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Chapter 815: I'll Owe You Nothing
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

A few streaks of light descended from the void.

Upon entering the base of the Colossal Dragon race, Lin Fan could immediately feel the Dragon Qi that was dispersed in the entire sky. He came before a gigantic Dragon Tower, and could sense an extraordinary Dragon Qi emanating out from within. This was extremely horrifying, not something that one could possibly imagine.

"G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestors, please save this human!" Dragon Empress Shen Wu knelt down on one knee and begged.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt as though his body was being controlled by an unknown power. This power was extremely strong. Given Lin Fan's current strength, he truly couldn't kill the opponent just yet. But, if the other party wanted him dead, that would be impossible as well.

However, in Lin Fan's opinion, given this fella's strength, he would be able to give the Utmost Beings a run for their money.

This was extremely terrifying.

"This is the human that you wished to rescue out of the hands of Wan Zun?" A boundless voice boomed out. Even just speaking out alone caused an immense amount of Dragon Qi to spill out.


Instantly, a source of energy surged into Lin Fan's body. Immediately, Lin Fan let loose of his self-consciousness and was just swimming around freely.

The aura of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun that he had intentionally left within his body was purged out instantly.

However, this surge of energy coiled one round around that seemingly crumbling Universal Elixir of his before retreating.

"I've already purged the aura of Wan Zun from within his body. As for that Universal Elixir, there's nothing I can do to repair that." The G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestor replied.

"How could this be?"

The face of Dragon Empress Shen Wu changed. If his Universal Elixir couldn't be repaired, that would mean that he would be nothing more than a disabled man!

Within the Ancient Saint World, what use could a disabled man do? This was undoubtedly a fate worse than death!

"G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestor, don't we have a secret technique within the race that's especially used for mending Universal Elixirs?" Dragon Empress Shen Wu asked hurriedly.

And the moment these words came out of the mouth of Dragon Empress Shen Wu, the entire area fell silent.

"Shen Wu, you know about that secret technique. Are you sure you've thought this through?" The voice of the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragon permeated out once more.


Dragon Empress Shen Wu hesitated for a moment.

Ancestor Dragon Hong Huang at the sides tried persuading her out of it.

"Shen Wu, don't be rash now. This is just a human and you are the Dragon Empress of the Colossal Dragons race. If you wish to repair his Universal Elixir, you should know of the consequences you must bear. It's not worth it." Ancestor Dragon Hong Huang said.

This technique for mending one's Universal Elixir was something that only the Colossal Dragons possessed.

However, there was a high requirement for it.

The Universal Elixir was something as vast as a world itself. It required the Qi of Yin and Yang.

If one wanted to mend the Universal Elixir, not only did they have to connect their bodies and minds, the other party would have to pay an extreme price for it. They would lose half of their cultivation state.

For anyone out there, this was a price that was way too unbearable.

This was especially the case for someone of a Divine celestial level 10 cultivation state. If they were to lose a good half of it, it would undoubtedly be a task taller than the Heavens to reach their pinnacle state once more. In fact, it was practically impossible.

Dragon Empress Shen Wu looked at Lin Fan as her mind wavered. That peerlessly beautiful face of hers let out a resolute look.

"G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestor, please impart on me that secret technique. I, Shen Wu, will never be indebted to anyone. If not for the fact that he had saved me, Shen Wu wouldn't be alive at this very moment."

Dragon Empress Shen Wu replied firmly.

"Shen Wu, you've considered this through?"

"G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestor, Shen Wu has thought it through long and hard." Dragon Empress Shen Wu nodded her head seriously.

"So be it then. Our Colossal Dragon race will never ever owe anyone any favors."

Instantly, a sparkling gleam of light shone out from the Dragon Tower and entered the mind of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.


At this moment, a figure appeared all of a sudden.

"This human has killed my child! How can we save him?" The figure who had appeared was a middle aged man. The aura of this man was thick. However, he was still an existence beneath the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragons.

When Dragon Empress Shen Wu saw who it was that had arrived, her heart skipped a beat.

She knew that the Tenth Prince was defeated by this human. However, she did not mention it at all. But, to think that the Tenth Prince's father would appear right now!

"What's going on here?" The voice of the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragons boomed out of the Dragon Tower.

"Shen Wu, you were the one who told me of the facts to my face back then. Right now, before the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragons, please say it as it is." Dragon G.o.d Wan Sheng said out.

When he looked at Lin Fan, his eyes were especially filled with a burning rage.

Lin Fan, who was 'fainted' at this moment, felt his nuts hurting.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Must there be so many mother*cking problems? The Tenth Prince wasn't dead at all! He was just tamed by him!

But at this moment, Lin Fan could not wake up either! If he were to do so, things wouldn't seem right at all!

'Aiyoh! F*ck my life! One must truly never tell lies! Once you start with a single lie, it's impossible to come back full circle without telling more!' Lin Fan was speechless right now as he could only wait patiently.

Dragon Empress Shen Wu lowered her head and nodded silently, "Yes. The Tenth Prince was defeated by this human. However, the Tenth Prince isn't dead."

"G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestors, you heard that. This human here took down my child! How can we possibly save him? Shen Wu, you had better not continue down your path of wrongdoings!" Dragon G.o.d Wan Sheng blasted out.

Dragon Empress Shen Wu then looked straight at Dragon G.o.d Wan Sheng, "That is your affair. However, this human has saved me. I, Shen Wu, must definitely repay this favor. After he is awake and I'm done with my debt, whatever you wish to do to him shall be your prerogative, and will no longer have anything to do with me."

"Please have mercy, G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestors." Dragon Empress Shen Wu continued.

"Wan Sheng, since the Tenth Prince isn't dead, he must naturally be in the hands of this human. How about you just let Shen Wu repay her debts and once he awakens, you can then have him pay you an explanation." The G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestors spoke up.

"We shall follow the wishes of the G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestors." Without saying anything more, Dragon G.o.d Wan Sheng tossed his robes and left the place.

"All of you can head back."

At this moment, Lin Fan was brought by Dragon Empress Shen Wu to her imperial palace. As someone with a highly respected position within the Colossal Dragons race, Dragon Empress Shen Wu naturally had her own imperial palace.

Lin Fan was placed lying on a gigantic bed. However, his consciousness had long scanned through the entire base of the Colossal Dragon race. And right now, the thing that gave Lin Fan the biggest headache was what in the world he should do right now!

He must have been f*cked in the head, to be honest. Of all things, he had to choose to break his Universal Elixir!

And because of that, he had caused this huge amount of ruckus right now. He did not even know what the h.e.l.l was up with this secret technique!

Dragon Empress Shen Wu looked at Lin Fan who was lying on the bed. She sighed slightly out of nowhere.

"You've saved my life. I will definitely repay you the favor. Dragon G.o.d Wan Sheng will definitely not let you off this easily either. As such, I will escort you out personally after I'm done. With that, you and I shall be done with everything, and from then forth, I, Shen Wu, will no longer owe you anything."

At this moment, Lin Fan felt an urge to cry out.

Just what in the world happened to lead the situation down to this point?

Why the h.e.l.l did he have to act as though his Universal Elixir was shattered? If he had just easily knocked himself over, he could have waited till he was awake and just release the Tenth Prince. By then, there wouldn't be any misunderstandings anymore!

Wasn't everything that Yours Truly did all for the sake of rubbing some good vibes with the Colossal Dragons race? And by then, after seeking out the Daddy of Chicky, he could then ask for a lion's sum and get some Shengyang Pills in his hands, that was all!

F*cked up! This had really gotten way too f*cked up!

And just at this moment, Dragon Empress Shen Wu began to mumble to herself once more. When Lin Fan heard these words, he could not help but freeze up. She was not thinking about whipping his corpse, right?

"However, it's really hard for me to swallow down what you did to me in the past."

At that moment, Lin Fan suddenly felt a cold breeze creep past his chest.

Ding…! Ding…!

"Holy f*ck…!"

Lin Fan had suddenly realized that the two raisins on his chest were suddenly exposed to the open air!

"Hmph, that makes me feel much better." Wielding her dragon's halberd, Dragon Empress Shen Wu dug out two holes on the front of Lin Fan's clothes. She then heaved out a sigh of relief. This helped her feel much better in her heart.

Lin Fan was practically going to explode right now. Wasn't this one h.e.l.l of a nasty prank?

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