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The next day…

News spread in the outer sect like fire bursting out of a hotpot regarding the fierce outburst of Ye Shaotian, and the easy thrashing of one of the top ten geniuses of the outer sect, Feng Bujue. Yet, at this critical moment, he himself was easily thrashed by the fool to whom Grand Master had offered the Saint Demon sect. This news shook everyone to their feet, it was just unbelievable.

Ye Shaotian’s comeback was already miraculous. But to think that the fool of Saint Demon sect could wield such prowess. THAT, was the real surprise.

Recently, due to Ye Shaotian’s incident, Lin Fan bubbled a thought.

From his snooping over the past few days, Lin Fan discovered that there were quite a number of couples within Glory sect. But some of their nightly activities were indeed far from perfect.

To explain it using an old saying, they couldn’t display their manliness by causing a tidal wave to surge.

As Saint Demon sect was still in a state of slow growth, they needed a large intake of fresh blood. While normal pills might not be able to attract these disciples, if Lin Fan could find a way to resolve their ‘Unspeakable Flaw’ even momentarily, he would probably be able to pull in a fair number of loyal disciples.

Meanwhile, Feng Bujue could barely feel any bit of elegance in his life. Initially, he reckoned that while staying at this place didn’t amount to much, life was carefree and easy at the very least.

But, little did he know that right after he had built his own wooden shed, he was made to join the weed removing squad as well. This fact left Feng Bujue close to tears, unable to comprehend what else he could look forward to.

On the other hand, Zhang Ergou was extremely pleased with his present life. While the place didn’t amount to much, it was the first time in his life he had the experience of people sucking up to him.

Furthermore, these bootlickers were all outer sect disciples. He didn’t know what more he could expect.

When he found out that the reward for these weed exterminators were Suyuan pills, Zhang Ergou was caught aback. While he himself had not tried the Suyuan pills, he had also heard a lot about how it was a mystical pill which greatly helped in raising one’s cultivation base.

To think that master would actually give Suyuan pills as compensation was a fact that dumbfounded little Zhang Ergou.

At this moment, Lin Fan came out of the house after a few days of pondering over the recipe of his to-be medicine. No such medicine had ever appeared in Glory sect before. In fact, there wasn’t even such a genre of medicine.

"Ahh master, you’re finally out!" Zhang Ergou scampered towards Lin Fan the moment he saw him. Living up to his expectations, all the weed had been removed over a couple of days. A glance over showed the vast beauty of the field. While it was just bald ground, Zhang Ergou had much more confidence in comparison to the past.

This was because over the course of events in the past few days, Zhang Ergou discovered that master Lin was a miraculous master.

Perhaps, if he joined under the wings of master Lin, he would be able to enjoy prosperity in the future.

Deep in his thoughts, Lin Fan was broken out of his stupor upon hearing Zhang Ergou’s voice. He took in the sights of the surroundings, and with a momentary joy in his heart, nodded his head in approval.

Those annoyingly unpleasant weeds were finally removed. Had he not employed the services of the outer sect disciples with Suyuan pills, it would have been ridiculous using his own efforts.

"Master," Feng Bujue arrived and greeted.

"Hmm." Towards Feng Bujue, Lin Fan truly had the intentions to fully nurture this fella. It was just that his character wasn’t much to Lin Fan’s liking. Honest and righteous; he might be easily taken advantage of in the future.

However, he was in no hurry since there was no danger to speak of currently in the sect. As for nurturing, he would give Bujue the proper adjustments needed once he settled the recent affairs.

"Not too shabby. Ergou, you have not failed master’s expectations. Here, you can have this bag of Suyuan pills. Off you go then!" Lin Fan tossed a small sack of Suyuan pills to Zhang Ergou.

Towards Zhang Ergou, naturally, the thought of accepting him into the sect had never crossed Lin Fan’s eyes. Of course, it wasn’t because Lin Fan was a discriminatory man, but this man himself just looked like he wasn’t worth anything at all.

Even just standing there silently, his whole body was reeking out this aura of pettiness and sketchiness. Especially that inverted triangular shaped face, good lord! Lin Fan didn’t even know what to say anymore.

And at this moment, Zhang Ergou, who caught the pills tossed to him by Lin Fan in his hands, was absolutely befuddled.

‘Go back...?

Back to the servant’s area…?

No pleaseeeeeee…’

He was shocked beyond words. This wasn’t the way it should be! In his mind, he should have become Master Lin’s disciple! How was he asked to leave now?

If he were to go back right now, the only route that awaited him was death too!

‘No...!’ At this moment, Zhang Ergou’s true emotions flooded out momentarily from his heart.

He was like a sorrowful lady who was dumped, sprawling on the floor and stretching out her hands as a last-ditch attempt to bring back the man who had so cruelly dumped her.

"Master! Ever since the day I first saw you, I was thoroughly sold by your n.o.ble demeanor. It was also at that very day I found the motivation and goal for my life!"

"Upon coming here and discovering such an unpleasant environment, I, Zhang Ergou, never had any bit of hesitation. Because, I truly believed that one day, Master Lin would definitely turn this place into the world’s biggest sect!"

"Master, I have long since considered myself as one of Saint Demon sect’s disciples! If you wish for me to leave today, naturally I cannot disobey. Because you are, in my life, Zhang Ergou’s life, the most respectable person I’ve ever seen! So, to demonstrate my determination, I will use death as a way to show my undying love for this sect!"

Zhang Ergou cried between bouts of snot and tears.

Every sentence was truly touching to the heartstrings. Even Feng Bujue couldn’t help but look at Zhang Ergou cryptically. He had never expected that Ergou would contain such deep feelings for the sect.

Upon seeing Zhang Ergou’s reaction, even Lin Fan was shocked momentarily.

‘This…this guy is too shameless!’

But this shamelessness was something that Lin Fan liked a lot.

Lin Fan truly understood that every sentence was the truth of the heart. There was no farce at all, just true, raw emotions spilling out the truth.

Lin Fan understood that the dazzling n.o.ble demeanor of himself was what bought over Ergou’s heart.

Without a second word, Zhang Ergou crawled up and rushed towards a nearby rock, ready to smash himself into it to express his determination.

Lin Fan let loose a sigh. While this Zhang Ergou might look extremely sketchy, and the sight of him just looked like he deserves a beating, but so be it.

"Forget it, come back," said Lin Fan.

Zhang Ergou, who was on his way to death, halted his legs to a brake the moment he heard Master Lin open his mouth. Swerving back, he ran back and collapsed into a kneel without hesitation.

"Disciple Zhang Ergou greets Master."

This chain of actions by Zhang Ergou made Lin Fan stunned for a moment, and he patted Zhang Ergou on the shoulders.

"You’re very enthusiastic," Lin Fan could no longer use any words to describe this man.

This Zhang Ergou was despicable, definitely despicable. While he may not have much talent in him, if he were able to get his teachings, he would definitely be cut out for great things in the future.

"Alright, I’m going to head down the mountain for a trip. You guys go on with your own activities. Since you two are our sect’s only two disciples, I’ll let you two decide on who is the Senior Brother," Lin Fan waved his hand, not intending to bother too much about this.

They could sort out these small little issues by themselves.

As to who the Senior Brother was, Lin Fan could not care less. After all, for this place, ‘Yours Truly’ was the true master, the biggest BOSS.

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