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Chapter 845: All Upgraded
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

'Ding… Congratulations on killing Utmost Being of the Ancient race, Fault.'

'Ding… Experience Points increased by countless.'

'Ding… Cultivation State leveled up.'

'Ding… Obtained Eternal G.o.d Seat (1).'

'Ding… Obtained three trillion Shengyang Pills.'

'Ding… Obtained ten Dao Weapons.'

'Ding… Obtained Supreme Graded Utmost Treasure, Supreme G.o.d Spear.'

After killing Fault, the rewards were innumerable, especially his own experience points, which skyrocketed entirely. And unexpectedly, Lin Fan obtained a Supreme Graded Utmost Treasure!

This wasn't something that Lin Fan had thought of.

Seemed like the one true way to increase one's fortune was truly to slay Utmost Beings!

These Utmost Beings were one richer than the other. This was practically heaven defying!

'Ding… Congratulations on leveling cultivation state to Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state.'


At this very moment, the Spirit Qi within the entire world began to rumble.

"What's going on?! Could he be breaking through at this very moment?" When the Female Empress caught sight of Lin Fan's transformations right now, she was taken aback, evidently somewhat in disbelief.

The level at which the Spirit Qi of the world was going berserk is extraordinary. There were streaks of purple thunderbolts that were flashing out across the skies.

"HAHA! Seems like I'm going to breakthrough now! I can finally get that utmost cultivation state!"

Lin Fan had been waiting for this day for a long, long time now. To think that it would finally descend upon him.

At this moment, Lin Fan's Paradise quaked furiously. All the living beings within floated up into the void as Spirit Qi gushed right in. Even those crystallized walls of the Paradise were cracking and regrouping repeatedly, expandingly outwards continuously.

Hundred miles, thousand miles, 10,000 miles, 100,000 miles, several million miles outwards… The crystallized walls of the Paradise were like crystals right now that gave off a bedazzling gleam. Every single piece of the crystallized wall seemed to possess a life of its own, as though each of them were a world of their own.

All the living beings within the Paradise began to transform endlessly. They roared out furiously as their bodies spun around, causing a boundless aura to burst forth from these living beings ferociously.

Upgrade! All of them were upgrading right now!

Every single rise in cultivation state would cause an immense change to happen. And the gap between crossing over from a Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state to Eternal G.o.d state was one that was tantamount to the Heavens!

The Spirit Qi within the Paradise was way stronger than before by millions of times. In fact, it was even starting to materialize into physical ent.i.ties.

Every single living being was breathing at this moment. With this many living beings, every single breath was just like an ocean.

"Yin Yang Reincarnation to complete an Unparalleled Dragon's Body!"

The Tenth Prince and those four Dragon Emperors who had been cultivating within Lin Fan's Paradise unleashed the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation with everything they had in this instant.

The Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation was one of the few secret skills of the Colossal Dragon race, and was also the most difficult of them to cultivate. But, once it was successfully cultivated, the might that was unleashed would be enough to shake the entire world.


A series of dragon's roars boomed out within the Paradise. The Tenth Prince and the others transformed into Colossal Dragons. Each of these Colossal Dragons had a distinct separation between Yin and Yang, with a torrential momentum. A formidable aura was exuded from them ferociously.

"Unparalleled Dragon's Body!"


The body of the Yin Yang Dragon began to tear apart as those extremely tough dragon scales began to shatter. However, in the blink of an eye, they had recombined. And, the recombined scales were extremely shiny. There was even an incredible, mysterious energy that was cruising through them as though the scales were a series of miniature worlds of Colossal Dragons on their own.

Amongst them, a series of Colossal Dragons soared within the sky while roaring out, causing an infinite amount of Dragon Qi to fill up within the world.

"Raging Desolate Colossal Dragon's Body!"


An explosion boomed out. Several 100,000 feet long Colossal Dragons were swiveling around the Paradise. At this moment, the entire Paradise was just like a world of Colossal Dragons.

As for the Tenth Prince and the others, their auras were only surging up furiously.

Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state.

Sensing the changes within his Paradise, Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy. This was a huge leap of improvement!

All the living beings within the Paradise had upgraded, and the Tenth Prince and the others had even crossed right into a Divine celestial level 10 state! Even though they were just normal Eternal G.o.d state beings, this was still a remarkable improvement within the Ancient Saint World.

The Mythical Parasol Tree blossomed out and grew once more. Those thick tree branches spread out through the entire Paradise as those green leaves filled the entire sky. Spirit Qi flowed endlessly while an abundant lifeforce gushed out.

With just a single breath, one would take in an endless amount of Saint Spirit Qi, cultivating countless Shengyang Pills.

The Reforming Buddha Lord opened up his own sect and started teaching. With a single finger pointing forth, countless reforming sutras flew out and danced in the sky, before turning into golden raindrops that poured down on the Paradise.

"Big Ancient Demon, Upgrade! Fuse with the Eternal G.o.d Seat!"


Lin Fan instantly kept the Big Ancient Demon into his Paradise. That Eternal G.o.d Seat of Fault was just right for the Big Ancient Demon to upgrade to an Utmost Being.

After killing Saint, Lin Fan had also obtained dozens of Dao Weapons. At this moment, he crushed them all and turned the Weapon Spirits within into primordial energy to fuse into the body of the Big Ancient Demon.

"Don't kill me! I'm a Supreme Graded Utmost Treasure! I'm willing to serve you! I'll bow down to you!"

The Supreme Graded Utmost Treasure, Supreme G.o.d Spear, begged profusely. He was a 10,000-year-old Weapon Spirit, whose intellect would not lose out to any living being. At this moment, he had realized that something was not right. If he were devoured, he would disappear from the world entirely.

And with that, everything he had gained in the past 10,000 years would dissipate as well.

"I know everything about the Ancient race! I'm a sacred item of the Ancient race, with countless mystical skills in my possession! I only plead for you not to kill me!"

A long spear that possessed an unbridled might hovered around in the Paradise. However, it was shivering at this moment as it pleaded for life desperately.

"Come and turn into a part of Your Demon Emperor." The Big Ancient Demon extended his hands and grabbed at the Supreme G.o.d Spear.

"No! I'll fight it out with you!"

The Supreme G.o.d Spear roar out as it pierced out straight away, causing the entire Paradise to howl with the gusts formed.


Right now, the might of the Big Ancient Demon was unmatched, carrying a torrential fort.i.tude. He grabbed out with his claw and caught the Supreme G.o.d Spear in his palms. As he pinched, the Weapon Spirit of the Supreme G.o.d Spear wailed out tragically and was turned into its source energy. The Big Ancient Demon opened his mouth ferociously and sucked it into his tummy instantly.

A piercing Spear Intent broke up into the Heavens, breaking through the world directly. The tremendous power had the hearts of the living beings in shock.

After the Big Ancient Demon had been turned into a Weapon Spirit by Lin Fan, he had devoured countless Weapon Spirits within this body of his. His powers had long turned earthshattering, such that no one could it resist at all.


Lin Fan waved down his hand and caused the Eternal G.o.d Seat to enter the body of the Big Ancient Demon directly.



The body of the Big Ancient Demon tore down and was fused into the Demon City entirely. On the other hand, the Demon City soared into the sky as a boundless amount of Demonic Qi burst forth from it. The figure of a supremely powerful Demon G.o.d stood tall within the world.

Middle Graded Utmost Treasure.

Upper Graded Utmost Treasure.

Supreme Graded Utmost Treasure.

This was a straight path that soared right to the top.

In fact, even though it had been upgraded into an Utmost Treasure, it didn't stop there as it continued to skyrocket further.

'Ding… Congratulations on Owner for cultivating out a Legendary Weapon, Nine Heavens Demon World.'

'Ding… Congratulations on Owner for cultivating out a Legendary Weapon for the first time. Special mystery reward x 1.'

'Do you wish to redeem?'

"I'll redeem it later. Now is the time for Yours Truly to upgrade first." Once Lin Fan set everything in motion, he started upgrading himself.

This was moment he had been waiting for since a long time now.

Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state… This was the path that Lin Fan had been searching for while cultivating all this while!

"Female Empress, all of you retreat first. I'm going to upgrade now." At this moment, Lin Fan's body had already been surrounded by a berserk ball of Spirit Qi.

When the Female Empress caught sight of this, she did not hesitate as she swept her robes and covered up the countless living beings around, bringing them to leave with her entirely.

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