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Chapter 811: Fair Fight.
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Now that she was already gone, what the h.e.l.l did he have to continue acting for? That act just now had Lin Fan displaying the utmost of his acting skills already. In fact, even that stance of puking out blood was something that he had mastered to perfection after conducting several experiments.

"Seems like this body is truly invincible after it reaches the Divine celestial level 10 cultivation state."

At the start, Lin Fan did not have any plans for this. But after the experimenting from earlier on, he discovered that the results were pretty decent!

Anyone with eyes could tell that the fist of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun from earlier on was extremely formidable and extraordinary. But for Lin Fan, what the f*ck was that sh*t?

It neither hurt nor tickled. There was no feeling at all!

"How could this be?"

When Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun caught sight of everything before him, he was completely stumped. He could not believe that that palm of his would do nothing to this human at all!

This couldn't be!

He was the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun of the Colossal Dragon race, someone whose strength was at Divine celestial level 10 cultivation state!

Then what in the world was up with this human spraying out blood all over earlier on? And what in the world was happening right now?

Lin Fan lowered his head and looked at his own body. He wiped away the fresh blood from his body and looked at Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun before grinning out.

"Hey, old slave boy, are you dumb or what? Do you really think that you're invincible and all? I was just toying with you all along! To think that you would have really believed me!"

"Just that strength of yours? Even if Yours Truly were to stand here for an entire year, you wouldn't be able to whack out a single strand of hair from me!"

Lin Fan rolled his eyes and declared in disdain. He didn't put the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun in his eyes at all. In his opinion, the strength of this Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was pretty okay. However, if it had to go up against someone like himself, then it would be far from enough.

Someone like the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was an existence he could take down with just a palm flip.

"Impossible! I refuse to believe that an ant like human such as yourself could be this strong!" Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun yelled out as his hair danced in the air.

"Infinite Dragons Art!"

Instantly, the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun slammed out with both hands as though there were an infinite number of palm strikes that were slapping out. Every single palm was filled with an infinite amount of momentum as that tremendous Dragon Qi filled the entire world. A series of Colossal Dragons surged out and aimed at devouring the world.


Lin Fan sighed, unfazed in the least bit.

"Old slave boy, Yours Truly have already told you... Even if you were to whack me for an entire year, you wouldn't be able to take down even a single strand of my hair!"

There was no fear in Lin Fan at all. Even while given his current strength, it might be difficult for Lin Fan to defeat the other party, but it would be a fool's dream for the other party to want to take him down as well.


That mighty move punched through the void currents in time and s.p.a.ce. However, for Lin Fan, it was nothing more than a single leaf landing on his body.


"How could that be? I refuse to believe it!"

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was flabbergasted right now. He was entirely stumped. To think that this human here would be this sick!

All the surrounding members of the Colossal Dragon race were equally shocked. They felt as though they had just witnessed the most inconceivable thing in this world.

"Alright now, old slave boy, I was just toying with you just now. To think that you would have taken it for real. Gosh, if Yours Truly could be injured by you that easily, do you really think I'd continue chattering nonstop with you right now?"

Lin Fan asked with disdain.

In the eyes of Lin Fan, this Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was really pretty decent. A Divine celestial level 10 cultivation state being! If he could purify this guy and have him spit out Shengyang Pills day and night, that should be enough to make a few hundreds of thousands of Shengyang Pills!

Even though it was still far from being able to be compared with the Mythical Parasol Tree, every little bit worked towards acc.u.mulating more. Given enough time, the amount of Shengyang Pills he had would be unlimited for the picking!

"You seemed to be having fun just now with your whackings, eh old slave boy? Yours Truly spat out quite a bit of blood as well. I guess it's about time for me to take back some interest! However, Yours Truly isn't someone who would bully others overboard. Therefore, I shall not bother with taking you on personally. I'll let my underlings play with you then!"

"Come on out!"

Instantly, Lin Fan released Cruel from his Paradise.

The moment Cruel appeared, the aura that an Utmost Being should have burst forth instantly into the world.

The entire world started quaking immensely. Wherever Cruel stood represented an immensely irrepressible pressure for the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.


Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun looked at everything before his eyes in absolute disbelief. He held his fingers up trembling as his face turned frightfully pale.

"U-Utmost Being…Utmost Being Cruel!"

The moment Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun said out those words, his entire body leaped up as though he was in shock.

That body of his shivered uncontrollably as though he was absolutely fearful towards Cruel.

"Huehue... So, you know of him? But don't worry, Yours Truly is someone that is absolutely fair to all of my opponents. Even though you guys are weak, Yours Truly will definitely take out absolute strength and give you guys a fair fight." Lin Fan smiled calmly while flicking out his fingers, causing the entire void to tremble with it.

Yet another figure bolted out of the void.


This booming voice reverberated out through the entire world.

The moment the Ancient One stepped foot into the Ancient Saint World, he felt the same familiar feeling once more. The powers that were once floating around rampantly in the void gathered within him once more.


When the figure of the Ancient One stood tall between the world, the chains on his body slammed against one another and clanged out loudly.

Even a single motion of his finger brought forth an immense amount of pressure to them.

When Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun felt the horrifying aura of the Ancient One, his entire body stumbled back furiously. In fact, those legs of his began to tremble intensely right now.


When Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun heard this name, his mind started reeling as though he was recalling something of the distant past. Back then, Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was just a tiny little puny Colossal Dragon at that time.


Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun bellowed out in fear as though he had been scared silly. That mighty disposition of a ruler he had earlier on had evaporated entirely by now.

The only thing that occupied his heart right now was nothing but fear.


Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun's face had drained of all color by now as he yelped out wildly, evidently in disbelief.

"Ancient One, to think that an old slave boy would still remember you after you disappeared for 10,000 years!" Lin Fan chuckled out before counting the number of people present.

"That's not enough. Seems like you've got one more person than I do here! I've got to get another underling out!"

"Big Ancient Demon! Come on out!"

At that moment, a gigantic Demon City appeared. Above that Demon City, a bright light flashed out and shone out across the world. A boundless amount of Demonic Qi surged through that Demon City.


The figure of the Big Ancient Demon was incomparably large. Those purple eyes of his were even like an endless abyss.


When the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun caught sight of this figure, his face was even paler than it could have been.

Cruel! Ancient One! Demon Emperor…!


This was especially the case for the Ancient One and the Demon Emperor! They were practically the strongest existences in the Ancient Saint World back then!

Even if it were an Utmost Being who met the Demon Emperor, he would be faced with an immense headache! How in the world could the human tame all of them?

Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

"Alright, four on four. This is what I call a fair fight!" Lin Fan chuckled out, feeling extremely joyful right now.

"Let's go! Alright, remember now! I only want them whacked half to death! Don't cripple them at all costs!" Lin Fan ordered.


Instantly, the void vibrated as the bunch of wild wolves bolted out toward these helpless sheep.


"I'M WILLING TO SUBMIT! I'LL SUBMIT TO YOU!" Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun no longer had any bit of dignity left. He was scared so badly that even his guts had all spilled out, wailing while begging tragically.

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