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Upon descending from the Nameless Peak, Lin Fan wandered around the quarters of Glory Sect aimlessly. He had no clue towards the ingredients aspect of his new creation-to-be. But he some knowledge towards the direction.

The ‘Unspeakable Flaw’ troubling Ye Shaotian and gang required nourishment towards their kidney’s function. It was just that he had no background in this field, and had no idea what sort of medication would be best prescribed.

The Lin Fan of today could be considered a small celebrity within the outer sect. Disciples who caught view of him would scurry and hide if they could, and those who couldn’t would greet him respectfully as Junior Master.

News of Ye Shaotian being cruelly squashed had spread to their ears from all directions.

And it got more and more ridiculous as time went on.

As the legends would have it, Junior Master Lin of Nameless Peak ruthlessly specialized in attacks of the lower body. Ye Shaotian, due to his arrogance and rudeness, suffered a direct burst of his little nuggets.

While these stories got more ridiculous and incredulous, these outer sect disciples bought them all.


While he had a slight clue of how to go about it, Lin Fan still wandered around aimlessly, not knowing where to head to for the appropriate medicinal herbs.

"Oh, f*ck me! How could Yours Truly be so silly? I should have gone to Danding Peak! Not only is it a place for cultivating pills, but it is also a place for medicinal herbs to grow. I’ll just take small samples and see if it produces similar effects," Lin Fan berated his pig brain for not realizing this simple fact earlier.

With his thoughts straightened out, Lin Fan rushed towards Danding Peak.

First, he would check out how Danding Peak was distributed, and where the medicinal herbs were located. Then, hehe, would come night time, when he would make his move.

Arriving at Danding Peak, Lin Fan too was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with envy, jealousy and hate at the sight of the prosperous place.

It was bustling with people. Outer sect, inner sect disciples, everyone was rumbling through this vast place. He wondered when Nameless Peak could share the same magnificence.

After staying lost for a while in his envious thoughts, Lin Fan woke up and gave himself some encouragement. Hmph, this was nothing much. With hard work and effort, Nameless Peak could reach the same prosperity as Danding Peak.

Now that the upper portion of Danding Peak was filled with disciples, Lin Fan could blend into the crowd easily without attracting the attention of others.

After a while, Lin Fan had no idea where he even was. For precaution sake so as to not be discovered, Lin Fan employed ‘Stealth’ and entered a covert state.

The place where Lin Fan was at was pretty desolated, where even the occasional pa.s.serby was a disciple of Danding Peak. It seemed like this should be the back portion of the peak.

This was the location where Danding Peak disciples resided. Therefore, external disciples had no rights to enter.

Pa.s.sing through a wooden bridge, Lin Fan pushed forward. With his current cultivation base, any disciple below Lesser Celestial would be unable to realize him pa.s.sing by. Heck, if he stood still in front of a Lesser or Greater Celestial, he’d be able to escape without them knowing.

At this moment, a fragrance drifted past his nose, engulfing the entire s.p.a.ce nearby. A small whiff of this thick medicinal fragrance was enough to perk one up immensely.

Lin Fan leaped with joy in his heart. Seems like this was where the medicinal herbs were kept in Danding Peak.

Glory Sect was a big sect, and Danding Peak stood at the core of it due to their ability to produce a large amount of pills to distribute down for the other disciples for cultivation purposes.

But, the medicinal herbs grown at Danding Peak were all of common rarity. As for those ingredients for higher graded or heavenly pills, Danding Peak was unable to nurture them as they only grew in extremely harsh conditions.

At this time, Danding peak disciples were currently straightening out the soil and taking care of the herbs. Hence Lin Fan knew he could not make his move now.

It seemed like it was only at night when the place would quieten down and turn empty, when he could make his big harvest.

Lin Fan then retraced his path forward and silently retreated.

Lin Fan already had a clear idea about the surroundings of Danding Peak. There would definitely be no issues even when night came.

Just as Lin Fan was descending Danding Peak, what he saw was a number of disciples with excitement on their faces, heading towards the other direction while deep in conversation.

"Senior brother Zong and gang has returned from the forbidden area!"

"This time round Senior brother Song and gang must have given the other sects a good trashing. These guys must have been daydreaming to have tried to s.n.a.t.c.h for the goods from Senior Brother Zong’s gang in the forbidden area."

"Cmon, let’s go! Gotta see what sort of goodies senior brother Zong has brought back!"


Silently listening by the side, Lin Fan was also baffled. He had no idea what these guys were talking about. But since he was free, he might as well follow and take a look.

Arriving at the Peak’s gate, Lin Fan was absolutely astonished at the big crowd gathered.

Who the h.e.l.l was this senior brother Zong? All he did was an excursion and there was such a lively atmosphere upon his return? Come on, wasn’t this way too much?

But judging from the conversation within the crowd, it seems like there was a group of people who had entered. Perhaps, it was similar to how different sects entered the forbidden grounds to gain training experience.

And just at this moment, a black speck appeared in the sky. It came closer and closer, followed by a continuous enlargement.

Upon seeing the true ident.i.ty of the black speck, Lin Fan jolted in his heart. It was a gigantic ark flying in the sky!

Lin Fan stared with focus. On this gigantic ark’s blue body were symbols densely carved into it, permeating bright light in all directions, as though it was using some special technique to allow it to float in the sky.

During his time in the Saint Devil sect, Lin Fan had never heard of any playthings like this. It seemed like this Dongling Continent possessed a number of things for him to discover.

At the sight of this blue ark, the numerous disciples awaiting at the gate’s entrance broke into cheers of excitement.

‘Victory to Glory Sect! Return in triumph!’

‘Victory to Glory Sect! Return in triumph!’


The cheers of the disciples emanated through the skies, seeming to pierce the clouds.

At this moment, the gigantic ark leaped into the skies above them and began a slow descent. The disciples awaiting at the gate stared at the ark with fixated eyes; they were waiting for the glorious return of their senior brother Zong.

This time, a middle-aged man with a gloomy and stern expression descended from the ark.

‘Respect to Elder Han’s triumphant return!’ The disciples chanted.

Just at this moment, Lin Fan frowned. This Elder Han carried such a gloomy face. Despite the cheers of such a large crowd of disciples, there was no trace of happiness in him. Something must have happened.

Not long after Elder Han descended, a mult.i.tude of people followed.

The disciples who were originally cheering quietened down as the sight shocked all of them.

What was happening?

Every single one of the descending disciples carried a look of extreme gloom, with blood stains on their clothes. There were even some being carried down due to severe wounds.

Lin Fan turned his gaze towards the last disciple descending from the ark. Other than Elder Han, he was next in line with the highest cultivation base. This guy should probably be that senior brother Zong they were referring to.

The disciples awaiting at the gate revealed a face of disbelief. It looked like things had not gone the way they had expected them to.

Could it be that during this round’s forbidden ground training expedition, Glory Sect…lost?

At this moment, Senior Elder Wuya appeared abruptly in front of Elder Han. Upon examining the scene, that usually serene face of his showed a hint of flabbergast.

"What’s this?" Senior Elder Wuya asked in a solemn voice.

"The forbidden grounds expedition this time round…we suffered a great loss…eight…disciples…" Elder Han trembled, unable to believe it himself.

"We’ll discuss this after meeting Grand Master," Senior Elder Wuya rolled up his sleeves, pulled Elder Han, and disappeared into the skies.

The gigantic blue ark rose up to the skies in a momentary flash, shrinking to the size of a thumb in the distance and disappearing into the void of the skies.

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