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The scene in front of the peak’s gate did not bother Lin Fan at all. Man, it was not even any of his business. Now that the fiasco was over, it was time to scoot.

But for the disciples camping in front of the gate, each of their expressions were worse than the other. Some of them were saddened beyond words while some sighed continuously, expressing their helplessness.

Back at his own sect, Lin Fan came back to Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue, who were getting along pretty nicely.

Based on cultivation bases, Feng Bujue’s was way superior compared to Zhang Ergou, just like heaven and earth. But Feng Bujue was actually referring to Zhang Ergou as the senior brother?!?

This fact astonished Lin Fan, and he wondered what tactic Zhang Ergou had employed for this outcome.

Arrival of night…

Zhang Ergou and Feng Bujue had long returned to rest in their wooden shed. Lin Fan stared at the night sky with a deep gaze which revealed his hollowness, and let out a slight sigh.

"Things like stealing are indeed deplorable and not befitting a man such as Yours Truly. But for the sake of regaining my fellow junior disciples’ manhood, I guess it’s understandable" Lin Fan consoled himself in his heart before leaping out into the darkness without a trace.

Danding Peak, Medicinal Herb Garden’s Disciple Resting Shed…

What Lin Fan did not know was that ever since the appearance of the giant ark, Glory Sect had been in a state of tension.

The forbidden ground expedition this time round had cost Glory Sect a great loss.

"Senior brother! I heard that in this recent expedition, we lost eight of our most talented inner sect disciples! Senior Brother Zong was totally unable to fight back, and to make things worse, Senior Brother Tianyu had his cultivation foundation utterly destroyed by the enemy sect’s disciple. He is currently in a state of limbo, from which he may just become a vegetable!"

"Senior Elder Jin came to the medicinal field and picked a few herbs, seemingly to use for cultivation of pills to stabilize Senior Brother Tianyu’s conditions. I wonder if it’ll work"

"Sigh, this is probably Glory Sect’s first loss in a hundred years. I wonder which disciple’s sect it was who could suppress Senior Brother Zong"

"Go to sleep, this level of affairs is beyond our status. We just have to guard the medicinal field properly"


The lights in the house gradually dimmed into darkness, blending with the surrounding night.

And at this point, Lin Fan’s presence slowly crept into the medicinal field. In that vast field, blended within the darkness, he did seem kind of strange.

If it was a man lacking in courage, he might be scared out of his wits.

At this point, Lin Fan could only rely on the effects of the herbs to differentiate them.

‘'Ding…congratulations on discovering Zhu Lanxiang herb."

"Zhu Lan Xiang: Soothing effect, useful in boosting blood circulation."

Lin Fan gently touched a herb, and the description promptly popped up inside his mind. But, this herb didn’t seem useful to Lin Fan. Hence he tossed it away and touched another herb.

"Ding…congratulations on discovering Stone Flower herb."

"Stone Flower: Strong effect, useful in training of the body."


Herb after herb, touch after touch, Lin Fan could only shake his head in regret.

Unsuitable. Thoroughly unsuitable.

There wasn’t even anything that was close. Could it be that in this huge medicinal field, there wasn’t even a single herb that could relate?

But, looking at a large amount of ground he had not covered, Lin Fan eased a little and continued searching.

Tonight’s moonlight was mild and intermittent, occasionally hiding behind the clouds of the night sky. And in this vast medicinal field, a figure was sneakily committing a heist. It was just that he couldn’t be seen in the eyes of others.

"Ding…congratulations on discovering Intense Yang Gra.s.s."

"Intense Yang Gra.s.s: Strong effect, useful in boosting Qi and vitality."

At this moment, Lin Fan stopped. This Intense Yang Gra.s.s contained just three blades of leaves, a bright red rhizome but was otherwise bald.

"This might just do it."

Lin Fan garnered that this vitality boosting herb might be pretty beneficial in boosting that aspect of a man.

Following this, Lin Fan continued his search for herbs. Obtaining the first reliable herb was a shot of confidence to him. This medicinal field definitely had the herbs he was looking for.


Dawn gradually arrived…

For the disciples guarding the medicinal field, work went on as usual when the sun rose daily.

A few disciples carried buckets of water along with hoes, ready to loosen the magical soil of the field. Just as humans needed to breathe, so did the soil of the field.

"Ahh…Senior brother! You guys… please come quickly!" A voice shouted from the other end.

The various disciples who were each doing their own stuff were puzzled at this voice, promptly rushing over, "What’s wrong?"

"Senior Brothers…take a look." proclaimed the trembling, white-faced disciple, pointing at the patch he was manning.

"This..." The disciples who ran over from the voice stood dumbstruck over the sight in front of them.

The huge area of the medicinal field in front of them... Empty.

It was as if dogs had excavated and rummaged through the entire field, that was the miserable state of the field.

"How…could this be? It was fine yesterday! How could it turn like this overnight!?" The disciples stuttered with shock all over their faces.

This was the most important place of Danding Peak! What would they do if the Senior Elder knew that the entire land was excavated due to their oversight!

Everyone looked at each other, lost for words.

"Senior Brothers! Please head over, there’s trouble over here!"

At this moment, yet another call of distress emerged from another side of the medicinal field.

Everyone’s face changed immediately. Could it be?

When they arrived at the scene, all they saw was a barren plot of land, devoid of any sort of medicinal herb. Their hearts, which were pumping furiously initially, gave up and died internally.

Dead…we’re dead meat.

The whole batch of medicinal herbs was all stolen! The consequences will be dire, extremely dire.

This thief was too vicious!

"Hurry up and check! What other herbs are we missing?" A Senior Brother in charge of the medicinal field roared.

Not long after, all the disciples gathered back.

"Senior Brother, field number one lost Intense Yang Gra.s.s! Field number two lost Green Fairy Gra.s.s! Field number three lost Lively Root Gra.s.s..."

Hearing the various reports, the senior brother in charge of the fields grew totally white. Spurting out whatever blood he had left, he collapsed.


Nameless Peak…

Lin Fan had no idea that his scavenging of herbs would cause panic among tons of people.

At this moment, he was just waking up from his restful slumber. He entered dreamland shortly after returning from the previous night’s adventure. As for cultivating pills, Lin Fan was in no hurry. He could slowly take his time to explore the procedures after he was awake.

The herbs he had swept from last night were more than sufficient for his own experiments.

At this moment, Lin Fan pulled out an Intense Yang Gra.s.s, a Green Fairy Gra.s.s and a Lively Root Gra.s.s.

In the medicinal field, only these 3 herbs were more suited to his needs. The thought of what the pills would come out to be made him bubble with excitement.

Meanwhile, Feng Bujue and Zhang Ergou were cultivating themselves within their own houses. As they both possessed the Suyuan Pills provided by Lin Fan, they were able to enhance their cultivation rate. Furthermore, Feng Bujue was not a selfish guy, so he would naturally teach the Martial arts and Mental arts he knew to Zhang Ergou.

As to when master Lin would pa.s.s down some skills to them, while they had expectations within their hearts, seeing his casual att.i.tude about it, they were in no hurry to push the topic.

In their eyes, master Lin would definitely teach them one day.

And just at this moment, a roar came out from master Lin in his wooden house.

Feng Bujue and Zhang Ergou opened their eyes in shock and rushed promptly towards master Lin’s wooden house.

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