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Chapter 842: Dead End
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Under this claw, any resistance would be futile.

The face of the Ancient One was calm. When he looked at Fault, there was even a trace of sorrow in his eyes.



Sounds of cracking appeared as Fault's spear began to break down under the mighty claw grip of the Ancient One. The Ancient One gave a loud roar and gripped it ferociously, grabbing the entire void in his palms.


The tremendous amount of power gushed out ferociously as Fault cried out tragically while his body exploded out. If not for the fact that he had the Eternal G.o.d Seat, he would have long died under the power of this single attack from the Ancient One.

"How could this be? We're both Utmost Beings! Yet, how is it that you possess such strength?" Fault yelled out in disbelief while his eyes let out a look of utmost incredulity.

In Fault's mind, he could not get how the Ancient One could be this strong… so strong that he couldn't even defend at all!

The Ancient One's lips curled into a grin. However, that grin was ever so sinister.

"This is the meaning of difference. You will only have the qualifications to understand why this is so when you can actually understand what it all means." When the Ancient One looked at the miserable state Fault was in right now, he replied indifferently.

The moment Fault heard this, he nearly spat out a mouthful of old blood. He had the feeling that the Ancient One was belittling him.

But, when Fault looked at the Ancient One and then at Cruel, he suddenly felt a feeling of fear rise in his heart. He knew that there was no chance of him beating the both of them.

But, if the other side wanted his life, they would undoubtedly be dreaming too.

"Ancient One, I, Fault, may have lost to you today, so you can say anything you'd like. But, the day will come when both of you will get your due comeuppance!"

Fault said with a hateful face, then stepped out and entered the endless void.

"I am an Utmost Being. While you guys may be stronger than I am, wanting to keep me here isn't something you're capable of just yet!"

"Just wait. You guys will just wait and see!"

By now, half of Fault's body had already stepped into the void. The faces of the Ancient One and Cruel changed as they stretched out their hands wanting to drag him out of the void.

But, they were all Utmost Beings. Even if the Ancient One and Cruel had what it took to crush the other party, they were evidently far from what it took to be able to hold back an Utmost Being who wished to flee.

"HAHA! Don't waste your efforts now. If I wish to leave, there's no one who can stop me!"


And just at this moment, a pair of hardened fists slammed out and punched onto Fault's face directly. While these fists might look ordinary, they left Fault's face splattered with blood.

Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star.

Every single fist would hit the flesh and cause blood to burst forth.

"Thankfully, Yours Truly had the wisdom of foresight to know that you would attempt to run away, and have been long hidden in the void, awaiting you." Lin Fan walked out of the void.

The affairs of the Evil Lord had left a deep lasting memory in Lin Fan's mind. Therefore, when Fault was still fighting with the Ancient One and Cruel, he had long hidden himself in the void.

This single punch not only had Fault's entire face turning red, it even caused an explosion! A series of blood streams sprayed out, looking exceptionally horrendous.

"You! d.a.m.n it!"

Fault hadn't expected that this human would have been hiding within the void! For a moment or so, he was angered so badly that he nearly exploded out.

"What are you still waiting for? Hurry up and grab onto this fella!" Lin Fan waved out with his hands as the Ancient One and Cruel rushed up ferociously.

"You guys are really way too much! You shall wait and see what Your Utmost can do!"

Fault's heart skipped a beat. While he was infuriated, he did not dare to think twice at this moment. Even if he had taken a free punch from Lin Fan, there was nothing he could do about that!

Fault knew that he would definitely die if he had continued lingering here! By that time, that would be the true tragedy!

"Dimensional Shift!"

Fault roared out and deployed an unparalleled mystic art as he dove right into the void. But, it wasn't long before yet another tragic cry rang out.

"What's this?"

"Just what in the world is this sh*t?"

A figure dropped out of the void, and accompanying it was a thick mist that shrouded him.

While this mist might look seemingly normal, there were a series of spirit figures within it.

At this moment, the Spirit of Biggra was unleashed.

"You b.l.o.o.d.y braindead f*ck! To think that you would rush to my face? Aren't you just courting death?" It's been a long time since the Spirit of Biggra had struck. At this moment, he was bearing an equally insatiable hunger as he unleashed his ultimate move.

While Fault's face might look calm, there was a strong look of shock revealed in his eyes. Within his body was a thick mist that he couldn't purge out no matter how he tried as it slammed into his heart.

That resolute and firm inner heart of his actually had a feeling of breaking apart under this slamming!

This was something unimaginable for Fault.

He was an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, with a cultivation state that was tantamount to the Heavens! How could this mist here produce such strange effects in his body!

"Hais! Biggra, it has been a long time since you've taken the center stage. To think that your powers would have turned this strong already." Lin Fan looked at Fault's face and could not help lamenting.

"Boss! It's been a long time for me staying inside! If I didn't continue improving, I wouldn't even be a match for that Thunder Trainer King soon anymore!" The Spirit of Biggra said.

Right now, the Thunder Trainer King was in seclusion to comprehend that Great Buddha's Light of Purification. If he were to successfully comprehend its wisdom, the Thunder Trainer King would definitely skyrocket in strength and turn into a Reforming Buddha Lord! Given that position and those powers, the difference between them would be like that of Heaven and Earth!

"Biggra! You wish to surpa.s.s me? I don't think you'll have that chance in this lifetime!"

Just at this moment, the Thunder Trainer King appeared. But, Lin Fan could tell that there was something different about the Thunder Trainer King now.

That aura of the Buddha race around him was as radiant as the afternoon sun that shone brightly up in the sky.

"Boss, I'm now the Reforming Buddha Lord!" The Thunder Trainer King grinned calmly and pointed down at a lotus seat that rose beneath his feet.

When that short little figure stood up on the lotus seat, it did look a little strange.

"Eh? Utmost Being of the Ancient race? He's so strong! Oh, how I wish…" When the Reforming Buddha Lord caught sight of Fault at this moment, his eyes sparkled with an endless gleam.

This was an Utmost Being! For the Reform Buddha Lord who loved training up others, how alluring was this?

When Fault caught sight of these two fellas who had just popped out of nowhere, his heart was rattled. This was especially the case for that short little fella. He had a bad feeling about him. The expression coming forth from his eyes was a little creepy!

"All of you, go back and rest first. I've got something big to do."

Lin Fan swept his robes and sent the Reforming Buddha Lord back into his Paradise.

"Noooo! I don't want to leave! I want to train!" The Reforming Buddha Lord cried out. He had finally met an Utmost Being. How could he give up just like this?

But as far as Lin Fan was concerned, he had to kill this Fault no matter what.

He wasn't that much experience points short right now. If he killed this guy, he might be able to level up.

Therefore, disregarding how hard the Reforming Buddha Lord begged, he was still kept into the Paradise by Lin Fan without any chance of resistance.

At this moment, Fault's entire body quivered in fear. He could feel a mysterious surge of energy that was filling up his heart. There was even a strong sense of l.u.s.t that was bursting forth from the depths of his heart furiously!


At that moment, Fault suddenly realized that the area of his groin felt like exploding out as his breathing got hurried.


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