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Just as Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue arrived at the house, the doors burst open abruptly and out emerged Lin Fan, smiling ear to ear.

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue were puzzled, wondering if there was some big news which could cause their master to be so cheerful.

As of this moment, Lin Fan was extremely proud of himself. After numerous experiments, these were indeed the pills he needed to create!

As the pills were invented by Lin Fan, naturally the naming of the pills had to come from him. Once upon a time, v.i.a.g.r.a dominated the world, salvaging countless men from suffering a tormentous fate. Knowing that, of course his pills couldn’t lose out in name.

The pill had the size of a marble, giving off a l.u.s.trous red color along with a mild fragrant scent. Let this be known this day forth as…BIGGRA.

If this pill were to dominate the world one day, then the name of Yours Truly would truly pa.s.s down in the tales of legends, and descendants of the world would do well to remember the name of Yours Truly.

Amazing…this feeling was too amazing!

Lin Fan himself did not know the effects of Biggra, nor how long it lasted, as he himself had not tried it. But based on the statistics given by the system, Biggra should have a vigorous effect.

"Biggra: Made by a set proportion of Intense Yang Gra.s.s, Green Fairy Gra.s.s and Lively Root Gra.s.s combined together, with various amazing benefits. It can allow a man to burn like fire, stand like a pillar and obliterate anything within seconds."

d.a.m.n it, given nothing else, just this description by the system was already off the hooks!

Obliterate. Everything. Within. Seconds.

What a domineering introduction! This pill could naturally only be cultivated with the talent of Yours Truly. Anyone else? Dream on man.

For the creation of Biggra, Lin Fan tested with half of the herbs collected, creating a bunch of worthless trash in the process.

Through the different combinations of proportions, Lin Fan created things like Lava Bath Pill, Boom Boom Pills, stuff which would cause death to anyone who consumed it.

But of course, throwing these trashes away would be such a waste. After all, they were all experience points.

Therefore, while cultivating the pills, Lin Fan just popped everything else into his mouth and swallowed it.

After all the experimentation, his skill of Pills Cultivation had been raised to level 15. Just the academic aspect of it alone had been raised to the highest level.

"What’re you two up to?" Lin Fan asked as he finally realized the two dumbstruck boys in front of his doors.

"Master! Me and junior brother rushed here immediately upon hearing your voice. You are the dearest in our hearts right now. If anything…were to happen to you…I…Zhang Ergou…don’t even know how to live on anymore…" Ergou explained with extreme pain, elaborating the sadness in his heart.

Feng Bujue rolled his eyes in disbelief at the sides. Senior Ergou … Goodness, this guy was too f*cking shameless! Only he could produce some cringeworthy bulls.h.i.t from his mouth.

But Feng Bujue realized that everytime Senior Ergou said something of the likes, Master Lin seemed to be extremely happy.

Lin Fan, who was staring at the emotional face of Zhang Ergou, let out a smile. ‘Thank goodness I am born smart. If I were dumber, I’d be tricked by this shameless fella.’

But, Lin Fan also believed that every word of Zhang Ergou was the truth. After all, how could he not dazzle these two young men with his n.o.ble demeanor?

"Ah, it’s comforting to know you two have such thoughts. Come here, these are the pills that Yours Truly have just cultivated. You guys can have it," Lin Fan tossed two Biggras to them.

Good stuff like this must naturally be tested first on the people closest to him.

Zhang Ergou held the pill in his hands courteously, leaping with joy inside his heart. In his eyes, this pill was definitely anything but ordinary. Just the scent alone could lift one’s spirits, as though a tiger was bursting to pounce out from his body.

"Alright, you two carry on with your cultivation. If you need any martial arts reference or the likes, you can head within Glory Sect for it, just as usual," Lin Fan briefed them and headed towards descending the peak.

After Lin Fan was gone, Zhang Ergou exchanged glances with Feng Bujue. Both of them could see the happiness in the other’s eyes.

"Junior brother, how kind master Lin is to us. This is definitely some extraordinary pill. I, Zhang Ergou, am definitely going to offer my life to be by master’s side for the rest of this life!" Zhang Ergou said resolutely.

"Senior Brother, I have been thinking for numerous days. This could be the moment which changes out entire lives. Master’s expression was one of unspeakable mysteriousness" Feng Bujue was not as simple-minded as Zhang Ergou.

He was already one of the celebrity disciples of the outer sect. It was just the defeat by Ye Shaotian which knocked him off the pedestal.

But, in the course of these few days, Feng Bujue discovered that master Lin exuded of an unusual aura of charisma and ease. He was an extraordinary man.

"Junior Brother, enough. Anything decided by me, Zhang Ergou, would not change in this entire life. Let’s head back and consume the pill. Perhaps it would grant us the vitality to jump as though we’re flying" Zhang Ergou said with a stern expression.



Lin Fan arrived at the residence of Ye Shaotian. He adjusted his clothes with a grin on his face. This Biggra would definitely allow Ye Shaotian to experience the greatest happiness of his entire life.

As a Junior master, he would be satisfied as long as his junior disciples were happy.

But, Lin Fan had another thought. Perhaps after Ye Shaotian consumed Biggra, he might be addicted to it from this day on…

"Hehehe…." Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red deviously. A sn.i.g.g.e.r with his expression was enough to cause a change in the color of the skies.

And just as Lin Fan was prepared to knock on the door, it opened from inside as Ye Shaotian stepped out.

Ye Shaotian had been really depressed lately. By now, after mastering his G.o.dly arts, he should be the pride and awe of the sect. But, because of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d of the Nameless Peak who viciously squashed him, he was now just a laughing stock.

This vengeance, Ye Shaotian swore he would pay back in full with his life.

And the reason for Ye Shaotian leaving his residence was to head out to purchase some pills for cultivation. He had heard that the inner sect disciples had returned from a training yesterday, but they were utterly defeated. It seemed like there was a prodigy in another sect, who despite his tender age was already way beyond others in cultivation base. Zhong Hentian and Tianyu had tried to join forces to suppress the enemy, but little did they expect to be suppressed themselves, with Tianyu’s cultivation foundation nearly shattered immediately by the enemy.

It seemed like there were tons of strong people outside. His cultivation base as of today was definitely not enough.

"Sigh…" At this moment, Ye Shaotian realized that someone was blocking the entrance. Frowning, he raised his head and jumped aback.

"You…what are you doing!" Ye Shaotian stumbled back into the house, asking with resentment.

He had not expected this fellow to appear right in front of his doorsteps. Could it be, this guy was here to viciously humiliate him?!?

Towards this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Ye Shaotian could not wait to stomp on him under his feet. But, he knew in his heart he was nowhere near as strong as him.

And besides, the opponent was really ruthless in his tactics. At the sight of this guy, his little nuggets ached dully in remembrance of the pain.

"Ahhh! Do not fear, Junior Disciple Ye. Yours Truly, Young Master Lin is here to help you!" Lin Fan felt deeply sorrowed that Ye Shaotian was freaked out upon his appearance, as though he had seen a ghost.

To Lin Fan, a Junior Master should receive love and adoration from his juniors, not fear.

After all, this was not in line with his benevolent demeanor.

"You…you…don't be impudent! I’m not afraid of you!" Ye Shaotian shouted with a slight shiver in his voice. Especially when he saw Lin Fan taking a step forward, he jumped, afraid that his little nuggets would once again suffer the devastating ruin they had before.

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