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Chapter 834: These Gifts Of Yours, Yours Truly Shall Accept Them!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Motherf*cking Human King, ever since you ascended from the Xuanhuang World, you have already attained this cultivation state in a mere couple of years. Your strength is definitely astounding, and absolutely nothing short of impressive."

The body of the Evil Lord was gigantic. Even if he were seated on that throne, he was almost three times taller than Lin Fan.

The way he spoke was stern and his disposition authoritative. He gave off an extremely bone chilling aura.

"Evil Lord, if you have anything to say, cut it short. Whatever fart you have to spout, go on with it. Yours Truly have no time to waste c.r.a.pping with you!" Lin Fan smiled calmly, unbothered in the least bit.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

When the surrounding black robed men heard the other party insulting their Evil Lord, they couldn't bear with it as they let loose a ferocious killing intent.

Lin Fan looked at these black robes with a contemptuous face, totally unfazed.

However, this Evil Lord had Lin Fan curious now. He did not know what this fella was. But, he knew that those black robes should probably be the exact same as the one he had purified earlier on.

Just what sort of a race was that?

The Evil Lord raised a palm of his that was wearing a pitch black armor, indicating for all to keep silence.

"Motherf*cking Human King, please do not make haste. The Evil Alliance has existed within the Ancient Saint World for a long time now, and is a considerable force. Your Evil Lord here knows that you have dedicated your heart to fight against the Ancient race. Actually, the reason for my invitation this time around is to discuss a matter with you. Perhaps we could even cooperate for it." The Evil Lord said in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Each time he spoke, there was a feeling of metal rubbing off against one another.

"What sort of a cooperation?" Lin Fan looked at the Evil Lord. He knew that the Evil Alliance could be considered as an enemy of both sides. The Evil Alliance killed beings of the thousands of races as well as Ancient race as well. But, because their base was extremely well hidden, even the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race could do nothing about it.

"On the day of the Infinite Worlds opening, the Heaven's Will shall descend upon us. At that time, you just have to work with us to take down the Heaven's Will. That's all." The Evil Lord said.

"That's all?" Lin Fan asked.

"That's right. It's as simple as that." The Evil Lord chuckled calmly. "Don't worry. When it comes to powerful beings, the Evil Alliance has always treated them in the friendliest of all manners."

"Yes, that suggestion is pretty decent. I guess I could consider taking them down together. However, as a person, I always have a prerequisite for doing things. And, I always have a clear idea of what I want before that as well." Lin Fan laughed coldly in his heart. The Evil Alliance wanted to work together to take down the Heaven's Will? Was this motherf*cker joking with him or what?

Did they really take him as a three year old kid?

"What prerequisite?" The Evil Lord sn.i.g.g.e.red while asking.

Lin Fan opened up both his hands, "Anyone who is of a different race from myself is someone I should watch out for. All of you guys from the Evil Alliance seem like neither humans nor ghosts. Who knows what are your motives?"

"Oh, that's right! I don't need to have you answer. I can ask it out for myself. Alright, this guy here who brought me here…Tell me then, what background are you from? You guys should have some motives, right?" Lin Fan pointed out to the black robed man whom he had purified and asked.

The Evil Lord was stumped, not knowing what this Motherf*cking Human King meant. He then cast his sights at his own underling.

But, when he looked over, the Evil Lord was stupefied for a moment. He then bolted up from that throne of his.


The Evil Lord hadn't noticed at the start. However, at this moment, he had suddenly realized that there was a trace of the Buddha race's aura around his underling! Even though it was imperceptible, it couldn't escape his scrutiny at all.

"We are Fiends of the Outworld. On the day the Infinite Worlds open up, it shall be the day we invade and devour the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World, while ruling over the Infinite Worlds."

"Shut up!"

The Evil Lord was enraged. He hadn't expected that his underling would betray him!


The Evil Lord slapped out with his palm, bringing forth a tremendous amount of power with it. It surged right at the black robed man, wanting to kill him off.

"Evil Lord, don't get hasty now! How can you strike at someone of Yours Truly just because you're unhappy over what he said? Are you disregarding the existence of Yours Truly?"

Lin Fan swept his robes and all of a sudden, the sky was filled with Sword Wills that bolted out, keeping the Evil Lord's attack at bay.

"Motherf*cking Human King, what have you done to my underling?"

The face of the Evil Lord turned grim.

"Outworld Fiends…That's unexpected." At this moment, Lin Fan laughed out with a long, knowing laughter. He was suddenly reminded of those things that he had met in the Tuodi Shrine back in Xuanhuang World. He wondered if those things could be considered as Outworld Fiends as well.

"Motherf*cking Human King! Your Evil Lord here has wanted to cooperate with you. But, you've done something as such to my underling! Are you disregarding the existence of Your Lord here?!" The Evil Lord scolded out harshly as his eyes glinted ominously. Evidently, he was riled.

"Huehue… Disregard you? You don't have what it takes to be regarded by me at all! So, why are you even talking about qualifications and whatnot? The reason why Yours Truly have agreed to come is so that I can tear up your entire Evil Alliance and uproot it! But, this is all good and dandy now that I'm at your base. This will save me the troubles of having to find you guys out!"

Lin Fan chuckled calmly, unbothered about everything entirely.

What was this scene supposed to be called? Right! Luring the wolf into the chambers!

The cultivation state of this Evil Lord was pretty decent. Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state being. However, he hadn't obtained the Eternal G.o.d Seat. Therefore, for Lin Fan, he was just merely average.

If he could purify this guy, that would be a pretty decent option as well.

"You…!" The Evil Lord hadn't expected that things would turn out as such! His face changed momentarily as his figure flashed and howled out.

This long howl rang out far into the distance, filling up the entire world.


All of a sudden, the void trembled slightly as tufts of black mist were summoned out from far away. The black mist then turned into black robed figures that surrounded Lin Fan.

"Motherf*cking Human King… you're seeking death!" The Evil Lord bellowed. Waving his hand, he continued, "Take him down!"

"Evil Lord, Yours Truly will accept these gifts of yours then!"

Lin Fan looked at the black robes and could not help but chuckle out.

"Great Sovereign Purification!"

An infinite Buddha light shone out just like banners that extended out from Lin Fan's back. They then seeped right into the void.


A series of ripples extended out from Lin Fan's feet. Circle after circle, a golden lotus that was filled with the power of purification rose from beneath Lin Fan's feet.

Lin Fan's face was benevolent right now as he placed his palms together and his body began to enlarge.

Instantly, a Purification Buddha Lord appeared behind Lin Fan. This Buddha Lord possessed a boundless might that shook the entire world. Placing his palms together, he let out a loud booming sound, causing heavenly flowers to drop down from the sky and Buddhas to descend upon the world.

"What's that?"

When the Evil Lord caught sight of that Buddha Lord, his face changed as he yelped out. Those eyes of his that were filled with rage were now replaced with astonishment. It was evident that he was taken aback.

This aura was something that felt extremely horrible for the Evil Lord.

"Buddha race! This is the Mystic Arts of the Buddha race!"

The eyes of the Evil Lord were dilated as though he had just recalled something before he shouted out.

"Evil Lord, you're right. This is indeed the Mystic Arts from the Buddha race. Seeing these big gifts of yours, how could Yours Truly not receive them?"

Lin Fan let out a compa.s.sionate smile as he looked towards those dense cl.u.s.ters of black robes. He let out an extremely intense thought of possessing them.

In Lin Fan's eyes, these were just Shengyang Pills!

"Convert under Yours Truly, and you shall enjoy eternal freedom!" Lin Fan chanted out softly while the Buddha Lord behind him jerked his eyes open. Instantly, two golden beams of light burst forth from his eyes.

Within those two golden beams of light were all sort of weird phenomenon. Buddhas floated all around as countless sutras swam forth.


Wherever the golden light pa.s.sed, the black robes would yelp out in pain. It was as though their bodies were being eaten up by something corrosive as they let out black smoke.

"B*stard! How dare you!" The Evil Lord seethed. He had already known that the Motherf*cking Human King wanted to convert his underlings!

"Why would I not?"

Lin Fan smiled out calmly, unbothered in the least bit.

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