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Chapter 821: Time To See The Three Perverts
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

As the saying went, 'One should not air their dirty linens out in public.' The G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon did not want this issue to be made known to too many members of the Colossal Dragon race.

He needed some time to digest this sudden revelation. After all, in his opinion, something like this was way unexpected. As the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon, how could his own son be this ugly?

If say, he were to look like a Phoenix, then so be it. But, the main point was that he was WORLDS APART from looking like a Phoenix. If he were to look like a Colossal Dragon, then so be it. But from head to toe, he didn't even have a single trait of his that looked like a Colossal Dargon.


Chicky laid in the embrace of this woman and crowed lowly as though he was reminiscing about his past right now. However, he had not forgotten the deal he made with his Old Bro.

'This show must carry on!'

Zi Feng fondled Chicky's head endearingly and turned her gaze towards Lin Fan, "My grat.i.tude for bringing my child back to me."

Zi Feng knew that her child was in the Xuanhuang World. The fact that he was able to make it back here wasn't something that she had imagined.

Initially, she was afraid that she might not ever get the chance to see Chicky at all in her entire life. But now that she was able to do so, she was naturally elated.

As for the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon, back when he had to pull Zi Feng back from the Xuanhuang World, he paid a terribly high price for it as well.

Lin Fan chuckled out calmly, "You don't have to thank me. I've known Chicky for such a long time now. It's only natural for me to help him seek his kin. That's part of my duties."

"Chicky? My son's name is Chicky?" The moment Zi Feng heard this name, her brows furrowed. She felt that this name was absolutely atrocious!


Chicky crowed out softly, indicating that he loved this name.

"Since my son loves it, we'll keep it like that then." Seeing how happy her son was over that name, Zi Feng naturally did not harp on it.

For Zi Feng, the fact that she was able to meet with her son right now was already a joyous event worthy of celebrations. How could she be bothered with so many other things?

However, for G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon, this was quite an unbearable thing. As the son of the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon, how could he have a name as such? Wasn't this just an embarra.s.sment!

But, given the current situation, this didn't seem like something he could decide on anyways. By the looks of it, he might just be whacked up by everyone around if he had dared to say 'No'.

"Back down." G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon swept his robes, indicating for everyone else to leave. This affair here was his family affair. He did not want to be observed by so many of his fellow race.

As for the Colossal Dragon race members, they could tell that this matter had just gotten complicated.

That living being that looked like a chicken was actually the descendant of the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon? If word of this were to get out, who in the world would believe this?

"Zi Feng, let us head back and talk this through slowly." G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon said with a tender and warm tone.

The impact of this matter today was pretty severe for the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon. He wasn't prepared at all. Now that he had a child that came knocking on his doorsteps, he did not know what to do for a moment.

Colossal Dragon Tower…

The G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon and Zi Feng sat there, with Chicky just lying in the latter's embrace, being adored endlessly.

Lin Fan sat below them. However, his mind was whirling rapidly, wondering what he should do.

He had a motive for bringing Chicky over to the Colossal Dragon race this time around, which was to scam some Shengyang Pills out of them.

And now, Chicky's ident.i.ty has gone far beyond Lin Fan's wildest imaginations. To think that the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon would be his Daddy! If he had to scam this out, this would be practically wild!

"Cough, cough!"

At this moment, the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon coughed slightly. He wanted to say something. However, all of a sudden, he realized he really did not know what to say anymore.

The G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon did not know whether to laugh or cry in this situation right now. When he looked at how much Zi Feng was doting on this kid, he felt as though a danger had just appeared in his life.

"How come my son still does not know how to speak?" At this moment, Zi Feng fondled Chicky's head gently while asking in slight bewilderment.

"Come, my son. Swallow this and you'll be able to speak."

At this moment, Zi Feng took out a pill. While this pill wasn't some heaven revolting pill by nature, it was made of extremely valuable ingredients. The main purpose of it was to open up one's wisdom and allow them to communicate through human language.

Swallowing the pill, Chicky's body was engulfed in flames all of a sudden.

Zi Feng continued caressing that ball of flames, totally unbothered with it at all.


At this moment, Chicky suddenly opened his mouth! And this single word that he said had Zi Feng's heart blossoming with flowers as she was overwhelmed with joy.

Lin Fan chose to remain silent the entire time. That was because he knew that this was the moment for Chicky to perform well. Nothing he said would do anything at all. Hence, he could only have Chicky perform on his own now.


Chicky spread out his wings and leaped over to the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon. The G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon, on the other hand, held Chicky awkwardly in his embrace with a contemptuous look. If not for the fact that Zi Feng was around, he might have even kicked Chicky out of this place entirely!


When Zi Feng caught sight of the expression on the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon, her brows were raised as she let out a cold snort. Her meaning was clear: 'You had better do something about that att.i.tude.'

When the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon received Zi Feng's expression, he caressed Chicky's head awkwardly and replied, "G-good boy…!"

"Daddy! Mummy! Chicky can finally see you guys! Back when I opened my eyes in the Xuanhuang World, my Old Bro was the only one who had been guarding me by my side! Later on, my Old Bro told me that you guys were in the Upper World! Therefore, in all these years, Chicky had suffered a lot of hardships, and have been injured countless of times!"

"Each time Chicky was in danger, Chicky would remember that as long as I raised my cultivation state, I would be able to see Daddy and Mummy by heading up to the Upper World!"

"And each time Chicky thought of this, Chicky would feel his entire body surging with energy!"

Now that Chicky was able to speak, the words that he spoke were absolutely startling. Even Lin Fan was a little shocked.

When in the h.e.l.l did Chicky know how to exaggerate so badly? And not only that, his exaggerations were pretty touching now!

"Oh, my poor child! It's all your dearest mummy's fault that you had to endure all these hardships!" The moment Zi Feng heard these, she was blinded by Chicky's words as well.

"Dear mummy! I'm hungry!" Chicky spoke up.

"Ah! My dear son is hungry! Let your mummy dearest have the maids prepare food!" Zi Feng replied frantically.

"No, I want to eat pills! I want to eat tons and tons of pills!" Chicky continued coquettishly. When Lin Fan heard Chicky say these words, he put on a straight face immediately. The main point was here!

"My son! What sort of pills would you like to eat?" Zi Feng asked.

"Shengyang Pills! I want to eat tons and tons of Shengyang Pills!" Chicky replied.

"Sure, sure! Later on, we'll head over to your Daddy's Treasure Stash. As long as my dear son likes it, you can take anything you want!" Zi Feng said with utmost adoration.

"This…!" The moment the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon heard this, his face changed as he let out a look of reluctance.

"Why now? You're unwilling or anything? If you can't afford to raise him, I'll just take my son back with me to the Phoenix race! I'm sure there'll be tons of people who will be willing to help me raise him!" Zi Feng scoffed icily.

"N-no! That's not what I meant!" The G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon replied.

"Oh! Dearest Mummy and Daddy, I've got three sons as well! And one of them has an even greater appet.i.te than I do! He has to eat tons and tons of stuff!" Chicky added.

"AH!" Both Zi Feng and the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon were stumped, as though they were unable to come to terms with it just yet. Zi Feng then screamed out in joy, "Hurry and get them out for your Mummy to take a look!"

The G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon was extremely agitated right now as well. The moment he thought of how this son of his did not look like him in the least bit, how could his grandsons possibly look like him at all?

For the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon, all of these changes were happening way too quickly right now.

With just a single sentence, he had gained a son… and three grandsons!

This was one h.e.l.l of a huge scam!

Lin Fan was a little hesitant right now. Did this Zi Feng and the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon really want to see those three perverted sons of Chicky? He could only hope that they wouldn't get overly agitated after seeing those three.

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