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Chapter 515: Doomsday Calamity.

Translator: Lam_  Editor: Hitesh_

The supreme grade spirit weapon, Black Heavens Demon Armour, had already been damaged, and Lin Fan did not have the patience to repair it. The armor was given to Gu Yao as a gift from the Heaven's Will after he performed some exceptional merits for the ancient race.

The body portion of that Black Heavens Demon Armour was already tattered after that collision against the Gigantic Sky Burial earlier on. Right now, it was tethering on the brink of collapse.

If Lin Fan wanted to repair this armor, he would need not only a large amount of True Energy, but supplementary treasures to toss into the Heaven and Earth Smelt together.

The strong point of this armor was that it provided a perfect defense against all sorts of attacks. But to Lin Fan, this strong point was absolutely useless.


The mouth of the big ancient demon opened widely as it consumed the entire Black Heavens Demon Armour whole. The spirit weapon itself started howling as well. However, it wasn't too long before the armor was digested into nutrients for Demon City itself.

Suddenly, the bare body of the big ancient demon shone brightly, as black armor scales began to line it.

'Seems like devouring spirit weapons can allow the Demon City to grow as well.' Lin Fan thought before he sped off into the distance.

The killing intent in this place was good stuff indeed. However, there was a huge clash that had happened here earlier on, and all the killing intent had been dispersed by the fight between Mu Tian and Gu Yao. It would take some time before the killing intent culminated together once more. Hence, Lin Fan headed off to look for another spot where the killing intent was the thickest and densest.

Astral winds. Earthen fires. Killing intent.

Within a really deep part of the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm, the void seemed like the end of the world right now, as the violent currents rippled out into the distance.

To anyone else, this was definitely the most dangerous part of the entire secret ground. If they were to be caught into this turbine vortex by accident, they would definitely be turned into mincemeat.

However, Lin Fan didn't even move a brow as he dived straight in.

Those three different forces ripped out at Lin Fan's body as though they were bent on tearing him apart completely. However, this amount of force was just right for Lin Fan. This was neither painful nor ticklish. He barely felt anything at all.

'Roc's Breath!'

An illusory figure of a gigantic roc appeared behind Lin Fan suddenly. This gigantic and humongous creature opened its mouth, and as though they could no longer control themselves, every single fiber of the world began to be sucked into the roc's mouth.

Legend has it that a matured roc could easily suck up the True Energy in one part of the world with a single mouthful. Compared to that, this illusory roc that was summoned by Lin Fan's was still way far off.

However, if it were just to suck in the killing intent of this entire Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm, it is still more than enough.


Devouring the Heaven and Earth, a large amount of killing intent rose up furiously, forming a gigantic tornado that swiveled in towards Lin Fan's body.



With this large influx of killing intent within Lin Fan's body, the system interfered immediately to convert this it into crystals.

With this conversion speed, even a desolate celestial cultivation state being would be hard-pressed to match up against it.

This killing intent here carried with it the battle will of countless powerful beings. If they were not converted, the killing intent would swim around the body freely. No matter who it was, they would almost lose their sense of control to this berserk intent almost immediately.

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Slaughter Crystal.'

'Ding…Congratulations on obtaining Slaughter Crystal.'

One by one, these gray, dusky crystals floated within Lin Fan's body as they increased in quant.i.ty. In this short period of time, Lin Fan had already gathered over a thousand crystal shards.

But this was far from enough. Compared to the entire Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm, this was nothing more than a scoop in the great, vast ocean of killing intent.

'Yours Truly is a genius indeed! With the system watching over me, who in the world can take on Yours Truly?' Lin Fan was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. He was absolutely certain of the bright future he had awaiting him.

As long as he continued on a steady track, overturning the utmost eight beings was not going to be a difficult task.

Time gradually pa.s.sed…

As the number of Slaughter crystals gathered, Lin Fan's blood and cells were lining up with these crystal shards with a gray glow. During that clash back then, innumerable powerful beings had fallen in this place. With the pa.s.sage of time, the killing intent that was formed got even denser.

Within this killing intent was filled the battle hunger of these powerful beings. Even Zhan Wudi himself had to slowly temper and smelt this killing intent into crystal shards.

However, with the existence of the system, these battle intents were naturally no issue for Lin Fan.

'War King's World Extinguishing Fist!'

Lin Fan suddenly stood up and punched out with both fists. Consisting of both will and devastating power, he pushed the War King's World Extinguishing Fist to its limits.

The will and devastation of the fist were infused with one another perfectly.

As though it was a doomsday calamity, the Qi of life and death started circulating as well.

The Slaughter Crystal Shards that were formed with Lin Fan's body were infused within this War King's World Extinguishing Fist.

'Ding…War King's World Extinguishing Fist leveled up.'

'Ding…War King's World Extinguishing Fist leveled up.'

Dissolving into a steady stream of energy, the Slaughter Crystals that were formed flowed towards the War King's World Extinguishing Fist like a river. The more the consciousness of the War King's World Extinguishing Fist leveled up, the more of an understanding Lin Fan gained towards this skill.

'Not enough. I need just that bit more…'

'Devour the Heaven and Earth!'


The Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm quaked violently as the boundless amount of killing intent turned into a thousand miles long dragon and spun over, digging itself into Lin Fan's body.

If anyone else were present right now, they would definitely be watching this scene of Lin Fan absorbing the killing intent with their mouth agape.

After all, the speed of absorption was simply out of this world!

Even a divine celestial cultivation state being might not possess the same ability as Lin Fan!

'Ding… War King's World Extinguishing Fist leveled up.'

Once again, the crystal shards turned into a river and flowed into the War King's World Extinguishing Fist.

Lin Fan used the skill once more, punching out and causing the entire Heaven and Earth to rumble. The entire Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm seemed to have fallen into a state of chaos as flames surged while astral winds gusted.

Time pa.s.sed…

After an indeterminate amount of time, Lin Fan had delved completely into the world of the War King's World Extinguishing Fist.

Within the state of consciousness of this skill, Lin Fan was like the G.o.d of War himself, battling against an endless amount of ancient race beings in the battlefields of the ancient times.

With a fist into the Heavens and one onto the Earth, no one in this world could block his might.

'Ding… War King's World Extinguishing Fist evolved.'

'Ding…Doomsday Calamity G.o.d Fist.'

Suddenly, Lin Fan's eyes burst open as a beam of light shot out.

'Finally, the War King's World Extinguishing Fist has evolved! Time to cultivate it into a True Skill seed!' This Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm was a precious place indeed. Taking in these killing intents was as good as popping pills for the War King's World Extinguishing Fist.

However, Lin Fan also understood that the reason for this was due to his system's ability to convert the killing intent. Otherwise, even if it were Zhan Wudi, he would have to take another couple, no, dozens of years before he could raise the War King's World Extinguishing Fist to its peak.


Lin Fan suddenly hollered out as the True Energy within his body rumbled. The surrounding killing intent in his vicinity began to surge through his body.

The figure of a Doomsday Calamity Demon G.o.d appeared within his body suddenly, howling balefully before it shrank continuously into a brightly shining seed.

This was the True Skill seed of Doomsday Calamity G.o.d Fist.

The moment Doomsday Calamity G.o.d Fist was cultivated, Lin Fan could feel the power level of his body rising rapidly.

'Not bad, not bad! Even though Zhan Wudi was incredibly weak, the skill that he has learned is pretty decent! It is especially strong now that it has evolved.' Lin Fan remarked in his heart. He then looked around at the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm. There wasn't much killing intent left now. He might as well suck it all in.

However, just as Lin Fan was about to do it, he was distracted by a sound that rang out right by his ear.

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