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Chapter 807: Enmity Up Ahead
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Lin Fan had suddenly realized that he had done something outrageous.

However, looking at the situation right now, it seemed a little as though it was too late for salvation. Eventually, he just sighed helplessly and allowed things to remain.

But when Lin Fan thought about it a little more, he felt that this feeling was not bad either.

After the meal was over…

Reverend Shakya was ever so attentive to Lin Fan. He was just that close from piggybacking Lin Fan back in fact.

Night time…

"Bald monk, I'll hand this over to you now, eh? Look at how nice I am to you." Lin Fan handed the Great Buddha's Light of Purification over to Reverend Shakya.

"Nice! You're the nicest ever! This poor monk is so touched I'm about to cry!"

Reverend Shakya felt way too moved right now! This was the Great Buddha's Light of Purification! If he could cultivate this skill to its pinnacle, he would be absolutely heaven defying!


The more he thought about it, the more touched he was. Eventually, Reverend Shakya could hold it back no longer as he cried out.

This was great fortune that he had acc.u.mulated over a couple of lifetimes!

As for Lin Fan, he didn't have that much of an interest towards the Great Buddha's Light of Purification right now. He was all done with learning that. Even if it were an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, Lin Fan could purify him now.

However, the prerequisite was that the Utmost Being must have been walloped so hard he was practically like a dead dog. That was when the Purification success rate would be the highest.

Within the house…

Xuan Yunxian stood with her long, smooth hair lying on her shoulders gently. That alluring look of hers had Lin Fan feeling a little excited now.

"My little wifey, I'm going to come now!" Lin Fan sn.i.g.g.e.red, showing his impatience.

"Look at how all hurried and whatnot! It's not as though we won't have time in the future!" Xuan Yunxian laid on the bed. Looking at this impatient look on Lin Fan, she pursed her lips and smiled out. She then leaned forward and asked Lin Fan to sit down.

"Are you heading out tomorrow?" Xuan Yunxian ma.s.saged Lin Fan's shoulders gently. Those tender hands of hers were silky smooth and long. Under the gleam of the firelight, they let out an even more attractive glow.

"Yes. Tomorrow, I'm prepared to bring Chicky over to the Colossal Dragon race so that he can seek out his roots." Lin Fan replied as he enjoyed the sensation brought to him by those tender hands on his shoulders.

"Hubby, I want a child." Xuan Yunxian lowered her head and moved her lips closer to Lin Fan's ears before whispering gently. That soft and fluffy sensation caused Lin Fan to shiver up. It was all gentle and soothing, practically pulling at his heartstrings.

"Haven't I been trying all this while?"

Lin Fan was fl.u.s.tered in his heart. It had been so many times now. And yet, he hadn't hit the bullseye even once. This didn't make any sense at all!

It couldn't be that he had some issues with his body, right?

But that shouldn't be either! His body was one that no illnesses or diseases could penetrate through while casting all evils out! How could he have that sort of issue?

"Then try a little harder tonight, purleaseeee."

To the outside world, Xuan Yunxian was a Grandmaster. But each day when night descended, she would transform into a little succubus before Lin Fan that sank her hooks deep into his heart.

A tender hand started moving down along Lin Fan's chest. It moved all the way down till those icy, cold fingers could give it a gentle tug. Instantly, Lin Fan was possessed.


Lin Fan bolted upright, his eyes burning with a fiery blaze within them.

"It's time to show a true display of skill!"

He hugged Xuan Yunxian up entirely.

"Recently, I've been researching about a few positions that can improve my productivity immensely!"

Xuan Yunxian's cheeks flushed red as she replied softly, "Tonight, I'll do anything you wish."

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he couldn't hold it back anymore as the blood in his body rumbled furiously…

The next day…

"Benefactor, what's wrong with you? Why do you look like you're in a bad shape?" Reverend Shakya hadn't had a single wink of sleep the previous night. He had spent all his time researching the Great Buddha's Light of Purification.

Because he had a strong potential, he could induct himself with the skill in just a single night.

"It's nothing, bald monk. This time around when I head out, I'll leave the Revolutionary Army in your hands. Recruit more members." Lin Fan instructed.

There were way too many positions that were performed last night. By the time he woke up, even Lin Fan was feeling a little tired.

This was even more tiring than fighting with an Utmost Being of the Ancient race!

"Don't worry. Leave it to me." Reverend Shakya replied with confidence.

"Alright then. I'll depend on you."

For Lin Fan, the Revolutionary Army had its usage as well.

This time around, Lin Fan was prepared to bring Chicky with him to the Colossal Dragon race and seek out his biological mother. Lin Fan was almost certain that Chicky was a mix between the Colossal Dragon race and the Phoenix race.

But as for Chicky, he did not have any feelings towards his biological parents and whatnot.

However, this wasn't the case for Lin Fan. To him, the Colossal Dragon race was such a strong race! Since that was the case, they must definitely have an immense supply of Shengyang Pills. If Chicky could rule over the Colossal Dragon race, wouldn't all that wealth belong to him as well?

Given Lin Fan's current strength, he was still some way away from the powerful beings right at the top. However, just his physical body state alone was enough for him to be an invincible existence.

Therefore, no matter how big the world was, there couldn't be any place that Lin Fan couldn't head to.

Outside the Guarded Ground…

"Alright, so we're settled on this issue alright, Chicky? Whether or not this can succeed is all up to you!" Lin Fan said stealthily as though he was afraid of being overheard.

Chicky looked at Lin Fan then raised up five chicken feathers.

"What does that mean?" Lin Fan was stunned, not quite understanding. He then snapped back to his senses, "Holy f*ck! You can't be saying that you want fifty percent of it right, Chicky?!"


Chicky nodded his head furiously, faster than anything in this world.

"Holy f*ck! You're way too scammy, aren't you?!" Lin Fan yelped out. Why the f*ck does this mother*cking Chicky seem like some fraudulent merchant right now?

And the one thing that didn't seem to occur in this conversation between Lin Fan and Chicky was the thought of what would happen if this didn't fall through.

To this man and chicken duo, it was as though this entire thing was already a done deal.

Chicky was exasperated as he pointed out at his three sons. His meaning was clear: He had a big family now, with three big spenders. He would have many expenditures to take care of in the future.

"Hais! To think that the relationship between the both of us would have turned so fragile now. To think that you would come talking to me about splitting our family fortune. I'm truly saddened right now. In the future, I'm not going to raise you up anymore!" Lin Fan put on a pained look as though he had been dealt a severe emotional blow by Chicky.

Looking at that expression on Lin Fan's face, Chicky hesitated for a moment. He then carefully raised a single chicken feather.

"Deal. Let's go."

Lin Fan's face changed immediately as that pained expression transformed into a bright smiling face. He then pulled Chicky along with him and dove into the void, heading for the territory of the Colossal Dragon race of the Top Ten Old Ancient Beasts.

Given his current strength, the blink of an eye was enough for him to travel across millions of miles.

He darted by several huge Ancient race territories, not even bothering to keep himself in Stealth mode. That was how tyrannical he was right now.

If the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race were to discover him, that'd be for the best now. As long as the other party dared to come take him on, he would definitely f*ck them up.

With two Utmost Beings by his side, there's no way he was going to lose out in a fight.

"Eh? There's something strange here."

After crossing three great territories of the Ancient race, Lin Fan had suddenly realized that the world around here seemed somewhat different. There was a thick killing intent shrouding the air. The entire sky seemed morbid and grim, and was filled with the scent of blood.

"Holy f*ck! This place couldn't have just been through a huge battle, could it?" Lin Fan was stunned.

In his eyes, this entire place was practically akin to h.e.l.l on Earth right now.

Chicky stood on Lin Fan's shoulders and those chicken eyes of his could not help but grow serious. He felt as though the entire sky was about to topple over right now.


Instantly, several streaks of light flashed by in the distance.

"Chicky, there's some enmity at play up ahead. Let us sneakily head up."


Chicky flapped his wings excitedly.

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