deep breath, taking in all the berserk Spirit Qi into his body.

From the unknowns, Lin Fan had a feeling that he was now able to communicate with a mysterious place somewhere.

"That's the Eternal G.o.d Seat."

Even among the Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state beings, there were differences in strength. Those Divine celestial level 10 beings who could stand on par against the Utmost Beings could be counted with one's fingers.

The Guardians of the four Guarded Grounds were all Eternal G.o.d state beings who had attained the Eternal G.o.d Seats. As for the other living beings, even if they had reached Divine celestial level 10 state, they wouldn't be a match for the Utmost Beings.

But, the Fire Water Empress was an exception.

She had evidently not attained an Eternal G.o.d Seat, yet her powers were stronger than any Utmost Being. Not only that, no one knew which race she was from. She is just the epitome of the term 'sick'.


At this moment, a tremendous power of leveling up tore through the void, and within the endless void, an Eternal G.o.d Seat that was filled with an unparalleled G.o.dly might appeared.

This Eternal G.o.d Seat was momentous. At the moment of its appearance, it seemed as though all living beings within the world must bow down under this Eternal G.o.d Seat.

"Holy f*ck! Seems like it's the real Eternal G.o.d Seat! But, is it only that b*tch of a Fire Water Empress who is able to turn that strong without even attaining the Eternal G.o.d Seat?"

Lin Fan was curious. However, he did not have any way of finding out.

He checked his system's panel.

The column indicating his cultivation state was in a pending state.

'Cultivation State: Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state. (Levelling in progress)'

This was something that he could not figure out no matter how he thought about it. But, he had the system. With that, there might be a possibility that his strength could still continue to grow indefinitely. So what if he walked the path of the ma.s.ses and went for obtaining the Eternal G.o.d Seat? It was not as though that would restrict the path that Yours Truly could take later on.

Lin Fan grabbed out with his hands at that Eternal G.o.d Seat.

"Come on over. Yours Truly is going to walk the path of the ma.s.ses now!"

Lin Fan did not want to think too much anymore. Since things had come to this, he could just casually get the seat then.

But all of a sudden, something startling happened to Lin Fan.

It was as though that golden sparkling Eternal G.o.d Seat in the void was resisting him! It bolted off into the depths of the void as though it wanted to get as far away from him as possible!

There seemed to be some mysterious power that was tugging at the Eternal G.o.d Seat, preventing him from obtaining the true Eternal G.o.d state.

"Holy f*ck! Are they looking down on Yours Truly?!"

At this moment, Lin Fan was angered as he burst forth with all his powers and grabbed out towards that Eternal G.o.d Seat. The more they didn't want Yours Truly to get it, the more he wanted to get his hands on it!


The void exploded out as two explosive forces burst forth, tugging at one another.

"F*ck! They're bullying me too intolerably!"

Lin Fan was totally riled up right now. Using his palm to cleave down, he sliced out through the Heavens and Earth. No matter what, he had to drag this Eternal G.o.d Seat down!

That boundless and infinite power blocked Lin Fan's attack entirely. Mysterious thin threads wrapped around the Eternal G.o.d Seat and pulled at it furiously.

Seemed like this was the reason why the beings of the thousands of races could not get their hands on this Eternal G.o.d Seat.

When they were leveling up, the Eternal G.o.d Seat would evidently appear! Yet, it was pulled away by some mysterious force that just refused to let them get their hands on it. So, what could they do about it?

"F*ck! This is the most critical juncture, and yet you b.l.o.o.d.y refuse to let Yours Truly soar? Yours Truly will come at you!"

"Ancient One, Cruel, Demon G.o.d, come and give me a hand! Pull this d.a.m.ned Eternal G.o.d Seat down forcefully!" Lin Fan was incensed. At the same time, this was something that had never happened before!

It was as though the existences from the unknowns hadn't expected that the living being who was leveling up this time around would be so difficult to deal with.

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