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Chapter 818: Do You Know of Your Wrongdoings? Do You Believe Me Now?
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The Tenth Prince was completely dumbfounded at this moment as well. To think that Lin Fan would slap down on the b.u.m of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu! Wasn't this just asking for an explosion?

This was going to turn the tempo into one where things wouldn't end unless one of them died!

At this moment, Lin Fan was starting to realize that something was off about the aura of Dragon Empress Shen Wu. In fact, there was even a killing intent that was bursting forth from her body.

"LET. ME. GO."

The entire face of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was filled with an icy expression, as a thick killing intent rumbled forth from her. It was as though she was ready to fight against Lin Fan with her life.

At this moment, Lin Fan had a bad feeling about this. He had suddenly realized that the Dragon Empress Shen Wu seemed to have turned into an entirely different person! However, he knew that he mustn't bow down either! If he were to cower, he would definitely lose face!

From G.o.d knows when, a large number of beings of the Colossal Dragons race had already rushed over from the distance, realizing that something was going on here.

When they arrived at the scene, they were all stunned.

"Just who in the world is that? Why is he holding the Dragon Empress Shen Wu from her waist?"

"This guy is just throwing away his life!"

"My G.o.ddess! How could she be held from the waist by this guy? I'm going to head up there to rescue my G.o.ddess!"

"Are you dumb or what? Can't you see Dragon G.o.d Wan Sheng over there? What sh*t use can you be if you go up?"

"Shen Wu, you're way too stubborn. Everything I said was all true! But, since that's the case, I can only have you change this temper of yours then!"


Without any hesitation, Lin Fan sent yet another slap over. Other than the fact that the touch of her body felt pretty good, Lin Fan was having a whole load of trouble in his mind.

What should he do later on?

He had already realized that this was the Reverse Scale of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu! If he were to let her go, she would definitely not let him off until he was dead!

But, if he didn't let her go, what should he do then? It was not as though he could spank her into submission, could he?

Such pains! Such tortures! Such a dilemma!

However, that single slap of Lin Fan caused the entire atmosphere to explode forth.

Those members of the Colossal Dragons race who had gathered over to watch the scene were completely dumbstruck at this moment.

"To think that he would spank that area of Dragon Empress Shen Wu!"

"That's the Reverse Scale of Dragon Empress Shen Wu! Does this fella have a death wish or what?"

"AH! My G.o.ddess! And her purity is gone just like that! Oh, how my heart hurts! How it hurts!"

"Who can come forth and save my G.o.ddess? That's my G.o.ddess!"

In the eyes of the Colossal Dragons race, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was a G.o.ddess-tier woman. She was the perfect combination of both glory and looks. But, to think that a human would do this to her right now! This caused their hearts to shatter entirely.

"B*STARD! LET GO OF ME! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Dragon Empress Shen Wu was entirely deranged right now. Her eyes were bloodshot and burning with so much rage that they could almost flare out of her eyes.

"I'm not lying to you. It's up to you whether to believe it or not." Lin Fan was feeling a little fl.u.s.tered in his heart right now. However, he knew that he had to maintain his composure at this moment. He must definitely not cower!

In Lin Fan's opinion, if he were to loosen his grip on her right now, she would definitely come at him relentlessly with all her life.

This was the one scene that Lin Fan wanted to see the least.

But at this moment, no matter what Lin Fan said, Dragon Empress Shen Wu refused to believe any bit of it at all! Her body was like an earthworm that was squiggling endlessly, trying to break free from his grip.

However, it was as though Lin Fan's arm possessed an infinite amount of strength that held the Dragon Empress Shen Wu by her waist with a death grip.

And amidst the squirming, Lin Fan felt an unusual sensation.

"Father, what should we do now?" Looking at how something was wrong with the current situation, the Tenth Prince felt his heart skip a beat as he asked anxiously.

"I don't know. But this is something that will definitely not blow off this easily!" Dragon G.o.d Wan Sheng replied with a stupefied face. This matter had gone way beyond his expectations.

He hadn't expected that this human would treat Dragon Empress Shen Wu as such! Even though he did not know whether that was intentional, he knew that there was no way out of this now that it had come to this.


At this moment, the long hair of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu were drooping down as she bit right at Lin Fan's waist.

The moment Lin Fan felt this bite, his heart clenched for a moment. If not for the fact that his physical body state had been cultivated up, he might have been bitten into two with that single bite! Seemed like this time around, Dragon Empress Shen Wu had truly gone mad! Unless she killed Lin Fan, she would definitely not let this go!

Seemed like one should honestly never ever touch the Reverse Scales of the Colossal Dragons race! No matter who it was that touched it, they would completely disregard any kinship or anything after!

However, Lin Fan was truly unconvinced.

Since he had already touched it no matter what, it wouldn't be his style if he didn't grit his teeth and go through with this to the end!

Piak! Piak! Piak! Piak!

Without bothering or asking anything, Lin Fan slapped it a few more times repeatedly.

All of a sudden, the only sounds left within the world were sounds of saliva being gulped down.

The gazes of those members of the Colossal Dragons race glared at this scene before them fixedly. They were no longer budging any longer.

Each time Lin Fan spanked down, that place bounced a little. It was extremely bouncy!

Even though the touch to his fingers were indeed splendid, Lin Fan knew that now was not the moment to be relishing this pleasure. It was the time to bring Chick Shen Wu up to the right track. How could there not be any trust between individuals in this world?


At this moment, Dragon Empress Shen Wu had long lost her mind completely. That bite on Lin Fan's waist had no effect at all. It was as though Lin Fan's body was made out of metal. She couldn't even bite through! In fact, she couldn't even leave a bite mark behind!

"Do you know of your mistakes now?" Lin Fan lectured with a straight face. The motion in his hand did not come to a stop as he spanked down tightly one after another. In fact, there was even some spring to his motions!

"I'M NOT WRONG!" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu did not feel all too good right now. It was as though all her powers had been forcefully sealed up and she was unable to let loose anything right now.



One palm after another, Lin Fan continued with the spankings.

Lin Fan knew that there was no way to back down from this by now. Between the both of them, one of them had to step down and admit defeat. However, Lin Fan knew that he wouldn't allow himself to be the one.

Because of that, seemed like Chick Shen Wu had to be the one admitting defeat then!

But, looking at the state of Chick Shen Wu right now, she looked like she was still infuriated in her heart. There was no way she would admit defeat this easily. Seemed like he could only drag this on then.

This time around, Lin Fan had already thought through his trip over to the Colossal Dragons race to seek out roots.

However, no matter how well thought out one's plans were, they could never ever fight against the plans made by the Heavens. To think that the maids of Dragon Empress Shen Wu were all a bunch of perverts!

Wasn't he just acting like he had fainted over, and that was all? Did they have to take advantage of him like that?!

If not for the fact that those bunch of chicks there had messed up his tempo, his performance this time around would have been one of the best in his entire life!

But, it was a pity that even regretting would not aid this matter anymore right now, because things had already progressed to this point.

Time pa.s.sed by the seconds and minutes, and the crowd of Colossal Dragons race members who had gathered was getting larger.

At the start, there were some members of the Colossal Dragons race who had wanted to rush up and save this G.o.ddess of their hearts. However, when they caught sight of how powerful beings such as Dragon G.o.d Wan Sheng and some others were just standing there and watching with their mouths agape as well, they could only bear with it in their hearts.

Everyone was wondering right now in their minds just who in the world this fella was. To think that he could just humiliate their G.o.ddess right in the face of the Colossal Dragons race!

And now only that, all the Lord Dragon G.o.ds and the others were just standing by watching idly, without any indication of interfering at all!

This was something that didn't make any sense at all!

Lin Fan had long forgotten just how many times he had spanked down. It must have been a couple hundred by now. By now, his hands were even starting to feel numb.

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu, who was yelling furiously earlier on, was completely dazed right now as she said nothing while being clipped between Lin Fan's arm by her waist.

"Do you know of your wrongdoings now? Do you believe me now?"

This was a question that Lin Fan had asked nothing less than hundred times by now. Without much strength left, Lin Fan was just spouting it out of his mouth casually at this point.

The pleasure of spanking had long been over for his palm. But, he could truly do nothing if this Chick Shen Wu refused to admit her defeat.

"I was wrong. I believe you now."

At this moment, that enraged expression of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was no longer there. In its place was a face that was about to cry.

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he was stunned…

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