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Chapter 806: Something Is Off About This!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

The moment Lin Fan left the place of the old man, he did a quick count of his Shengyang Pills.

Right now, his entire life's savings amounted to 1.5 trillion Shengyang Pills.

While this might seem like a lot at first glance, Hundred Years in A Single Thought required ten trillion Shengyang Pills! To Lin Fan, that was an amount enough to fill up an entire ocean!


The moment Lin Fan appeared, Reverend Shakya came running over. His face was extremely docile as though he had suddenly turned all well behaved and meek.

"Hais! I have sinned! To think that even a high monk of the Buddha race would forsake his sense of self in the face of a skill." Lin Fan lamented.

"Oh kind benefactor, please have some pity on me!"

Reverend Shakya pleaded pitifully. For Reverend Shakya, this was an extremely torturous revelation he was having.

"I'm feeling a little hungry." Lin Fan rubbed his belly saying.

"I'll treat you to food!"

"My shoulders are feeling a little sore."

"Benefactor, say no more! This poor monk will you give you a full body ma.s.sage!" Reverend Shakya did not have to think twice. For the sake of learning the Great Buddha's Light of Purification, Reverend Shakya was willing to give up everything. Even if he had to work like a dog, he would definitely do it.

"There's no hurry to this issue. First, I'd have to introduce some people to you." Lin Fan chuckled out.

He then brought Xuan Yunxian, Zhiqiao, You Jiuling, Chicky, and his three chicklings.

When they came out, all of them were confounded. It was as though they could not understand how they were still at another place before and instantly, a patch of darkness descended and they appeared here.

Now that Lin Fan was in control over the Xuanhuang World, he could enable anything with a single thought. Even if it was to drag people from the Xuanhuang World over forcefully, it was something that he could do with the snap of his fingers.

"Hubby, where is this place?"

Xuan Yunxian had a broad knowledge of things. However, when she realized that she had appeared at a ridiculous place all of a sudden, even she was a little afraid. If not for the fact that Lin Fan was right here, she might have dropped her entire head from fear instead.

"Master, this is?"

Zhiqiao and You Jiuling spoke up.

By now, the changes between the both of them were quite significant. While the both of them were still tied together, it seemed as though they didn't feel like there was anything wrong any longer. It was as if they were used to it by now.

As for Chicky, he just hopped up onto Lin Fan's shoulders. Towards where he was right now, it didn't matter to him at all. As long as his Old Bro was around, everything would be all steady.

"Benefactor, this…!" Looking at how Lin Fan was churning out living beings, Reverend Shakya was shocked and could not understand anything at all. Could it be that Benefactor Lin's current strength had already turned this sick?

Horrifying! This was way too horrifying!

"This is my wife, Xuan Yunxian. These two here are my disciples." Lin Fan introduced.


Chicky was a little indignant now as he used his head to knock against Lin Fan's face. It was as though he was protesting over Lin Fan's lack of introduction towards him.

"Alright, alright. I've got it. Gosh! You're just a little chicken here, and you want an introduction as well?"

"This is Chicky. He's my Little Bro."


Chicky crowed out for a long time and extended his wings as though he wanted to shake hands. Reverend Shakya was stunned as he held out his hands involuntarily as well.

"This is bald monk." Lin Fan commented casually.

Xuan Yunxian was someone who was well brought up. Therefore, she merely chuckled, "Great Master, nice to meet you."

Xuan Yunxian felt that this place was extremely weird. For her, the aura of this monk before her was incredibly vast. It was as though it was boundless and limitless, with no ends to be seen at all.

"Oh! So, you're the wife of Benefactor Lin. This poor monk here is Reverend Shakya." Reverend Shakya's expression changed as he put on the look of a saintly and high monk.


At this moment, the three little chicklings of Chicky ran over to hug Lin Fan's legs and started crowing out loudly as well, as though they too wanted an introduction.

Lin Fan lowered his head with a helpless look on his face and eventually shook his head while saying.

"The one wearing gold and silver accessories all over is Chicken Big."

"This non-mainstream hipster is Chicken Two."

"This one that's fatter than fat itself is Chicken Fat."

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Right after Lin Fan's introductions, the three sick chicklings immediately stretched out their wings to Reverend Shakya. Their intentions were clear: Come and shake our wings to indicate that we know one another now.

Looking at these three weird chickens, Reverend Shakya was stunned for a moment as well. Eventually, he squatted down and extended his hand.


Chicky stood on Lin Fan's shoulders and crowed out loud while nodding his head in satisfaction. He was saying that these three chicklings of his did not throw his face and had really good manners.

"Yunxian, this is the Guarded Ground, one of the only few safe places in the Ancient Saint World." Lin Fan explained.

However, Yunxian could feel that the energy ripples being emitted out from all directions were extremely strong.

It was as though she was surrounded by a bunch of powerful beings. However, being beside Lin Fan, any bit of uneasiness had dissipated along with the winds instantly.

"Bald monk, let's go eat."

"Benefactor, this…!" From time to time, Reverend Shakya would keep his mind on the Great Buddha's Light of Purification. For Reverend Shakya, as long as he could learn the Great Buddha's Light of Purification, he would be willing to do ANYTHING.

"We'll talk after eating." Lin Fan chuckled out.

"Alright then."

Meal table…

Lin Fan observed all the delicacies around. He had a good chicktiquette.

Chicken Big was sorting out his accessories.

Chicken Two was combing his hair.

Chicken Fat was just eating on and on and on. His belly was extremely bloated right now.

Lin Fan and Xuan Yunxian were just enjoying a chat while looking at one another in the eyes. They were filled with love right now.

Reverend Shakya blinked his eyes at the scene before him. He had suddenly felt as though he was extremely out of place. In order to rid himself of this awkward feeling, Reverend Shakya decided to seek out the two disciples for a good chat.

However, when he cast his sights over, he was stumped.

"Jiuling, I want to eat this." Zhiqiao pointed out.

"Okay, come. Here's a big piece." Jiuling smiled so widely her eyes couldn't even be seen.

"I'll get fat if I eat too much!"

"No, you wouldn't. Definitely not. Zhiqiao's figure is the best! You'll definitely not turn fat!"

"Wow! This is delicious! Jiuling, you have some too!"

The two little brats were looking at one another while smiling out gently. Those gentle voices of theirs rang out within the entire restaurant like the sounds of Heavens. It was extremely moving.

Lin Fan was enjoying a private conversation with Xuan Yunxian. But just at this moment, he stopped whatever he was doing right now.


Lin Fan had suddenly realized that something did not seem right.

He looked at the two brats, Zhiqiao and Jiuling. The expressions that they gave off caused a fearful feeling to rise in his heart.

That sweet, tender looking gaze at one another, every single motion they made were extremely intimate!

"Cough, cough!"

Lin Fan faked a cough, implying that they should maintain their image.

However, it was as though Zhiqiao and Jiuling did not hear it at all! They continued laughing and chatting. That smile of theirs had all the guests at the restaurant staring at them fixatedly.

In the eyes of these guests, these two brats were so endearing!

"Erm, Zhiqiao! Jiuling, how about letting Your Master release you guys from the seal?" Lin Fan hadn't paid much attention to these two brats. But now that he did, he realized that something bad seemed to be happening.


"Master, that won't do! We're quite fine like this! I'm already all used to it with senior sister!"

"That's right! I feel like it's pretty nice for me to be with junior sister as such!"

Zhiqiao and Jiuling both shook their heads indicating that they did not need that.

"But how inconvenient is this?" Lin Fan rephrased his words. He felt that he shouldn't be too straightforward still.

"It's REALLY convenient!"

"That's right! I feel nothing about it at all! When I bathe, I even get to have someone scrubbing my back!"

"That's right! That's right!"

Hearing the two of them defend to such an extent, Lin Fan instantly did not wish to say anything any further.

Lin Fan then moved on to bothering Xuan Yunxian instead by twitching his eyes incessantly, implying that as their Matriarch, she had to say something as well to persuade them out of this situation!

However, Xuan Yunxian merely chuckled and grinned gently.

"Hubby, I think this is quite good, isn't it?"

Lin Fan, "…"

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