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Chapter 833: What Type Of A Being Is This?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"So, what in the world should we be doing right now?"

After leaving the Colossal Dragon race base, Lin Fan had two ideas in his head. One was to head over to the other Ancient Beast bases to scam out some items before the opening of the Infinite Worlds.

And, the other was to go hunt out Utmost Beings and wallop him to death in a group, f*cking them over through and through.

Because he had some sort of a relationship with the Colossal Dragon race, it wouldn't be too good for Lin Fan to lay his hands on them. But, the other Ancient Beast races had nothing to do with him at all. He wouldn't feel guilty in the least bit even if he were to scam them a bit more.

As for Utmost Beings, they had quite a number of treasures with them as well. If he were to kill them, not only would he be able to scam out their savings, he could even turn the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World into a bachelor!

By the time the Heaven's Will were to awaken once more and find out that he was the sole bachelor, that feeling should be pretty darn good, shouldn't it?

And just as Lin Fan was undecided, the void rippled out a little.

"Who's there?"

Lin Fan's face focused up. While these ripples might be subtle, Lin Fan could easily discover it given his current strength.

"The Motherf*cking Human King is not the Motherf*cking Human King for nothing. To think that even the 'Time s.p.a.ce Stealth' can't escape from your sights."

At this moment, a figure draped in black robes tore through the void and walked out.

The aura of this black robed figure was far from simple. Every single step he took had the ferocity of a dragon and tiger, as his feet were shrouded in a black mist. Wherever he stood, it was as though that was the source of all evils in this world.

"Someone from the Evil Alliance?" Lin Fan asked warily.

"To think that the Motherf*cking Human King would be taking notice of our Evil Alliance. That is the honor of our Evil Alliance." The black robed man could not help but speak out with pride.

The Evil Alliance had been in the Ancient Saint World for a long time now. While their powers were torrential, there weren't all that many people who knew about them. The only ones who knew of the Evil Alliance were the extremely powerful beings.

"The people that Yours Truly have met with who possessed the evilest aura among all are from the Evil Alliance. If someone had this much of an evil aura like you, where else could you hail from if not the Evil Alliance? Speak now, what do you want with Yours Truly? Once you're done speaking, Yours Truly shall take you down entirely."

Right now, Lin Fan was desperately lacking Shengyang Pills. The cultivation state of this black robed man was pretty decent, Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state. If Lin Fan could purify this guy and toss him into his Paradise to have him spit out Shengyang Pills endlessly, that would be quite a decent option as well.

The black robed man evidently hadn't expected that the Motherf*cking Human King would say something as such. Given his character, if it were anyone else who had said such words, he would have definitely slapped the other party to death, and have them suffer endless sufferings.

But, this person here was the Motherf*cking Human King. He did not dare to do the same to him.

"I think you must have been mistaken, Motherf*cking Human King. My family's Evil Lord would wish to witness the Motherf*cking Human King's elegant demeanor. At the same time, there is a serious matter he wishes to discuss. I wonder if the Motherf*cking Human King would dare to follow me to him." The black robed man said while calming the rage in his heart.

"Oh? He wishes to see me?" Lin Fan let out a cold smile. He had a thought bubbling in his mind.


Lin Fan wasn't afraid of all this, as he had all sorts of tricks up his sleeves. This Evil Alliance appeared and disappeared randomly. Back in the past, he had killed one of their Palace Masters. He wondered what this Evil Alliance was up to now.

"Follow me please then, Motherf*cking Human King." The black robed man spread out his fingers and a black mist rumbled. It then opened up a pa.s.sageway within the void. The place where this pa.s.sageway extended out to was a place far on the other end.

It was just that before one entered, they wouldn't know what it was at all.

Lin Fan came beside the black robed man, "Yours Truly doesn't have much of a good impression regarding the Evil Alliance. However, since Yours Truly is invited, Yours Truly would naturally turn up for the invitation. It's just that Yours Truly is lacking in manpower these days. Since you look pretty decent, you should come and serve Yours Truly then."

Suddenly, Lin Fan struck out. His palm swept through the void, destroying everything in its path.


The black robed man was taken aback. He hadn't expected the Motherf*cking Human King to strike just like that! This wasn't something he had not prepared for!

He had invited many people in the past. But even those who rejected wouldn't have struck out for no reason at all just like this!


The energy penetrated through, slicing the black robed man into two clean halves.

"M-Motherf*cking Human King! Why would you do this?" The black robed man hollered out while his flesh and meat struggled. A torrential anger rose within him. However, at the same time, he was filled with fear. To think that the strength of this Motherf*cking Human King would be this tyrannical!


Lin Fan's finger was filled with a light of purification. Flicking out with it, Buddha light stretched out and wrapped around the black robed man like a banner.

"Serve under me obediently."

To purify someone as such, all it required from Lin Fan was a single move to cripple him before casting purification.

Thousands of Buddhas surrounded his body while singing out Buddhist scriptures. The black robed man howled out. It was as though the black mist that was surrounding his body had met with something terrifying, letting out buzzing sounds.

'Ding…Purification Success.'


Gradually, the black robed man spoke up slowly. He no longer had the same evil aura as he did before, now looking benevolent.

"Show Yours Truly your face. Hiding under that black robe day and night, is it because you're too good looking?"

Lin Fan hated how everyone would always hide beneath black robes. Like were these motherf*ckers trying to act cool or what? Or, was it because they were too handsome that they did not want to be recognized?

But, when this black robed man pulled off the hood of his black robes, Lin Fan's face changed. Was this even motherf*cking still a human?

The black robed man before him did not have any of the five senses. His entire head was a black mist. There were two red lights where his eyes were supposed to be, giving off a really sinister feeling.

"F*ck! What kind of race is this?"

Lin Fan was frozen. He was someone who had read intensively. While he hadn't seen all the thousands of races just yet, he had a rough idea of what they were.

But, this sh*t before him right here had Lin Fan not knowing what race he was from entirely!

"Seems like there's really some problem with the Evil Alliance."

"Alright, take me to the Evil Alliance." Lin Fan did not want to think about anything more. He wanted to see just what this Evil Lord wanted.

Lin Fan was pretty confident towards his abilities. Since this Evil Alliance was inviting him over, he would naturally not reject them.

He would just go straight and f*ck up their base. Why shouldn't he have all of them crawling all over the place beneath him?

The black robed man returned to how he was as his aura turned evil once more. Lin Fan then followed behind him and entered that pa.s.sageway.

This pa.s.sageway was really mysterious. It seemed as though he was crossing through some places, as there were all sorts of flowing light beams around him that were stretched out like banners.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan noticed that his surroundings had changed.

The entire world seemed somewhat different.

The skies were dusky and blood red. This entire place seemed like h.e.l.l.

'This should be a world that was opened up by someone.'

After checking it out for a moment, Lin Fan had an inkling of what was going on.

"Welcome to the Motherf*cking Human King for descending upon our Evil Alliance. Please step right in." All of a sudden, a creepy and hoa.r.s.e voice sounded out. A gigantic, red colored stone gate up ahead opened up instantly. The moment it swung open, an infinite amount of evil aura gushed out of it, spreading out into the air around it.

"You are that so-called Evil Lord or whatnot?"

Lin Fan called out loudly. With extreme ease, he walked out casually without a single trace of fear.

"Huehue! Come on in please."

"Hmph! I've got to see just what in the world you're up to. Acting all mysterious and whatnot." Lin Fan snorted out coldly and walked right in.

After Lin Fan entered the stone gates, the world around him transformed once more. But the change this time around had Lin Fan looking at something strange.

There was a gigantic sacrificial altar that stood right ahead in the distance. In all eight directions of the sacrificial altar, there were beams of light that pierced right into the sky, seeping into the distant void. There was no way of telling where those light beams were connected to.

And, in the center of that sacrificial altar sat a figure on a throne. Beneath this throne were black robed men standing one by one around. While their auras seemed calm, they were extremely chilling to one's heart.

"What do you want? Speak up."

Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back and raised his head gently.

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