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Chapter 813: One Million Shengyang Pills Per Day
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_


Right now, Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was truly bowing down. Let aside the fact that his face was entirely bruised beyond recognition, he did not even have the chance to retaliate at all! To think that as a Divine celestial level 10 state being, he would be whacked up by a group such that he couldn't even raise a single finger in return!

And the thing that had Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun even more infuriated was the fact that the human would appear from time to time like a phantom and just land some random punch. While the punch didn't look all that imposing, the moment it landed on his body, blood would spray out all over the place, leaving him in an extremely tragic state.

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun truly felt that he must have the worst luck acc.u.mulated over eight lifetimes right now.

To think that he would meet someone this difficult to deal with!

And why in the world did this human have two Utmost Beings under his control along with the Demon Emperor? A strength as such was just heaven-defying!

That wasn't even talking about the group a.s.sault that was going on right now. Even a single one of these two Utmost Beings wasn't someone that he could even TRY fighting against at all!

Looking at the state Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was in right now, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out. Slinging the Dragon Slayer Saber on his shoulders, he looked even more imposing.

The current state should be about enough now. The chance of a successful Purification should be pretty high at this point.

Instantly, Lin Fan was shrouded by a ball of Buddha light.

Within this Buddha light, thousands of Buddhas danced around as though this was a gigantic world of Buddhas right here. Every single Buddha chanted a scripture of their own. As these scriptures revolved out, they were converted into a stream of Purification power in its purest form, coiling out toward Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.


When he sensed this immense power of Purification, the face of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun lost all its color. That swollen, menacing face of his was crumpled so badly it was almost folding into itself.

"That's right. Come convert under Yours Truly and I shall guarantee that all will be fine for you."

Lin Fan chuckled out. The strength of this Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was decent indeed. If he could have this guy spitting out Shengyang Pills for him, that would be a pretty decent option for sure.

Within the entire world, there were quite a number of Divine celestial level 10 state powerful beings. However, there were only those few who could obtain the Eternal G.o.d Seat. If he could reform a few of these powerful beings, he wouldn't have to have a headache over Shengyang Pills in the future any longer.


Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun bellowed out furiously. He knew the consequences of being purified. He would lose his sense of self entirely, and end up as a slave for this human for all of eternity. There wouldn't be any chance for him to come back at all even in the future.


Lin Fan pointed out with his finger. The power of Purification immediately converged onto a single spot and pierced through the void, caging Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun within.

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun's face changed starkly. He felt as though his inner heart was being eaten up by a power of Purification.

"N-NO…! NOOOO!!!"

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun screamed out with a hoa.r.s.e voice, using all his powers to hold on against this power of Purification. Because of that, the expression on his face changed endlessly. At times it was extremely compa.s.sionate, while at others, it was malevolent as ever.


Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun howled out as his body jerked momentarily. He returned to his true form instantly as that hundreds of thousand feet long Colossal Dragon roared out in the sky.

'Ding…Purification failure.'

"Aiyoh! Seems like you still can resist! That means the group whack isn't enough just yet, eh?"

Lin Fan hadn't expected that Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun would still be able to resist even at this stage. He felt a little displeased instantly. This guy wasn't giving him any face at all!

"Go! Continue and whack him up!"

Lin Fan waved his hands and the group a.s.sault ensued once more.

"I'll whack!"

As punches rained on that ma.s.sive body of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, it caused the scales on the true body of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun to break off all over, while fresh blood sprayed out as well.

Ancient One, Cruel, and the Demon Emperor were all fast, accurate, and savage. If they didn't obey Lin Fan's words, the only thing that awaited them was death as well.


That body of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, which was akin to the Great Wall of China, squirmed around intensely. A series of tremendous powers gushed right into his body, causing him to wail out loudly.

When had the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun ever encountered situations as such?

This was a complete scene of abuse right now!


Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was whacked so badly that his temper was whacked out of him right now. He was the G.o.dd.a.m.ned Ancestor Dragon of the Colossal Dragon race! But now that he was being treated as such, what else could he do?

A devastating Dragon Qi erupted forth from the body of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.

"This fella is trying to self destruct!"

Lin Fan hadn't expected that Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun would attempt to self destruct. This was something that had him quite exasperated.

Lin Fan's eyes shone with a glint. All of a sudden, he spotted a small little b.u.mp that was poking out of the body of this gigantic Colossal dragon at some place. It seemed like it was an important place.

"Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, do you think that you're the Samsung race and can self destruct as and when you like? Receive the strongest kick of Yours Truly!"

This single kick of Lin Fan looked extremely plain and simple. However, it was curved to an angle.

"True Origins Crushing Kick!"


There was no mistake with his kick as he landed squarely on that part of the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun's body which was poking out.

The rivers surged and crashed over at this moment as the body of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun disturbed the entire world. An irrepressible surge of pain found its way shooting right into his heart.

An extremely sorrowful cry rang out from the mouth of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.

At this moment, Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun could be considered as the most pitiful living being in the universe right now. That was because he was being abused by multiple powerful beings. In fact, it was so bad that he couldn't even have a chance to fight back at all. How tragic was that?

"Great Buddha's Light of Purification!"

Lin Fan chanted out the scriptures as he tried the Purification once more. The Buddha light shone out in all directions and the power of Purification encompa.s.sed the entire world.

While the Great Buddha's Light of Purification was strong and could purify any living being in this world, in case of a powerful being such as Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, he had to whack this guy half to death first. The probability of success is the highest when the other party could hardly find any meaning in life any longer.

At this moment, the mental state of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun seemed to be undergoing some changes. That initially menacing face of his changed continuously. It was benevolent at times yet compa.s.sionate at others. It was as though any single bit of evil intent within his heart was being erased entirely at this moment.


Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun wanted to make a final attempt in the face of death. However, he could feel that at this moment, his heart was almost no longer his to control.


'Ding…Purification Success.'


Lin Fan burst out laughing. After all the hard work in many different aspects, he had finally converted Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun!

At this moment, Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun floated gently in the void before Lin Fan. His palms were placed together as he chanted out with a Buddhist quote.

"From now on forth, you shall stay in the Paradise of Yours Truly and just focus on churning out Shengyang Pills."

With the Mythical Parasol Tree and Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, Lin Fan could gain a supply of 1,000,000 Shengyang Pills daily. Ten days would make 10,000,000, and a hundred days would make 100,000,000.

As long as he had enough time, he would definitely gain a steady supply.

Lin Fan reaped in all the valuables from the body of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun instantly.

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Storage Ring.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Supreme Graded Dao Weapon, Eight Dragon PaG.o.das.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining skill: Solo Dragon.'

Lin Fan did not have that much of an interest in the Dao Weapon and the skill. However, what was contained within the storage ring did matter quite a bit to him.

After counting properly for a moment, Lin Fan let out a smile.

The Colossal Dragon race was not the Colossal Dragon race for nothing! The stash within was just explosive!

Just the Shengyang Pills possessed by Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun alone amounted to the billions! This was extremely rich in Lin Fan's eyes!

After settling Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, Lin Fan kept the Ancient One and the others into his Paradise and headed straight for the base of the Colossal Dragons.

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