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Chapter 830: You Are All Main Characters Of This Universe
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Hais, forget it! The way you guys are right now is leaving the heart of Your Founder Master in pain. Since that's the case, Your Founder Master shall raise your potential to your pinnacle states right now."

"But first, I've got to get rid of all this stuff on your bodies."

Lin Fan thought about it for a moment. If he didn't give these guys some benefits, there was truly no way to reignite the fighting spirits of these Destined Children.

A stream of water spiraled and flowed out of Lin Fan's body. This was the connate Element of Water which could cleanse anything in this world. Now that the Big Ancient Demon had completed all five Elements, it could be used with an extreme ease, and they possessed an immense amount of capabilities as well.

The connate Element of Water was like a gigantic dragon right now that wrapped itself around every single Destined Child. A mysterious energy seeped into the bodies of these Destined Children, cleansing their bodies entirely.

"AH! It's gone! The stink is gone!"

"Could this be the connate Element of Water from the legends?"

"That's right! It must be! Founder Master Lin has cultivated the connate Element of Water to a state of full cultivation. As such, it can cleanse away everything in this world! What can all this filth amount to?"

"The Founder Master is not the Founder Master for nothing! I couldn't even wash it off with my menses blood, and I had thought that my entire life was going to be over just like that! But, to think that in the hands of the Founder Master, I would be given a new lease of life once more!"

All of these Destined Children still lived in the Xuanhuang World no matter what. Therefore, there were some treasures they couldn't get their hands on at all.

This was the case for the connate five Elements. While they were present in the Xuanhuang World, they existed in extremely scarce quant.i.ties.

As such, if Lin Fan had enough Shengyang Pills, he could then use the Precious Treasures descend from the Heavens, allowing the resources of the Xuanhuang World to grow and turn rich.

"Alright, let Your Founder Master here raise your potentials."

This time around, Lin Fan was prepared for it.

He did not dare to guarantee that he would have confidence in suppressing the Heaven's Will on the day of the Infinite World's opening. However, if he raised the potentials of these Destined Children, he might have a shot at it.

The potentials of these Destined Children were already pretty decent to begin with. If he could raise them up to the peak, they would definitely be like fishes which had found water, and there could definitely be no one up or down in the world who could compete with them.

"Raise potentials? That's something that only elixirs can do!"

"That's right! There is a myriad of skills in the Xuanhuang World, but there's been nothing which can raise one's potentials!"

"Right now, we have already cultivated to Divine celestial cultivation state! Even in the Ancient Saint World, we could be considered slightly powerful beings. But, to think that Founder Master Lin would be able to raise our potentials with ease! If that's the case, how formidable is Founder Master Lin truly?"

"Horrifying, just horrifying!"

Lin Fan stretched out his palms. His fingers were so vast that they seemed to be grabbing the entire world within his hands. A mysterious energy moved out of his palms like water ripples that encircled out ring after ring before covering the heads of these Destined Children.

"Training... Raise."

Instantly, a torrential aura burst forth from the bodies of these Destined Children.

For these Destined Children, the raising of their potentials were akin to unlocking a secret dam within their bodies, which allowed all the floodwaters to gush out entirely.

Initially, the fortunes of these Destined Children were already similar to gigantic dragons that were swiveling around their heads. But after Lin Fan raised their potentials, it was as though he had just granted them the grace of rebirth.

With that, their relationship with Lin Fan went through a thorough change.


Their fortunes pierced the Heavens. With so many people involved, the sky was fully encompa.s.sed in fact. Given a fortune as such, that was just outrageous! They could practically kill any G.o.ds and Buddhas they would ever b.u.mp into!

Even if w.a.n.g Xiaoming had Lin Fan's own protection, if he were to show his face, he might very well be walloped devastatingly by these Destined Children!


Lin Fan extended his finger and an invisible sword sliced away at all the fortunes that were related to him. Grabbing out with his palms, he cultivated them into Fortune Pills and kept them in his storage.

He had better safekeep these fortunes for now. The time w.a.n.g Xiaoming could lure these Destined Childs into their pinnacle states, Lin Fan would return them their fortunes. Perhaps something unexpected might happen by then.

Instantly, all the Destined Children broke out into a huge commotion.

"How could this be? I can feel my potential raised!"

"Me too! There were many things that I could not understand in the past which suddenly makes sense to me right now!"

"I've already been stuck at the Divine celestial level 7 state for a long time now! But suddenly, I feel like I can just break through it and cultivate my Universal Elixir!"

"This is the transformation of potentials!"


Instantly, all these Destined Children collapsed to their knees and kowtowed emotionally while they yelled out with flushed faces.

"Our grat.i.tude to the Founder Master for his grace of granting us a rebirth!"

The Destined Children were once again reignited with a boundless amount of fighting spirit! They could feel an endless amount of energy cruising through their bodies!

No matter how strong the Devil's Incarnate, w.a.n.g Xiaoming was, they would no longer fear him!

"Yes, you must remember. One must never bow down to fear. There are still matters awaiting you guys to settle in the Upper World. All of you are the main characters of this universe. You are the hope of the future that is awaiting salvation!"

Lin Fan nodded his head calmly before disappearing from where he was.

"Yes, Founder Master!"

This final sentence by Lin Fan had invigorated the hearts of these Destined Childre. They were the main characters of the universe! The hope of the future! The entire world was awaiting them to bring forth salvation!

At this moment, the ma.s.ses could only feel that the burden on their shoulders had gotten heavier. They seemed to be carrying the weight of the entire world on their own two feet!

This casual, scammy sentence by Lin Fan had filled the hearts of these Destined Children with hope. In fact, their fighting spirits were even more exuberant.

This was something that Lin Fan had wanted to see.

10,000 miles away, w.a.n.g Xiaoming hopped about happily in some area out in the world.

For w.a.n.g Xiaoming, everything that had just happened was something that he was long used to. In the past hundred years, these fellas had been launching all sorts of sieges against him. But each time, they would be reverse f*cked by him. This was something that brought tons of joy for w.a.n.g Xiaoming.

"Hehe! These braindead f*cks think that they can mess with me? Why don't they take a clear look at who I am?"

"This time around, I've got to go check out the other cities. The feeling of bullying others is just the greatest. Only, it seems like that number of people who're hating me is just increasing. If this number were to double, that would be out of hand!"

At this moment, w.a.n.g Xiaoming was contemplating over a big affair of his life. In these past hundred years, he had been playing nonstop all the time. However, there was something that amazed w.a.n.g Xiaoming. Even as he was playing, his cultivation state was being raised at the same time! And with his cultivation state getting higher and higher, w.a.n.g Xiaoming felt like days like these were truly just the happiest!

But at times, w.a.n.g Xiaoming too would feel a little tired. It was just that there was no return on this path.


w.a.n.g Xiaoming sighed out, feeling a little bleak towards his future.


At this moment, a voice sounded out from behind w.a.n.g Xiaoming. w.a.n.g Xiaoming was startled as his expression changed. To think that someone would be able to sneak up to him undetected, without making a single sound! This had w.a.n.g Xiaoming feeling a little nervous!

But, when he caught sight of who it was, w.a.n.g Xiaoming's face changed into one that was extremely emotional.

"Uncle Lin…!"

At this moment, w.a.n.g Xiaoming felt that his world had just brightened up.


The Devil's Incarnate, w.a.n.g Xiaoming, suddenly collapsed to a thud and hugged Lin Fan's thighs while crying out, "Uncle Lin! Save me…!"

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