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Chapter 816: How Could You Guys Act As Such!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

On that luxurious bed…

Lin Fan had been lying there for quite some time now. Only, he did not know where Dragon Empress Shen Wu had run off to. Initially, Lin Fan could have released the Tenth Prince at this moment and just have him go looking for his daddy.

However, something real messed up happened. After the Dragon Empress Shen Wu left, she had actually gathered a bunch of maids to surround and take care of him!

"This is the human that Dragon Empress Shen Wu saved?" The bunch of maids surrounding Lin Fan began to chatter and gossip.

These maids were all members of the Colossal Dragon race. However, because they were females, they did not have a high standing within the Colossal Dragon race.

But thanks to an existence such as the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, the position of women in the Colossal Dragon race improved gradually as well. After all, who was to say that women weren't equal to men now with everything that she had proven herself with?

Dragon Empress Shen Wu was their role model.

"Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was extremely strong! But, to think that this human would be able to save Dragon Empress Shen Wu from his grasp! He must be quite something then!"

"Look at that! There are no clothes on the chest area of this human!"

"That's right! Should we give it a feel?"

"Since the Great Dragon Empress isn't around, we should sneakily cop some feels in! There shouldn't be any issue!"

At this moment, Lin Fan who was lying there suddenly felt that something was off.

This bunch of little girls that were surrounding him! What in the world were they trying to do?

"Eh? Girls, check it out! I saw that little raisin shiver for a little!"

"For real? How come I didn't see that?"

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a single finger poked out and touched that little raisin of Lin Fan.

'Aiyoh! Holy f*ck!'

Lin Fan was astonished. These girls were f*cking taking liberties with him!

To think that this bunch of brats would take the chance when Shen Wu wasn't around to toy with his little buns! Could they still be considered righteous dragons doing something as such?

Bear with it! He must absolutely bear with it!

"This isn't fun man. Not fun at all."

The moment Lin Fan heard these words, he heaved out a sigh of relief. 'That's right! That's the way! Since it's not fun, then you should just stop playing with it.'

But at the very next second, Lin Fan suddenly felt as though something big was about to happen.

"Girls, say... Do you girls think that it's fun flicking there?"

"I've got no idea. However, when I saw that Lord Dragon G.o.d Du Huang had a son, he was always flicking that area of his son every day as well! Looks pretty fun to me!"

"That's right! And you can even pull and extend it!"

"I don't think this is such a great idea, right? If we were to be spotted by the Great Dragon Empress, we would definitely be punished!"

"It's alright! The Great Dragon Empress isn't even around right now! And furthermore, this human couldn't be anymore knocked out! Let's just give it some flicks here and there! We would definitely not be noticed!"

"Yes, yes! Everyone, let's flick together! It'll definitely be fun!"

'Hoooooooooooooly f*ck!' At this moment, Lin Fan was starting to panic. This was a completely f*cked up situation! Where in the world did these maids spout out from? Why in the world could they do something as shameless as this?

If he were to be flicked by these maids, how in the world was he going to show his face in the future?

"I'll take the first flick!"

At this moment, Lin Fan felt a feeling of impending danger surge up into his mind. His heart was struggling intently as well. What should he do? He mustn't allow these maids to succeed!

Based on the way plans would play out, Shen Wu should appear at this moment!

However, to Lin Fan's nuts-hurting-disappointment, this Dragon Empress Shen Wu wasn't appearing at all! What in the world should he do?

"I'm so nervous!"

When Lin Fan heard the voice of this maid at this moment, he felt his heart thumping furiously. He could clearly sense the vile hands of this woman hovering over the area of his groin. And it was descending ever so slowly as though she could touch it at any moment!


Lin Fan wailed out in his heart. Shen Wu! b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l and come faster! Otherwise, Yours Truly could only fight it out with them!

At this moment, those tender, gentle hands of hers were getting ever closer, ever closer. They were barely a hair's breadth away from Lin Fan's crotch right now.

'Hais! This was a perfectly thought out plan from the start. To think that it would be ruined by these maids!'

Lin Fan eventually sighed out in his heart and jerked his eyes open, "What are you guys doing?"

Instantly, the entire imperial palace fell silent. What followed was a series of intense shrieks.


Initially, these maids had thought that this human was still in a coma! To think that he would awaken all of a sudden!

At this final juncture, Lin Fan had managed to defend his precious dignity. That little brother of his was so close to being flicked around by these maids mercilessly!

'What should I do? How should I handle it later?' When Lin Fan looked at those maids who were running out, he could not help but feel like he was in a spot right now.

"H-how could you?!"

At this moment, a long streak of light bolted forth from a distance. Dragon Empress Shen Wu looked at Lin Fan in disbelief as though she hadn't come to terms with reality just yet.

In the eyes of Dragon Empress Shen Wu, this was absolutely impossible!

To think that he could awaken when his Universal Elixir was on the brink of crumbling! And by the looks of it, it didn't seem like there was anything off with him!

Lin Fan put on a straight face as his mind whirled intensely. He came up with yet another good plan.

"I bear a secret technique within my body. Even though my Universal Elixir is on the brink of crumbling down, I can automatically heal it up naturally." After thinking for half a day, this was the only excuse he could come up with.

Initially, there was a trace of happiness on the face of Dragon Empress Shen Wu. However, she reverted back to that cold and aloof expression of hers as usual.

Dragon Empress Shen Wu was no fool. She had headed out to prepare some stuff in order to repair Lin Fan's Universal Elixir.

However, based on the situation right now, they were obviously no longer needed.

"Do you really think that I would believe that?" Dragon Empress Shen Wu asked in a frosty tone. She was starting to feel as though she had been had.

However, she could not understand just what in the world was going on right now. Even the G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestors said that his Universal Elixir was damaged! But, before she had even started on healing it, this human had awakened all of a sudden! And without any abnormalities to boot!

"You have to believe me. I'm a human who doesn't know how to lie." Lin Fan added on hurriedly.

This was a sin of its own! He had obviously thought up of the plan beforehand! To think that it would all be messed up by that bunch of maids!

"I, Shen Wu, am not someone who's so easily deceived!" Instantly, Dragon Empress Shen Wu was enraged. Retrieving her dragon's halberd from within the void, she bolted out towards Lin Fan.

Holy f*ck! Striking just because of a single sentence of disagreement!

"You've got to hear my explanation! I truly have a skill like that!"

Lin Fan yelped out as he dodged left and right. He then bolted out of the imperial palace and floated out within the void.

"I, Shen Wu, hate to be deceived the most…!"

"Holy f*ck…!!!" Lin Fan yelled out. This script had gone off as intended all of a sudden! What should he do! What in the world should he do?

"Shen Wu, this is a misunderstanding! I truly am able to heal up automatically."

"Do you really take me, Shen Wu, as a fool?! Take this!"

G.o.d Battling Eight Desolates!

Lin Fan was being chased and whacked down by Shen Wu at this moment. He swerved left and right to dodge relentlessly. If this were the old Lin Fan, he would have long returned a single punch over. But right now, no matter what, they had some ties to them! How could he strike back at her just like that?

"Human! Return me my son!"

At this moment, Dragon G.o.d Wan Sheng appeared too.

The moment Lin Fan saw this, he was flabbergasted. Motherf*cking h.e.l.l! Seemed like he can only release his ultimate move now!

No matter whose son Chicky was, their bloodlines should be connected! They should naturally be able to sense it!

And he would also have to release the Tenth Prince.

This time around, his purpose to the Colossal Dragon race here is to identify with kin, not to pick a fight!

'Come on out, my final trump card!'

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