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Chapter 837: Good! Well Said!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Ancient One, Cruel.

On the side where the two Utmost Being stood, it seemed as though the entire world was about to collapse.

"Impossible! Impossible!"

The Evil Lord seemed as though he was about to break down at this very moment. The moment he felt the auras, he had already sensed that something was wrong.

"Evil Lord, what's impossible? Since you're so d.a.m.ned strong, I'll let these two Utmost Beings have a good fight with you then!"

Lin Fan moved his eyeb.a.l.l.s and was now gazing at that Chaos Fiend Coffin that was floating gently up in the void.

A single look and one could already tell that this treasure was good stuff! Even though the Weapon Spirit within might be a little on the evil side, as long as it underwent Lin Fan's training, it would definitely abandon the dark side and move towards the light, and turn over a new leaf!


The Evil Lord, who was scared witless by the Utmost Beings, suddenly burst out laughing. And this was an extremely tyrannical laughter with a feeling as though he was looking down upon the ma.s.ses.

"Motherf*cking Human King."

The Evil Lord spoke up unhurried and unfl.u.s.tered.

"Yes? What's up?" Lin Fan chuckled out, not knowing what this Evil Lord was trying to do. Could it be that he was prepared to admit defeat?

For Lin Fan, as one lived life, they should just f*ck up anything they were unhappy about! Back when Lin Fan was weaker, he too had admitted defeat as well. However, the prerequisite for admitting defeat was that everything must be done in order to prepare for a comeback.

"I am an Outworld Fiend." The Evil Lord spoke with a calm face.

"Yes, and then?"

"I am an Outworld Evil Lord." The voice of the Evil Lord was raised slightly.

"I know."

"Your Lord here has never known fear! I've dueled across the Heaven and Earth, and have never ever bowed down! Even if it's the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, in the eyes of Your Lord here, they are merely fatter ants!" The Evil Lord resisted vehemently. In fact, he was so agitated that by the end of his sentence, he was practically spitting out every single word in rage.

Piak! Piak! Piak!

"Well said! And then?"

Listening to those proud words of the Evil Lord, Lin Fan could not help but clap his hands, indicating for the other party to continue with his brags.

In Lin Fan's opinion, he had to give these brags a full 10/10.

"Even if two Utmost Beings are here, Your Lord shall never quiver in fear! Even if there is no chance of making it out of this alive, Your Lord shall never fear! That's because the Outworld Fiends have a dignity that does not allow others to trample on them!"

"You've stepped on my Evil Alliance. That means that you're making Your Lord as your enemy, and the Outworld Fiends as well! Even if Your Lord is to be killed by you, there are still thousands and thousands of Evil Lords! On the day of the opening of the Infinite Worlds, Your Lord's comrades shall devour all of you guys, and have you guys turned into slaves for the Outworld Fiends for all eternity!"

The Evil Lord hollered out in rage as he gripped his fiendish claws. He was evidently extremely agitated right now.

"Alright! That is some raring speech you've just made! And then?"

Lin Fan clapped once more to provide some compliments for this speech that the Evil Lord had just made.

This guy was practically burning with vigor! However, it's a pity that in Lin Fan's opinion, it was worth nuts.

"Alright! You guys, go ahead and welcome this Evil Lord properly." Lin Fan waved his hands, not wanting to say anything more.


Both the Ancient One and Cruel looked at the Evil Lord and let out cold grins on their faces. Their bodies alone already had the Evil Lord feeling fearful, let alone the both of them striking out at the same time.

With two Utmost Beings striking out together, the outcome was obvious to be seen. The Evil Lord will be smashed into bits without any chance to fight back at all.

Step, step!

Both the Utmost Beings leaped into the void with huge steps, carrying with them a momentum that was furious like surging waves. This gave the Evil Lord an irrepressible pressure.

Against Lin Fan, the Evil Lord may have had quite a bit of confidence within him to take down this guy. But, against these two Utmost Beings, he truly had no way of dealing with them at all.

The Utmost Beings were the most terrifying beings right after the Heaven's Will. Even the truly powerful beings of the Outworld Fiends would have to take careful steps if they had to deal with an Utmost Being.

At this moment, the Ancient One raised his hands gently and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, "One palm strike is all that's required."


The Evil Lord naturally understood the meaning of the Ancient One: He could slap the Evil Lord to death in a single palm strike. And in the eyes of the Evil Lord, this was something that was absolutely possible.

"Hold on!"

All of a sudden, the Evil Lord raised both his hands and yelled out.

"What now?" Lin Fan asked in a perplexed tone.

"Motherf*cking Human King! Your Lord knows that the only thing awaiting him right now is death! But, even if that's the case, Your Lord would wish to die an honorable death! Your Lord has a mystic art possesses a monstrous amount of power! Would you dare to let Your Lord use it?" The Evil Lord barked out. That indignant expression in his eyes were extremely tyrannical. Even if he were faced with the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, he did not show any intentions of fear at all.

"HAHA! What? Could it be that you don't dare to?"

"Evil Lord, dear... You're just delaying time now. But fine, I'll give you a chance then, and let you understand for real. Hurry it up."

When Lin Fan heard the Evil Lord repeat the dare, he was a little p.i.s.sed off. Wasn't this motherf*cker taunting him?

Now that he had two Utmost Beings in his hands, his battle prowess was definitely earthshattering. Let alone a single Evil Lord, even if there were ten of them who had appeared, Lin Fan could still whack them down without any mistake at all.


At that moment, the Evil Lord roared out. His entire body's aura burst forth as a boundless black mist spread out from him. They were like banners that wrapped themselves around him.

"Source of all evils! Abysmal Fiend Realm!"


A formidable amount of power erupted out of the body of the Evil Lord. This power was pretty significant in the eyes of Lin Fan. However, compared to the Utmost Beings, it was still extremely lacking.


Just at this moment, the Chaos Fiend Coffin began to tremble and bolted out toward the Evil Lord.

"Motherf*cking Human King! This move of Your Lord is the strongest move of the Outworld Fiends! Even if it can't fight against the Utmost Beings, so what? Your Lord has given it his all!"

Bam! Bam!

The ten fingers of the Evil Lord started exploding at this moment, turning into a thick black mist that converged. These ten fingers were where the essence of the Evil Lord's life lied. Now that they had all exploded, this was nothing to scoff at. If he wanted to heal this up, this would take at least a hundred years of tireless cultivation!

But at this moment, the Evil Lord could only give it his all.

"Take this move of mine! Stealing Heavens, Exchanging Earth!"

The Evil Lord yelled out. Instantly, the entire place turned dusky as an immense amount of power burst forth from the Evil Lord's area. Within this dusky mist, the Chaos Fiend Coffin began to break down repeatedly as the Weapon Spirits within started howling.

With the main body breaking down, a blob of pitch black meat began to pulsate and occupy the entire world.

"Good! Good move!" Lin Fan burst out laughing.

The Ancient One and Cruel struck together, grabbing at that blob of flesh.


"Evil Lord… you're shameless and despicable! I am a sacred creature of the Outworld Fiends, and yet you dare to harm me?"

All of a sudden, the blob of flesh roared out in rage. But to Lin Fan's surprise, the target of the rage seemed to be directed towards the Evil Lord!

"Motherf*cking Human King! It's not that I, the Evil Lord, fears you today! It's because Your Lord here is at a critical juncture of my cultivation, and am unable to deploy my fullest powers! You just stay there and wait! One fine day, I'll definitely have you sliced up into pieces!"



The entire void began to tremble as though the entire little world was about to collapse down at any moment.

"Evil Lord! You're b.l.o.o.d.y trying to trick me!" Lin Fan was startled and enraged instantly. Where was the trust between individuals?

"You just wait there for Your Lord!"

Time slipped off as the s.p.a.ce around began to vibrate. All of a sudden, Lin Fan's surroundings began to tremble. This was an unparalleled escape technique used by the Evil Lord by expending the core essence of his life.

In the blink of an eye, the aura of the Evil Lord had disappeared, and he had fled without a single trace of him left.

From the very beginning, the Evil Lord had already planned on escaping.

Given his current strength, if he were to use up his life's essence, there would be no one who could possibly chase him up. But, the fact that he had to run off just like this had the Evil Lord feeling indignant.

Therefore, the reason why he delayed time was to teach the Motherf*cking Human King a lesson.

This lesson was for the Chaos Fiend Coffin to self destruct, so that it could blow up the other party!

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