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Chapter 809: Start Of The Plan
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Plans as such were things Lin Fan was long familiar with in his heart. And actual evidence had proven that plans as such were the most captivating to one's heart, and brought the most rewards as well.

However, the prerequisite of a plan as such was that the other party must not possess a strength stronger than his.

As for the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun right now, he was quite the bit stronger than Lin Fan was. However, Lin Fan wasn't fazed at all. His physical body state was at Divine celestial level 10, Eternal G.o.d state! It wasn't as though this guy could whack him to death!

Now in this extremely dangerous moment of her life, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu suddenly found a man appearing right behind her! Her heart jerked momentarily as hope bubbled up immediately.

But, when she took a proper look at this figure, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu suddenly realized that something was off about this!

A cold breeze blew by as Lin Fan's fringe was lifted up gently, revealing his looks.

The face of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu which was filled with hope initially took a stark change when she caught sight of this foreign yet familiar face.

"It's you!" The face of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was grim and frightening right now. She hadn't expected that the man who would appear to save her would be her greatest foe in her lifetime!

The moment Lin Fan heard these words, he was naturally all ready for it.

After all, he had once punched out the chest of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu. As a woman, it was only natural for the Dragon Empress Shen Wu to take him as the foe of a lifetime.

However, for Lin Fan, the one thing he loved to do was to turn from an enemy into a benefactor.

Even though there was a huge challenge in case of this Dragon Empress Shen Wu, Lin Fan was someone who got even more excited the greater the challenge was.

Lin Fan turned his body around. That righteous expression of his started changing ever so slightly when he caught sight of that Dragon Empress Shen Wu. It was as though he had seen something outrageous! It turned a little surprised, then startled, then shocked.


Lin Fan purposely dragged out his voice, as though he was in utmost disbelief. His facial expressions were extremely rich as well.


The Dragon Empress Shen Wu would never ever forget that matter. That was her most humiliating experience ever. That absolutely perfect chest of hers was whacked into exploding by this fella before her! That was something that turned the Dragon Empress Shen Wu sullen for a really long time.

In the end, she had to pay a huge price to repair her b*obs.

For the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, the greatest wish in her entire life was to meet this guy once more so that she could crush him beneath her feet harshly. She would have this man understand just how much of an ordeal she had to undergo in the past, just how important b*obies were to a woman.

Lin Fan had already memorized this plan by heart. Therefore, he was neither frantic nor hurried. Tossing his robes, he put on a straight face.

"Those are affairs of the future. As such, let us discuss them in the future. While you and I may have had some unhappiness in the past, the current situation isn't one where I can sit idly by and watch." Lin Fan swept his robes and replied calmly.

He then looked over at the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun and blasted out fiercely.

"You siding with the Ancient race is an utter humiliation for all of us from the thousands of races. And the fact that you're forcing a chick to submit to your forcefully right now is something that even the Heavens would not pardon. With me around, you can only dream of succeeding!"

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun looked at this person before him and frowned slightly, then let out a contemptuous smile.

"I remember now. You're that human from the past. To think that you would appear here once more. The Dragon Empress Shen Wu once had a feud with you. That matter, I can choose to look over it. However, I'd advise you to get the h.e.l.l out right now."

The Ancient Dragon Wan Zun said with an overbearing aura. He indeed knew who this person was now.

Back when he had saved the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, he had intended to step forth personally to take down this human. However, because that wasn't his true body, there was nothing he could do about it.

But now that this human had appeared here, Ancestor Dragon Wan Zu did have the idea to stamp down this pesky meddling fella right here and now. However, on second thought, he decided to forget it.

It'd be good to save the trouble. The Dragon Empress Shen Wu had a pretty decent cultivation state. For a human to be able to push the Dragon Empress Shen Wu to that extent, naturally, he couldn't be all that weak either.

"Hmph! Dream on! While the Dragon Empress Shen Wu has a feud with Yours Truly, the fact that she has the courage to stand up against the Ancient race means that she's a living being worthy of my respect! Given the situation right now, do you think that I will give way?"

Lin Fan said with a righteous look. He then turned around and said to the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, "Leave first. I'll hold him back here."


The Dragon Empress Shen Wu was taken aback. She hadn't expected that this human would offer to help her stand up against the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun! This brought a look of disbelief on the face of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.

When she had first seen this human, her heart was already burning with a boundless fury. She wanted to kill him cruelly.

However, the behavior that was displayed by this human right now was something that had the Dragon Empress Shen Wu entirely startled!

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun burst out laughing wildly, "HAHA! Human, do you really think that you have what it takes to stand in my way?"

When Lin Fan caught sight of the brazen att.i.tude of the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, he was a little p.i.s.sed in his heart. This mother*cker was acting tough before him! If not for the fact that Lin Fan wanted to give this b.l.o.o.d.y act a little emotional twist, Your Daddy would have long slapped the bejabbers out of this guy!

"Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, while I am unable to compare with you, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu is the pride of all women! Given the current situation, it's only natural that I have to protect her safety. If you want to kill her, you would have to cross over my dead body!"

Lin Fan burst out loudly as his aura skyrocketed. An extremely altruistic aura burst forth from his body.

When the Dragon Empress Shen Wu caught sight of Lin Fan before her right now, that resolute yet breathtaking face of hers let out a strange expression.

"Your Dragon Empress here has never ever required the help of anyone else! Everything that you have once done to me, Your Dragon Empress will never ever forget that! Even if you're acting as such, I will never let you off!" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu barked out fiercely. However, there was a slight tremor in her heart.

But as soon as it appeared, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu immediately suppressed down it to the bottom of her heart.

For the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, everything that this human had once done to her was absolutely unforgivable.

Those were here perfect b*obs! And yet, they were busted by this human here! Wasn't that akin to wanting her life?

At this moment, Lin Fan put on yet another serious face as he turned around to the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, "Just leave. This time around, I'll take it as me making up for my sins. After that event back then, I had been thinking day and night. I was filled with immense remorse towards my own behavior back then. Now that I finally have the chance to meet you once more, in order to repent for the immense guilt in my heart, I have to ensure that you get to leave safely."

"Your Dragon Empress has never required the pity of anyone, especially someone like you!" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu replied coldly.

"Hmph! Human, since I gave you face and yet you chose not to take it, the both of you can just stay right here then!"

Instantly, Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun struck out. That dragon claw of his tore through the Heavens and dug right into the void, aiming straight for Lin Fan.

The power of Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was extremely formidable. At this moment especially, he let loose a force so powerful that no one could resist at all.

It was as though the entire world was now under the control of that dragon claw.

The void was chaotic right now as that gigantic dragon claw grabbed at the ground. With a slight vibration, the entire void began to explode out as the void currents surged out all over the place.


The face of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was stunned as she wanted to defend against this. However, she had suddenly realized just how puny she was in the face of this dragon claw's powers.

"You will never be able to defend against this. My powers are not something that you guys can hope to endure!"

"Not good!" The face of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu changed.

But just at this moment, something that caused the Dragon Empress Shen Wu to feel shocked happened.

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