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Chapter 810: Stop Messing Around Already
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun could be considered as one of the older generation beings of the Colossal Dragon race. His might was something that did not require any questioning. No matter how strong the Dragon Empress Shen Wu may be, she was definitely no match for Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.

This was especially the case for that dragon claw earlier on. While it might look plain and ordinary on the surface, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu knew that the move by Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was a secret move which was exclusive only to the Colossal Dragon race.

Even if it were her, there was no way she could defend against it.

But just at this moment, the beautiful eyes of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu opened widely. It was as though she had just witnessed the most unbelievable scene in the entire world.


A set of features blocked before the face of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.

Those features were once the most hated face of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu's entire life. But at this moment, she was stunned.

On that calm face appeared a gentle, slight grin. For the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, it was like she was being basked in a cool spring breeze right now.


The Dragon Empress Shen Wu was stunned. Her gaze then slowly lowered and she could not help but glare at the chest of this man she hated the most in her life. She jerked. It was as though his chest had been punched through by something.


Lin Fan chuckled out. Those initially pearly white teeth of his were now stained red as he gave a slight 'urgh' sound, and a mouthful of fresh blood came spilling out. The blood sprayed out onto the chest of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.

At this moment, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was completely dumbfounded. She could not believe this scene before her eyes right now.


Lin Fan gave the Dragon Empress Shen Wu a ma.s.sive push. And those hands of his even unknowingly pressed down on those perfectly tuned b*obies of hers.

But as far as the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was concerned, she hadn't even noticed it at all.

That was because, she was truly completely stupefied at this moment.

In fact, one could even say that her face was frozen up right now. Even if one threatened her with death, she wouldn't have believed that this human would block this lethal blow for her!


The Dragon Empress Shen Wu was petrified right now. Both her hands shivered momentarily as she wanted to use them to hold up this man before her. However, she hesitated.

"Why would you…?"

As the only peerless female fighter of the Colossal Dragon race, the heart of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was resolute as a rock. Her decisions were always swift and clear-cut. But, even if that were the case, this current sight before her had rendered her so shocked that she was speechless.

"Why do you have so much c.r.a.p to say? Just hurry up and leave!" Lin Fan spat out yet another few mouthfuls of blood. Each mouthful was choking. The mere sight of it was extremely frightening, bringing a feeling of terror to others.

For Lin Fan, his exact purpose was to leave a lasting image in the heart of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu. He would then move the other party and because of that, they would be clear of all previous debts.

Lin Fan wanted to bring Chicky over to the Colossal Dragon race. Therefore, he naturally hoped that there could be someone who could act as a guide. And right now, his luck was practically beyond the roof for him to meet the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.

If he could manage to save her, wouldn't his trip down to the Colossal Dragons race be an extremely smooth sailing and completely peaceful?

Therefore, Lin Fan was unusually hardworking for the act this time around. If he had to puke blood, he puked blood. There was no need to think twice.


Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun burst out laughing.

"Human, you're a human indeed. To think that you would be so stupid. Dragon Empress Shen Wu, you have led a life of being cold and aloof. To think that there would be a fool who would be willing to throw his life away for you! This is quite the eye-opener!"

The moment Lin Fan heard these words, he put on a serious face and turned to the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, "This isn't me throwing my life away! It's me trying to repent for my sins in the past as much as I possibly can! How can a dog slave of the Ancient race such as yourself understand my intent?"

"Hmph! Foolish big words! To think that you would dare to act so brazenly before your death! That's fine as well. Today, I shall let you fully comprehend the consequences of being weak and puny!"

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun roared out as he flipped his palms around. His Dragon Qi surged out as a series of Colossal Dragons coiled out while growling. It seemed as though the entire world was filled with Colossal Dragons right now.

"You just stay there at the sides."

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu snapped out of her stupor and her face changed immediately. Even though her dragon's halberd had already shattered, that fighting intent of hers was only rising by the moment.

"YOU leave!"

How could Lin Fan allow the Dragon Empress Shen Wu to continue acting as she wished? This should be around the time when she should be running off! The only way for him to unleash his true potential was after the Dragon Empress Shen Wu made her escape!

If Lin Fan had to compare between two, adding on to the fray was nothing compared to rendering a.s.sistance in dire straits.

If he were to come out and just take down Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun downright, how would that leave much of an impact in the heart of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu?


He spat out yet another mouthful of old blood.

This time around, it was nothing to be scoffed at. The sight of the blood spraying was practically earthshattering.

When the might of the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun rained down on Lin Fan's body, it didn't cause him any harm at all. In fact, even the experience points were downright pathetic.

Trash! Simply way too trash!

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu looked at the current state of Lin Fan and could not help but just blank out, "W-why? Why would you do this? I'm your enemy!"

Lin Fan looked at the Dragon Empress Shen Wu before shaking his head gently, "No. We are not enemies. You are a beautiful woman with the most perfect body ever. But yet, I've caused such immense damage to you. That is something that the Heavens shall not spare me for. As long as you can leave this place safely today, everything will all be worth it."

"Neither of us is a match for Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun. You had better hurry and leave! Don't let my sacrifice be for vain!"

Lin Fan bit down on his teeth. However, the fresh blood was still gushing out in pools.

At that moment, Lin Fan could not help but stretch out his hands involuntarily. He then caressed that silky smooth chin of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu was taken aback. She wanted to push him away. But, when she raised her hands ever that slightly, she came to a stop.

"You are a true beauty. But it's a pity I hadn't realized that in the past. Hurry up and leave now. I hope that you can forget about everything in the past."

Lin Fan replied calmly. He then let loose of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu's chin. With his body shivering, he turned around to face Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.


Lin Fan bellowed out as a formidable aura erupted forth from his body, causing the void to distort. The Dragon Empress Shen Wu, who was totally unprepared, found herself suddenly sucked into the void.


The Dragon Empress Shen Wu had never once experienced something as such.

As a Dragon Empress of the Colossal Dragons race, her cultivation state was a Divine celestial level 10 state. She enjoyed the full glory of the entire Colossal Dragon race.

In fact, she hadn't even been through any life-threatening situation yet, let alone having a man bear the guts to proclaim such words before her.

The impact of the events today dealt a blow way too huge for the Dragon Empress Shen Wu. That single speech had the heart of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu thumping furiously.

This was a feeling she had never once experienced before.

Instantly, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu found herself being sucked into the voids uncontrollably.

Just as the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was screaming, she caught sight of the gentle warm smile coming from the man outside of the void. That smile was something that pierced right into the heart of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.

"We'll meet once more if fate permits."

Lin Fan raised his hands gently as his lips quivered.

The eyes of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu were stumped. Her body floated somewhere in the depths of the void as her eyes shone with an immense shock.

Just as she was about to reply with something, the void sealed itself shut and nothing existed once more.

"How could that be? Under my sealing of this place, how is it possible for you to send her out?"

At this moment, Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun yelled out in disbelief.

Everything had changed too quickly, so quickly that one couldn't react to it at all!

This part of the world right here had been sealed up by Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun! How could someone be brought away from right beneath his eyelids?

"d.a.m.nED HUMAN! GO TO h.e.l.l!"

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun bellowed out. His palms shook the entire world as he slapped out towards Lin Fan.


The Heavens and Earth vibrated as that formidable power seemed to cause the world to start quaking immensely. The power of that palm was indefinitely formidable. In fact, it was even way stronger compared to his fist from earlier on.

"Alright. Quit messing around already."

At this moment, Lin Fan suddenly stood there all calm and dandy as he wiped off the blood from the sides of his mouth. He then patted his clothes clean and ignored the palm strike of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun entirely.

In fact, when that palm strike had landed on Lin Fan's body, it was even as though it was merely tickling him!

There was no effect at all.

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