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Chapter 839: We'll Discuss This Slowly Later
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Female Empress, you've slain Utmost Beings of the Ancient race together with the Motherf*cking Human King! That is heresy to the Heavens! How long more do you think you can hold out for? Once Your Utmost here has you killed, all of those ants shall evaporate along with the world as well!"

Fault would never forget what had happened back then. They had already lost two of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race. Cruel betrayed them, while Saint was slaughtered. This was an incredibly huge humiliation for the Ancient race.

This was especially the case now that the beings of the thousands of races were showing signs of rebellion after they were short of two Utmost Beings.

This was something that was absolutely intolerable for the Ancient race.

The day of the Infinite Worlds opening up would be the day when the Ancient race would skyrocket, and these living beings of the thousands of races would disappear from the face of the world for all eternity.

Because of that, the Ancient race had started mobilizing everyone right now. There were a large number of Ancient race beings roaming out there, ma.s.sacring the living beings of the thousands of races. The purpose of it was to let them know who the true Masters of the Ancient Saint World were.

However, it was a little difficult to clean up after the territories of Cruel and Saint. The reason for that was because those guys from the Guarded Ground were extremely pesky to deal with.

But even then, so what if it were the Guarded Ground? The Guarded Grounds were places that were bestowed an existence by the Heaven's Will. Once the Infinite Worlds were to open up, the Guarded Grounds would cease to exist as well.

At this moment, the beings of the Fox race started running off into the distance. Under the cruel regime of the Ancient race, they had long been filled with fear in their hearts.

The moment they heard the names of the Ancient race beings, the could already feel their hearts thumping furiously. And now that they were catching sight of one, they were practically p.i.s.sing their pants.

Resist? This was something that had crossed their minds as well. But, they had witnessed what happened to those comrades of theirs who had stood up earlier on. Before the Utmost Being had even taken much action, they were already turned into dust. This was a horrifying scene that they didn't want to witness again!

"Want to run? Dream on."

All of a sudden, Fault snorted coldly. Those menacing arms of his danced and the void seemed to have been sliced open.

"Fault, your opponent is me!"

The Female Empress flipped out her tender palms, and a mysterious power burst forth from her. This power was transforming endlessly into many forms with all sorts of incredible stances. As she made a gripping gesture with her fingers, the void was like banners that were being pulled out by her. Within it, Fault's powers were tugging out furiously as well, trying to slice apart her palms.

"Road of the Heavens!"

Stamping down with her tender foot, a pathway to the Heavens appeared between the world, suppressing the entire void. Instantly, Fault's powers were dissipated along with its appearance.

"Fault, while I may not be your opponent, you had better not belittle the living beings in the world as puny and weak!"

The Female Empress shouted out. Stepping on the heavenly steps, she walked up one step at a time. Each time she walked up a single step, the aura that was surrounding her would intensify by a certain amount.

The Royal Heaven Throne was a legendary object among the royalties of the world. The fact that the Female Empress was this formidable had an inseparable relationship with the Royal Heaven Throne.

But, no matter how strong the Royal Heaven Throne was, when it was faced with an Utmost Being, it was still pale in comparison. Despite that, however long the Female Empress could hold out for now, she would try.

"Hmph! Some capabilities there. But, this treasure shall belong to Your Utmost here!"

Fault snorted out coldly. Opening his mouth, he inhaled intensely. All of a sudden, the entire world changed as a ma.s.sive suction force appeared.

This suction force was relentless and formidable, as though it was bent on devouring the entire world into his stomach.

"The Royal Heaven Throne will neither be shaken nor moved!"

Using both her hands, the Female Empress steadied her body so that she wouldn't be sucked in by this force. But, just at this moment, something that shocked the Female Empress happened.


Just like everyone else right now, Xuan Xuan, who had brought her fellow race beings with her and escaped, were sucked back involuntarily! Even if she wanted to resist this force, she couldn't do anything at all.

"Save me!"

"Ah! I don't want this!"

All the beings of the Fox race started wailing out miserably. At this moment, they were starting to feel fear in their hearts.

"Royal Road of the Heavens! Sharing of eternity!"

The Female Empress pointed out with her finger. Instantly, jade tiles started to spread out across the heavens one by one under the feet of everyone. At that moment, the powers of the Royal Heaven Throne were shared, and able to pull at everyone.

Given the strength of the Utmost Being's pull, there was no way they could resist it on their own with their cultivation states.

"Hmph! It'll do for you to protect yourself. But these ants along with it? You've got to be dreaming!" Fault scoffed out coldly as a torrential might burst forth from him. A suction force that was even stronger than before emerged.

Clang! Clang!

The Female Empress realized that her Royal Heaven Throne was unable to resist this boundless power at all! She could not help but get a little fl.u.s.tered.


A shriek rang out. Xuan'er, who had been pulled back by the Female Empress, rose into the air once more and spun around in the world towards the gigantic mouth of Fault.


All of the little comrades were panicked right now. The chick from the Wings race extended her wings and flapped toward Xuan'er. However, under the force of suction, she was barely able to control her own body at all!

The Female Empress swept her robes and her gigantic sleeves coiled out into the world, grabbing Xuan'er and that little friend of hers by the waist, then tugging them back ferociously.

"Courting death."

Fault slapped out with his palm. This palm strike swept through the world and the void was repressed so badly that there was even an imprint of his five fingers, "Female Empress. I'll let you have a choice out of the two. Either you save yourself or this disciple of yours… Make your choice."

The face of the Female Empress changed. That palm strike that was streaking through the void was nothing to be scoffed at. But, if she chose to let go right bow, Xuan'er would be devoured by Fault!

At this moment, the Female Empress clenched her teeth as her Universal Elixir burst out from her body, a mysterious aura surrounding her.

"Hmph! Trying to use the Universal Elixir to defend? Then, Your Utmost won't stand on courtesy anymore. This Universal Elixir of yours shall be accepted by Your Utmost Being!" Fault burst out laughing. The direction of that palm strike changed and grabbed out at that Universal Elixir.


All of a sudden, the ferocious roar of a dragon rang through the entire world. The power of the soundwaves pierced through the layer of void and exploded out.

One after another, Colossal Dragons spiraled up and coiled around Fault's body.

Heavenly Dragon's Music! This was an extremely strong skill that made use of soundwaves! At its highest state, it was an unparalleled mystic art where even a single cold snort could rattle a powerful being to death!

Fault took on this soundwave brashly as his entire body jerked intensely. That immense suction force disappeared completely because of it.

"Who's there?"

Fault barked out as his heart burned with rage. Which b*stard would come looking for death as such at this critical junction?

"It's me."

Far in the distant sky, a lone figure floated gently. Lin Fan hadn't expected that it would be the Female Empress. And to think that her opponent would be Fault!

Could he have already made it to Fault's territory?

Whatever he lacked, he would meet with! Who else could compare with such fortune of his?

Now that Fault was singlehanded, there was only a single outcome for him: This guy would be subdued by him obediently.

The Female Empress turned her head over. When she caught sight of that lone figure there, her expression changed slightly.

Xuan'er, who had barely escaped death, was now huffing heavily and patting her chest. She turned her head into the distance curiously as well. But when she looked over, her face changed entirely. At first, she was overwhelmed with joy. But all of a sudden, as though she had recalled something, she lowered her head and averted her gaze.

"What's wrong, Xuan'er? It's just been a few years and you've forgotten about me?"

Lin Fan looked over and saw through Xuan'er immediately. While she might have grown up, that look and aura of hers were something that Lin Fan couldn't wipe from his heart ever.

"B-Big Brother Lin, Xuan'er hasn't…" At this moment, Xuan'er's voice was like a mosquito, as though she had done something she was ashamed of. If one didn't pay attention, they might not have even heard her voice.

"We'll talk about this slowly later."

Lin Fan laughed icily in his heart. This little brat had scammed him so thoroughly back then! If he didn't deal with her properly, he would truly be letting himself down!

But at this moment, Lin Fan still had to give this Utmost Being a good look first.

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