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Chapter 835: Scared Me To Death!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

'Ding… Purification Success.'

'Ding… Purification Success.'

Some of these black robes did not have a high cultivation state. However, when placed in the Ancient Saint World, they were definitely not all that low either. They were Divine celestial level 5 and 6 on an average.

There were even some level 7 and 8 powerful beings.

However, if they were to meet some true geniuses, there wouldn't be an issue in killing three to four of them at the same level.

This mystic art of the Great Buddha's Light of Purification was extremely tyrannical. However, long ago in the ancient times, the Purifying Buddha Lord had already been suppressed down by the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World.

And even though Lin Fan had already cultivated the Great Buddha's Light of Purification to a certain level, he was still some distance away from surpa.s.sing the Purifying Buddha Lord. However, that gap between them was extremely small by now.

"Haha! Not bad, not bad! I'm gaining quite a bit from my trip to the Evil Alliance this time around!"

Lin Fan burst out laughing. Each time his purifications were successful, Lin Fan would keep them within his Paradise. These black robes would then spit out Shengyang Pills for him day and night.

When he saw that never-ending supply of Shengyang Pills stacking up, Lin Fan was happy beyond anything else.

At this moment, the Evil Lord was about to go mad. He hadn't expected this Motherf*cking Human King to be this overbearing! Everything that he did was beyond the Evil Lord's expectations!

"Motherf*cking Human King! I, the Evil Lord, shall never rest till I kill you!"

The Evil Lord bellowed out in rage. He was so angry that his fingers were trembling. Slapping out with both hands, he sent thousands of palm strikes flying in Lin Fan's direction.

In front of the might of these thousands of punches, the entire void crumbled and tore up. The void currents surged out crazily, and even this little world that was opened up was starting to tremble.

"You're just a mere Divine celestial level 10 state being, and yet you wish to kill Yours Truly? Today, Yours Truly shall purify you and have you spit out Shengyang Pills for Yours Truly all day all night!"

Flipping out his palm, the pressure that was sent out from Lin Fan increased as a formidable amount of power pushed against the collapsing void.


A gigantic explosion boomed out, causing the crystallized walls of this world to ripple out with cracks. The void currents were seeping in through all of these cracks, and were rampaging around the entire little world indiscriminately.

"d.a.m.n it!"

Looking at how his underlings were being converted mercilessly, the Evil Lord was starting to feel anxious in his heart. This guy was bent on destroying his entire foundation!

As Outworld Fiends, they had tried invading the Ancient Saint World three times now. However, all three attempts ended in failure. And, it wouldn't be long before the fourth attempt would start. They were the remnants of the Outworld Fiends left behind by the previous three attempts. Right now, they were here to defend their bases so that on the day of the Infinite Worlds opening up, they could open up the Outworld. By then, they could allow their fellow comrades to infiltrate and gush into this world.

But, if they were to be stopped right now, everything would fail!

"Void Slice!"

The Evil Lord stretched out his fingers. Each finger was connected to a black thread that was fluctuating unstably. They were obviously visible right before one's eyes. However, there was an odd feeling as though they weren't there.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

The moment the Evil Lord moved his fingers, the entire void above them started turning into waves that were moving up and down.


As though the void was sliced up by some sharp object, it split up into five portions.

"Motherf*cking Human King! Your Evil Lord here shall shred you into pieces!" The Evil Lord yelled. As he was wriggling his fingers, nothing seemed to be happening on the surface. However, Lin Fan could clearly feel that there was an unstoppable force that was rushing out through from the depths of the void.

Voids Slice was the foundational skill of the Evil Lord - it was a skill that was extremely hard to master. However, once he succeeded with it, it would bring forth a power that could shock even the Heavens. This was a mystic art that could even stop time! Even the Vajra race, who were known for their physical body toughness, or the Giant race would definitely feel fear when they faced this Void Slice of the Evil Lord.

That was because this was THE single mystic art that was claimed to be able to slice through everything in this world.

"Void Slice? That sounds interesting. However, I wonder if THIS mystic art of mine is able to slice through you." Lin Fan was purifying the black robes while checking out the Void Slice ability of the Evil Lord.

"Sword Will Slice!"

By now, Lin Fan's Dao of the Sword had already been cultivated to a pinnacle state. At the same time, he had already comprehended all nine Sword Wills, and could fuse them together into one. This was the Dao of the Sword that every single sword wielder could have ever hoped to dream of achieving.

However, for Lin Fan, comprehending these were just akin to child's play, something extremely simple.

Pointing out with a single finger, he did not have any earthshattering stance that came through, neither was there any shocking scene to behold. However, just that simple looking finger alone was enough to cause the face of the Evil Lord to change entirely.

The Evil Lord who had sliced through the void could feel an extremely formidable power akin to a wild beast rampaging towards him,, rushing at him from the void!

"How could this be?"

The Evil Lord was taken aback as the void rippled! That mystic art of his which could slice through the Heavens and Earth was actually being repelled right now!


An extremely ferocious repulsive force burst forth and caused the figure of the Evil Lord to waver uncontrollably in the face of it. By the time the Evil Lord reacted to it, a series of normal looking Sword Wills were darting at him, slicing him into two.


The Evil Lord, whose body had just been sliced into two, wailed out in rage.

"What's this slicing mystic arts and whatnot you have? That's it? Boring!" Looking at the miserable state of the Evil Lord right now, Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders in boredom, unbothered by this guy in the least bit. He then focused all his attention on purifying those black robes.

Comparing the Evil Lord and the black robes, Lin Fan felt that the black robes were slightly more interesting.

'Ding…Purification Success.'

"Evil Lord, Yours Truly shall give you some time now to think about how you want to fight against Yours Truly. Otherwise, once I'm done purifying these black robes, it's going to be quite the tragedy for you!" Lin Fan chuckled out.

When he felt the tone of disdain from the other party, the Evil Lord could feel his heart almost bursting with anger!


The Evil Lord howled out in rage as a boundless amount of power erupted forth from him. Even his own little world was starting to quake in the face of it right now. That sacrificial altar was trembling the most intensely.

"Chaos Fiend Coffin! The primordial source of power that comes from the Outworld Fiends!"

At this moment, there a black vortex appeared above the head of the Evil Lord. This black vortex was immensely huge as though it was connected to a mysterious place.

At the same time, light streams were shooting out from all eight directions of the sacrificial altar, that gushed right into this black vortex as though they were pulling at an unknown object!

"Motherf*cking Human King! You forced this on yourself! Today, Your Evil Lord is going to bring forth all of the powers I can summon and crush you to death!"

Within the vortex, an immensely huge coffin appeared all of a sudden. This coffin was blacker than anything could be, and was filled with a vile and nefarious aura! It even gave off the feeling that every single source of evil in this entire universe was emanated out of this coffin!


All of a sudden, the lid of that coffin cracked open ever so slightly.

Broop! Broop!

Bubbling sounds arose as though there was water within. Upon closer inspection, jet black water could be seen gushing out of the coffin! Descending down from the sky, it formed a pitch black waterfall that gushed down onto the body of the Evil Lord!

Lin Fan felt his mental state tensing up. When he caught sight of that pitch black coffin, he could feel as though his heart was being dragged into it slowly.

What a weird sensation!

"HAHA…HAHAHA!" The Evil Lord, who was bathing within this black waterfall, burst out laughing menacingly as that endless waterfall continued to rush down on him.

A torrential evil aura spread out slowly, capable of bringing fear to everyone.

Lin Fan was startled. Waving his hands, he kept all the black robes into his Paradise, then strode out with So Near, Yet So Far. In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind the Evil Lord.

A big red brick appeared in Lin Fan's palms.

Smack right on the head!


"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! That gave Yours Truly a shock! A single whiff of this scent and I can tell that something's off about this! How can I allow you to continue acting so brazenly?"

Initially, Lin Fan had wanted to see just what else this Evil Lord could do. To think that this fella would pull out something so nefarious and sinister!

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, you sh*t! Do you think you're filming a horror film? F*cking making everything so d.a.m.n eerie! Don't you know that Yours Truly hates the chills? Initially, I thought that I would let you have some fun and act for a little bit. But since you f*cked it up, you can't blame anyone else for it!"

Lin Fan looked at the fainted Evil Lord while patting his chest profusely in relief. But just at that moment, a monstrous bellow that sounded similar to the cries of a wild beast boomed out from within the coffin.

Lin Fan was astonished as he raised his head over and checked it out. All of a sudden, that little heart within him started thumping furiously once more.

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