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Chapter 829: This Is A Nuts Hurting Affair
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"How could this happen? It has been almost a hundred years now! I've cultivated hard day and night, and yet, I can't kill a toxic piece of cancer as such! What's the use of me cultivating so hard to this day?"

Zhao Wuji reared his head and howled into the Heavens with absolute anguish. That sticky substance that was covering his entire body had utterly removed any disposition he had as a genius. He had a sort of sorrow that he could not put in words.

"He escaped once again! Each time around, we would make a thousand preparations, but yet, we would always let this devil slip out of our grasps! My G.o.d! My heart hurts so badly!"

"In order to have this Devil's Incarnate pay the price, I've spent countless years of my youth. And now, I'm already hundred years old, without even having a partner yet! To think that this vile thing would now taint this snow lotus like pure body of mine! What am I to do from now on?"

"I don't want to live anymore!"

"Who would dare to come close to me anymore from this day forth?"

'Urgh! Urgh!'

Instantly, countless geniuses raised their heads and spat out blood with their spirits rattled. Their cultivation roots began to crumble down as though they were going to break down on their own at any moment, and have them enter a state of reincarnation to never come back into this loop ever again.

Being able to cultivate to such a cultivation state, all of these geniuses had an extremely resolute heart that wouldn't budge or move no matter what. However, after being f*cked up by w.a.n.g Xiaoming, all of the Blood Qi of these geniuses was rumbling furiously, as their cultivation states entered a state of instability.

For powerful beings, something as such should have never been allowed to happen!

While all of these geniuses might have been aided by the Heavens, they had still gone through extremely treacherous situations, and had sc.r.a.ped out of extremely dire situations alive as well. Therefore, their hearts should have long been molded into a resolute state like steel.

But the fact that they could be pushed into such a state due to w.a.n.g Xiaoming's f*cking them over was because of all those dozens and even hundred years of acc.u.mulated hatred.

To think that they would bear such immense hate towards someone in their hearts yet could never ever kill the other party after all these years. Not only that, they would have to endure a crazy setback each time around. This was an unparalleled anguish for all of these geniuses.

This was especially the case this time around. What Ultimate Sh*t and whatnot? This had entirely broken through their final line of defense in their hearts.

"Devil's Incarnate, w.a.n.g Xiaoming! I hate you!"

"What's the use of having this cultivation state? What face do I have left if I can't kill w.a.n.g Xiaoming?!"

"After this time around, I'm probably going to be a laughing stock of the entire Xuanhuang World! I'd rather die than be the laughing b.u.t.t of the ma.s.ses!"

"Once my body dies, my path of martial arts shall end! I have no regrets!"

"Senior and junior brothers, I'll make a move first! I've had enough of enduring the failures time and time again for the past thirty years!"

"Junior brother, head on first! We'll join you closely behind!"

At this, Lin Fan was completely stumped as well. Was there a need for this? Wasn't it just a couple of failures? Did they have to be in such anguish and despair?

If they were to all commit suicide right now, wouldn't his efforts have all gone to waste?

"Hais! Seems like it's all because of me. It's because I've got a relationship with w.a.n.g Xiaoming, causing him to be shrouded with fortune all around him. Therefore, even if these geniuses were Destined Children, they wouldn't be able to outsmart w.a.n.g Xiaoming at all."

Initially, Lin Fan had thought that given the sheer number of geniuses gathered, even if w.a.n.g Xiaoming had Lin Fan's fortune boosting him up, he would be whacked severely back and forth. But, to think that other than escaping, he would be able to build up mental trauma in the hearts of these geniuses as well.

And those traumas were evidently far from simple. They practically were aimed straight at their lives.

At this moment, Lin Fan felt that it was about time for him to step out now. If he didn't, these Destined Children might truly end up useless.

All of these Destined Children were extremely distraught. Just as they were ready to lift the sabers and whatnot in their arms to chop down on themselves, they heard a voice.


This voice was like a bright and radiant clock that reverberated out across the entire world, rattling their hearts. All of a sudden, those dark clouds surrounding their mental selves dissipated as a luminescent light shone through that endless abyss, brightening their inner hearts.

"All of you are geniuses of the Glory Sect, and your mental fort.i.tude is practically one in a million. This is only a single small setback right now. How can you bring up the intent to die?"

Lin Fan walked out of the void slowly. His back was lit up with an endless amount of bright light beams as that boundless aura of his spread out across the entire world. Everyone had a thought to bow down in respect immediately.

"Who are you?"

All of these geniuses raised their heads and looked at Lin Fan suspiciously. They did not know who this person was.

And just as Lin Fan was all ready to make up an ident.i.ty for himself, one of the geniuses amongst them suddenly prostrated to the ground!

"That's Founder Master Lin!"

Lin Fan was astonished. He hadn't expected that there would be a disciple who would recognize him! But, when he thought back about that Tribute Sculpture of his back in Glory Sect, it all came to him naturally.

That Tribute Sculpture looked the exact same as him. As long as one took a few more looks at it, they would definitely remember what he looked like, let alone these geniuses who had been looking at it for dozens of years.

All the other geniuses were startled one after another.

"What?! Hasn't Founder Master Lin ascended into the Upper World? Why is he still in the Xuanhuang World?"

"There's definitely no mistake! That's Founder Master Lin for sure!"

"That disposition, those features, that aura! It's definitely him for sure!"

Thud, thud, thud!

Suddenly, a loud commotion broke out as all the geniuses knelt down to their knees.

"Greetings to Founder Master Lin!"

They were all extremely familiar with Lin Fan! Ever since they had entered Glory Sect, whether or not they had something to do, they would always hear the tales from the older generations.

And, all of those disciples of Glory Sect in the past had all grown up under the loving tender care of Lin Fan. Out of the nine peaks, Danding Peak was the one that was trained up by Lin Fan the most.

For the sake of cultivation, some of these genius disciples required pills as well. Therefore, they naturally had to head up to Danding Peak, and from there, they naturally heard many stories as well.

However, they knew that a hundred years ago, Founder Master Lin had already broken through the barrier and ascended into the Upper World!

With that, his status as the strongest man in the entire Xuanhuang World was already fixed.

"All rise."

Since he was already exposed, Lin Fan naturally changed his demeanor and let out the airs of a senior immediately.

"Now, tell me guys, what is all of this for? Isn't this but a minor setback? Do you guys have to act like you're all ready to die just for it? If that's the case, how are you guys going to seek out a higher path of eternity in the future?"

Lin Fan spoke up.

"Boohoo…! Please seek justice for us, Founder Master Lin! This Devil's Incarnate, w.a.n.g Xiaoming, is really way too accursed! He had bullied us for the past hundred years! Initially, we had thought that we were pretty accomplished in our martial arts, and could finally regain some dignity for ourselves. To think that we would be met with failure time and again! And right now, we're even tainted with this shameless thing, and can't face the outside world!"

"This stench… Who in the world would dare approach us in the future? What hope do we still have of fighting with the Devil's Incarnate any longer?"

Looking at the sorrowful looks on the faces of these geniuses, Lin Fan's heart was equally saddened. He blamed himself as well for raising the difficulty level way too much.

For these Destined Children, w.a.n.g Xiaoming was practically Hardcore Mode!

Even though he was being hunted down consistently, in the process of being hunted down, he could turn the tables and take down this entire army without much effort. This was way too tragic indeed.

"Please step forth for us, Founder Master Lin! Take down this Devil's Incarnate and return a brighter tomorrow for the Xuanhuang World!"

At this moment, countless genius disciples started begging. They truly did not see any way of being able to beat this w.a.n.g Xiaoming. Not only that, they were nearly driven into insanity by that other party!

If Founder Master Lin were to take action, things would definitely be extremely easy!

"I have long known about this Devil's Incarnate. Suppressing him will be something that I can do with the back of my palms. However, it's precisely because of that that Your Founder Master cannot take action. This is because he is YOUR obstacle in the path of martial arts. Only when you guys take him down personally will you be able to attain the true path to eternity in martial arts. From then on, you guys shall be able to skyrocket, without anyone being able to stop you at all."

Lin Fan replied.

"But, we have dueled him for a hundred years now! And yet, we haven't gained anything out of it! How are we to have the confidence from now on forth?"

Everyone was feeling extremely disheartened, their hearts bubbling with exasperation.

Looking at these genius disciples, Lin Fan felt his nuts hurting as he cast his sight at one after another. For a moment, he even felt his nuts bursting. If this were to carry on, how was he to move them on in the future?

The reason why he cultivated the Xuanhuang World was in the hopes of creating peerless powerful beings. By then, he would be able to have greater confidence in fighting against the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World.

And right now, he was practically on the cusp of succeeding! But to think that they would lose their fighting wills one after another! This was not good!

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