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Chapter 814: This Performance Is Too Much!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Within the void…

"Chicky, don't say that Old Bro doesn't take care of you. Here are some pills that I've just cleanly robbed over. You can have them all."

Diving into the void, Lin Fan headed for the base of the Colossal Dragon race. Within the storage ring of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, he found quite a number of pills. However, these pills wouldn't do much for Lin Fan. Even if he were to pop them down, they wouldn't amount to any significant experience points.

But for Chicky, these pills were good stuff. He popped them down with gusto.

Cuck! Cuck!

Chicky then laid there carefreely. After taking a look at the pills that were laid out before him, he popped them down in exhilaration.

"b.l.o.o.d.y chicken! Don't just think about popping pills day and night. Later on, when we reach the base of the Colossal Dragon race, if you sense that you have any particularly strong connection of your bloodline with someone, you had better run over and hug their thighs while acting as pitifully as you can! You've got that?"

Lin Fan declared with an extremely serious expression.

Whether or not this would end up in a success depended entirely on Chicky.

Even though he had some slight enmity with the Colossal Dragon race, these were all things of the past now. Furthermore, he didn't even kill that Tenth Prince and whatnot. All he did was convert him over.


Chicky nodded his head and crowed out before continuing to pop down pills. As for those three twisted chicklings of his, they were extremely happy as well. The feeling of popping pills was simply the best ever.

Lin Fan could feel a surge of energy gathering within the body of Chicky. This was the pill of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.

However, there was something that bugged Lin Fan. Even after Chicky and his three little twisted chicklings had popped down so many pills, there weren't any signs of them exploding at all! It was as though whether they popped pills or not made no difference at all!

"Chicky, you've got to hold it back a little. Don't pop down too much, or you might just blow up." Lin Fan warned Chicky out of concern.

Chicky tossed Lin Fan one casual side glance. The expression that was given off by Chicky did not seem quite right to Lin Fan.

It was as though he was saying, 'You don't have to bother. I'm having fun popping!'

At this moment, Lin Fan was enraged. This Chicky's wings were all tough and all now, eh? To think that he would dare to act before Yours Truly! But, just as Lin Fan was about to discipline Chicky, he felt several powerful auras approaching rapidly from up ahead.

"Holy f*ck! To think that they would turn back to come look for Yours Truly! But Yours Truly is really safe now! No, I've got to act a little more tragic! The worse I look, the more brownie points I'll earn! In fact, I may even get a couple of sympathy points along with it!"

"Chicky, stop popping now! Hurry up and get back inside the Paradise."

Lin Fan did not care whether Chicky agreed to it or not as he tossed the latter along with his three twisted chicklings into the Paradise.

Lin Fan then punched himself furiously a couple of times, causing him to puke out three liters of blood. Using his hands to rub a little, he smeared blood over his face and clothing.

He then churned the powers within his body, causing his skin to tear up.


Lin Fan even controlled his Universal Elixir and caused the powers within his body to go entire berserk. He was at a state where he could practically explode at any moment.

After he was done busying, Lin Fan checked out his current status and nodded his head in satisfaction.

"All done! The state he was in right now looked absolutely miserable."

Lin Fan was extremely pleased with his creation right now. However, in order to improve on the results, he even tore his clothes up to tatters. Right now, he looked as though he had just been through one h.e.l.l of a wild battle.

Time to start acting!

Lin Fan counted down in his heart. That carefree and relaxed expression of his then turned extremely pale as his body stumbled back and forth unsteadily while he b.u.mped left and right in the void.

And each time he b.u.mped into the void, he would spit out a mouthful of blood as well.

"Shen Wu, there's someone up ahead." Under the orders of the G.o.d of the Dragon Ancestor, Ancestor Dragon Hong Huang followed the Dragon Empress Shen Wu along for the rescue expedition. All of a sudden, they discovered a lone figure wobbling unsteadily up ahead, as though he could fall over at any moment.

"It's him." When the Dragon Empress Shen Wu caught sight of that figure, her heart skipped a beat and started palpitating faster.

Lin Fan supported that broken body of his and looked up ahead. He then groaned out in a tragic cry before tilting forward in a feeble manner and dropping down from the void onto the ground below.

When Dragon Empress Shen Wu caught sight of this, her heart tightened up as she could not help but increase her speed. She turned into a streak of light and bolted forth to catch Lin Fan instantly.

"This fragrance…it's really sweet…"

At this moment, Lin Fan was hugged within the tight embrace of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu. Actually, he was wondering about how a man who would eventually reign above the rest of the world could possibly be cuddled in the embrace of a woman.

But remembering that this was all an act, he naturally got used to it.

Feeling that he was in the warm embrace of someone, Lin Fan opened his eyes with immense struggle. Those lifeless eyes of his immediately lit up with a bright glint in them. The stained pearly whites of his were ever redder at this moment.

"I-It's you…!" Lin Fan's voice was really soft right now. However, there was an implied meaning of relief and happiness within.


Lin Fan turned his head around and spat out yet another mouthful of old blood on the chest of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.

As for how many times the chest of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu had been sprayed by Lin Fan's blood, he had long forgotten about it. However, after spitting out blood this time around, he pretended to faint over instantly.

"What's wrong with you?" Looking at the human in her embrace, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu's aura was in a huge mess right now. It was as though a ferocious beast was trying to tear out of her body.

"I'll take a look." Ancestor Dragon Hong Huang stood forth and grabbed onto Lin Fan's arm. He sent a strain of his consciousness into Lin Fan's body, and his brows couldn't help but furrow.

"Ancestor Dragon, what's wrong with him?" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu acted like she was composed. However, she could not hide the worry that brewed in her eyes.

This guy was obviously her enemy! But, Dragon Empress Shen Wu could not help but feel as though something was shaking up in her heart.

This was a mysterious feeling.

"It's really severe. His powers are running rampant and his Universal Elixir is gradually shattering apart. The situation does not seem too favorable." Ancestor Dragon Hong Huang replied.

"I implore the Ancestor Dragon to render his a.s.sistance. I am indebted to this human and I, Shen Wu, do not wish to owe anyone favors." Dragon Empress Shen Wu requested hurriedly as she came up with a random reason anyhow.

Ancestor Dragon Hong Huang looked at Dragon Empress Shen Wu and shook his head, "There's an aura of the Ancestor Dragon that is stuck within his body. Even if it's me, I have no way of removing that. I'm afraid this will require the G.o.d of the Ancestor Dragons to intervene. But even if this aura is removed, that almost crumbling Universal Elixir of his will be hard to repair."

The brows of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu furrowed as she bolted straight for the base of the Colossal Dragons.

Laying in the warm embrace of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, Lin Fan could hear that the pitter patter of her heartbeat. However, he could not help but think that there was something wrong about this.

The main purpose of the performance this time around was to rub off some good vibes with the Colossal Dragon race. He didn't think of anything more than that.

But, just at this moment, something struck Lin Fan.

He was someone who was so handsome and suave with so much charisma! And that expression just now was filled with overflowing emotions!

Even though the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was a peerless powerful being of the Colossal Dragon race who would kill without batting an eyelid, she was still a chick who hadn't had any experience in the field of love!

That performance by Yours Truly earlier on couldn't have attracted the Dragon Empress Shen Wu just like that…right?


'We don't know that for certain yet. Perhaps I'm just overthinking things. Time to wait and see how things progress. Had I known that this would be the case, I wouldn't have gone through all the troubles then! I would have just acted as though I had some slight bit of injuries and that would be that! Gosh!'

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