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Chapter 825: Mastermind Behind The Scenes
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

After that, Chicky and his three perverted sons followed Zi Feng and the G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestor and left.

In this meeting of three generations, they naturally had many things to say to one another. As for Lin Fan, he was extremely idle right now. Initially, he wanted Dragon Empress Shen Wu to take him around the place casually. However, Dragon Empress Shen Wu now had a phobia of Lin Fan after the whacking. The moment she caught sight of him, she would flee away as though she had just seen a ghost. There was no way to even hold her back.

"Hais! Since when in the world did I become someone so scary now? To think that a fine chick like that would be destroyed by my toying around. What a pity! Truly, what a pity!"

Lin Fan lamented before casually walking around the base of the Colossal Dragon race.

This base of the Colossal Dragon race looked pretty primitive on the outside, and was in no way luxurious. However, the insides were so b.l.o.o.d.y glamorous that it was a little shocking.

Looking at all the members of the Colossal Dragon race who were walking by one after another, Lin Fan had a bad urge to want to rob them for a good round.

At this moment, Lin Fan felt that he had just done a really bad thing.

He should not have brought Chicky back to seek his kin. Instead, he should have just robbed the entire Colossal Dragon race one big round. When he incurred their deathly rage, he would have brought Chicky back to acknowledge them. By then, everything would be settled well and dandy.

But, it was all too late for him to continue on that plan now.

Other than the Colossal Dragon race and the Phoenix race, there were still eight other Top Ten Old Ancient Beast races. He could seize this opportunity to go explore them out one after another and acc.u.mulate more Shengyang Pills. By then, he could raise the Xuanhuang World to a pinnacle form in one fell swoop. How awesome would that be?

The more Lin Fan thought about it, the more plausible it seemed. Everything would fall into place later on. He would wait till Chicky was done with his family reunion, then bring him along to go for the robberies.

However, at this moment, Lin Fan felt that it was about time for him to head back and check out what the Xuanhuang World was like.

With ten trillion Shengyang Pills in his hands, he now had two miraculous usages to try out.

The first was Hundred Years in A Single Thought. He could open up that huge cheat to allow the entire strength of the Xuanhuang World to speedily increase.

The other was Precious Treasure descends from the Heavens. That was to allow the Xuanhuang World to obtain more secret grounds or treasures, so that more people could obtain and seek them out.

However, given the current situation, Hundred Years in A Single Thought was the most important one. Having their strength increasing rapidly would give them greater confidence in facing the upcoming danger.

Who in the world would know when the Infinite Worlds would open up? And in any case, Lin Fan knew that the opening up of the Infinite Worlds would be no good thing at all as well.

He did not bank on being able to save everyone. But at the very least, Lin Fan wanted to ensure that the Xuanhuang World would be safe.

Within the house…

Lin Fan checked out the situation of the Xuanhuang World. Everything had been progressing according to Lin Fan's beautiful plan.

Under the arrangement of the Glory Sect, all of the major sects and even some minor sects have begun to converge, and were forming an alliance.

Because of the special body type of w.a.n.g Xiaoming, he had attracted the vengeance of countless Destined Children. For w.a.n.g Xiaoming, this was a period of time where both happiness and pain coexisted.

Some of the Destined Children were toyed over back and forth by w.a.n.g Xiaoming, while on the other hand, some of them did the same to him. However, each time, w.a.n.g Xiaoming was always the one to get some benefits out of it.

A life as such was something that brought forth immense pleasure for w.a.n.g Xiaoming.

However, there was one single question that was nagging Lin Fan's mind. He wondered what would happen when all the Destined Children finally reached their pinnacle states. Would w.a.n.g Xiaoming turn into a great villain by then and be killed by the ma.s.ses?

"Ah, Xiaoming, Xiaoming... You can truly be considered as a great benefactor of the Xuanhuang World from this day forth as well." Lin Fan lamented in his heart. However, with him around, even if anyone wanted w.a.n.g Xiaoming dead, they would have to be able to kill him under the watch of Lin Fan first.

Hundred Years in A Single Thought meant that time would rapidly flow in the Xuanhuang World in the blink of an eye. However, in order to not have everyone worry, Lin Fan headed over to let them know.

This was especially the case for Xuan Yunxian. If he were to disappear for a hundred years just like that, wouldn't she just go mad?

While it was nothing but the single blink of an eye for Lin Fan, it was a true solid hundred years for the inhabitants of the Xuanhuang World.

"Hais! If only I could survive on just cultivating to raise my cultivation state as well... How nice would that be?"

Lin Fan was starting to feel a tinge of envy towards this Hundred Years in A Single Thought. However, for his cultivation state to level up, he had to depend on experience points. Without experience points, even if he were to sit there for a whole hundred years, it wouldn't mean jacksh*t.

Now that Zong Hentian was in control of the Glory Sect, Lin Fan had him go out and recruit some disciples. These people were none other than the people that w.a.n.g Xiaoming had f*cked over.

After all, all of these were Destined Children. Lin Fan had checked it out with the Heaven's Will of Xuanhuang World as well. It was only then that he found out that the Destined Children had to be created in order for the Heaven's Will of the Xuanhuang World to continue strengthening. That would push the progress of the entire Xuanhuang World.

Once everything was handed over, Lin Fan raised his finger gently, and countless Shengyang Pills dragons coiled around Lin Fan's body.

"Hundred Years in A Single Thought."

Instantly, the void rippled as the boundless Shengyang Pills dragons rumbled out and gushed into the Xuanhuang World.

This tremendous amount of energy was nearly enough to bloat the Xuanhuang World into exploding.

All of a sudden, a bright, immense light shone out. Because of the system's existence, it caused the Shengyang Pills dragons to be completely digested and converted into energy, pushing the movement of time.

Blink, blink, blink!

At this moment, Lin Fan realized that something had changed. A long river of time floated out before him. In this river of time, there were countless of threads connected to it. Every single thread was entrusted onto a single living being.

These were the threads of fate of the living beings in the Xuanhuang World.

But at this moment, from behind the scenes, Lin Fan gave it a hard push. With that, the fates of countless of people began to change.

Within that river of time, there were 10,000 threads that were connected onto the body of w.a.n.g Xiaoming. Lin Fan gave it a flick with curiosity as he checked it out.

'Zong Hao. Righteous disciple.

He shall have a cultivation state of Lesser celestial middle level in this lifetime.

Lifespan of 103 years.

Death by unnatural causes.'

This was his original fate. But as time pa.s.sed, these words began to disappear and change. Replacing them was another fate.

'Zong Hao. Righteous disciple.

Because he met w.a.n.g Xiaoming, his fate changed.

He shall have a cultivation state of Divine celestial level 10 cultivation state.

Lifespan of eternity…'

To think that because of his interference, the fates of these many people in the Xuanhuang World would change!

However, there was something that had Lin Fan feeling awkward. This was going to be one h.e.l.l of a bad luck for w.a.n.g Xiaoming!

Initially, there weren't too many threads of fate that were linked with w.a.n.g Xiaoming's body. To think that after a hundred years, there would be 10,000 of them!

Didn't this mean that w.a.n.g Xiaoming must have mocked countless Destined Children in the hundred years?

The moment he thought of the miserable life w.a.n.g Xiaoming would have to lead from now on, Lin Fan felt chills running down his spine.

'Ding...Hundred Years in A Single Thought over.'

'Ding…Hundred Years in A Single Thought function removed.'

"Holy f*ck! Why is it removed?"

Initially, Lin Fan was overwhelmed with joy thinking that he had just done something incredibly huge. But all of a sudden, when he heard the notification of the system, he was totally stumped.

Wasn't this leaving him with no way out at all?

With Hundred Years in A Single Thought removed, how was he supposed to give the inhabitants of Xuanhuang World any further cheats in the future?

Scam! F*cked up scam!

Lin Fan had never expected this Hundred Years in A Single Thought to be a one-time use function! The system itself didn't even mention it at all!


Helplessness…This was the only feeling running through Lin Fan's mind right now... An immense helplessness.

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