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Chapter 436: The Enemy's Too Strong! That's All I Can Do!

Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Looking at the person who had arrived, Lin Fan couldn't help but be surprised! Thereafter, Lin Fan kept the arm within his storage without any hesitation.

The arm of the Ancient One that was ripped off was gradually regenerating back.

Sensing the connection with his arm lost once more, the Ancient One reared his head into the sky and howled. He turned around to the person who had arrived, "To think that you're not dead yet!"

"How can I die if YOU are not dead…" Ni Feixue's body was stained with blood. In fact, there was a gaping hole in her stomach. It was a mess of meat and blood, so gory that one would cringe at the mere sight of it.

Right now, a long sword was wielded in Ni Feixue's arms.

Lin Fan looked at the sword and found that it looked quite familiar…Wasn't that the gigantic sword that Xuanjian Sect resided on?! How was it in the hands of Ni Feixue?

"THIS SWORD AGAIN…d.a.m.n IT!" Looking at the sword, the Ancient One's face showed signs of fear.

"Haha, Ancient One! This was the sword that the Supreme Being and the G.o.d of War had used to sever your body along with the Eternal Axe! Are you finally feeling the fear?" Ni Feixue laughed out bitterly.

"B*STARD, AND YOU THINK I'D BE AFRAID…? You really still think you're a match for me now that you're just a single strain of consciousness?" The Ancient One was entirely riled up by now. Disregarding that severed arm, he sent a punch flying towards Ni Feixue.

Ni Feixue did not resist at all. Her fate was already determined.

"Lin Fan, you must definitely not let him fuse back once more!" Ni Feixue ignored the punch entirely as she cast her glance at Lin Fan, placing every single last bit of hope onto him.


That single punch sent the entire Heavens rumbling. Under the ma.s.sive impact of the Ancient One's punch, Ni Feixue disintegrated into dust entirely. That single strain of consciousness no longer existed within this world.

That long sword turned into a beam of light as it shot away into the distance, disappearing from their sights entirely.

Seeing this, Lin Fan sighed. Just what in the world was going on?

Just what kind of stunts were these people from the upper world trying to pull?

"Human, return me my arm!" The Ancient One glared at Lin Fan in rage. He was thoroughly irritated by these ants by now.

"Ancient One, ARE YOU A r.e.t.a.r.d? Do you seriously think I'm going to do that?" While Lin Fan was glaring at the Ancient One in disdain, his mind was in a fl.u.s.ter, trying to come up with ways to defeat this Ancient One.

His physical body state was at the Imperishable state right now. However, even though the Ancient One's strength was barely 1% of his original state, Lin Fan was still struggling against his strikes nevertheless.

If he truly wanted to win this, he would have to bear till his physical body state leveled up.

"Come on, Ancient One! Yours Truly isn't afraid of you!" Taking in a deep breath, Lin Fan darted out towards the Ancient One once more.

"Courting death." With a maddened howl, the Ancient One sent a punch flying out.


'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +500,000,000'

"F*ck your mother! Is this all you've got?" Lin Fan wiped off the blood at the side of his lips. At the same time, the Firmament Blood within his body began rumbling.

At this moment, the ma.s.sive amount of lifeforce provided by the Mythical Parasol Tree gushed out within Lin Fan's body.

The level 9 of Blood Sea erupted out with immense power, as that ma.s.sive blood aura surged through every last bit of Lin Fan's body.


'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +500,000,000'

'Ding…Eternal Immortality experience points +500,000,000'

Strike after strike, Lin Fan was beaten down. Yet time and again, he rose back up and darted up against the Ancient One.

Lin Fan knew that the path of cultivation wasn't an easy one. The stronger one became, the larger the amount of burden they had to endure on their body.

It was never as easy as he had always thought of it to be.

Far from a distance, Chicky caught sight of Lin Fan's figure being struck down repeatedly. Seeing that, he cried out in rage. Flapping his wings, he swooped towards the Ancient One.

To Chicky, anyone who dared to bully his big old bro would have to pay with their lives!

Lin Fan finally knew of the true horrors of the Ancient One. To think that his strength and power did not decrease at all with every single punch he struck out. In fact, the Ancient One was getting ever stronger, as though he was gradually recovering his initial strength!

Seemed like it worked both ways.

While he was using the Ancient One to level up his physical body state, the Ancient One was using him to regain the power he had once lost!

And just then, a bright flash of red light burst over from a distance.

"Hmph, a small little descendant of that puny Phoenix and he dares to act so insolently before me? Yet another fool courting death." Upon catching sight of this red light, the Ancient One snuffed out in cold disgust. Sending out a single palm strike, he grabbed out at Chicky, who was flying over from a distance.


Darting towards the Ancient One, Chicky's heart was already blinded by hatred. By the time Lin Fan's voice registered in his heart, he suddenly blanked out in the skies.

"GET THE h.e.l.l LOST…!" Seeing this, Lin Fan was at a loss for what to do. "ANCIENT ONE, YOUR OPPONENT'S ME!"

"Hmph, there's no hurry…" The Ancient One was no fool either. Looking at how anxious this man was, he naturally knew that this little Phoenix hatchling must be something dear to him.


At this moment, Chicky had finally come to his senses. But it was all too late.

That gigantic palm of the Ancient One that covered the entire skies had gripped Chicky within his hands. Just as Lin Fan was about to rush up, he halted immediately. His heart skipped a beat.

"Ancient One, let him go." Lin Fan told himself that he mustn't panic right. That was right, Chicky was a Phoenix! He wouldn't die just like this!

"Human, are you dumb? Do you really think that the Ancient One couldn't tell how important this puny Phoenix is to you?" The Ancient One glared at Lin Fan.

"Oh, humans are complex ants indeed. Obviously, you guys try and plot to become the strongest ever, yet you let yourself be burdened with needless garbage things like emotions and the likes. With an att.i.tude as such, you guys truly want to rule over the world? A fool's dream indeed."

"Return me my arm, or else, this Phoenix shall…" The Ancient One laughed coldly while Chicky's cries were getting louder.

"No…!" Upon hearing Chicky's cries, Lin Fan's heart was fl.u.s.tered for a moment. He immediately raised out his palm, indicating for the latter to stop.

Chicky was literally crying in tears from the tormenting pain.

'Cuck…cuck…CUCKCUCKCUKOO!!!' Chicky flung his small little head left and right as he looked at Lin Fan. It was as though he was telling Lin Fan, 'Even though I'm in pain, it's alright! Chicky won't be afraid!'

"Chicky, no…!"

Just as the Ancient One was grabbing Chicky, he suddenly burst into a ball of flames. Within this ball of flames, an illusory figure of a Phoenix rose into the skies.

"Aha? The Phoenix's Nirvana Rebirth? Do you even know the number of Phoenixes that had perished in my hands? Do you really think a small little hatchling of a Phoenix can succeed?" The Ancient One's laugh was getting even colder.

With a single pinch of his fingers, the ball of flame which covered Chicky was extinguished immediately, as Chicky cried even loudly.

"My patience is limited. Return. Me. My. Arm." The Ancient One's voice was frosty.

"Release him." Lin Fan's breathing was starting to get hurried.

"Hmm? Oh, you really think you're qualified to be bargaining with me right now?" With yet another cold snort, Chicky's tormented state was deepened in the hands of the Ancient One.

However, at this moment, Chicky had already shut his own eyes. It was as though Chicky was trying his best to resist every single last bit of this unbearable pain without crying out.

Lin Fan's heart was struggling incessantly. There were two voices within his head.

'Give it to him! Chicky has been with you for so many years! He's practically family! How can you let him die just like that?'

'No! If you give it to him, Dongling Continent will perish! Furthermore, there's no way he's going to let Chicky off after that anyways!'

'CUCKCUCKOO…!' Chicky cried out.

Lin Fan looked over. However, all his saw was Chicky's head shaking fervently. He did not want Lin Fan to save him.

Lin Fan lowered his head, his eyes blank.

"Chicky, there's no way I wouldn't save you."

Lin Fan had already made his decision. He would rescue Chicky before dragging the Ancient One together with him into the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

He had had a good long life after all.

He had the fun he had always wanted to have.

He even got himself a wife.

What else could he ask for…?

"Alright, I'll give it to you…" Lin Fan raised his head and glared straight into the eyes of the Ancient One.

"HAHAHA. Good…" The Ancient One burst out laughing.

And just then, a voice boomed out from the skies.



In that instant, the dust clouds were unsettled as the Earth withered.

Upon hearing this voice and this familiar scene, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy.

That yellow mist covered the Ancient One entirely.

"WHAT'S THIS THING? HOW IS IT SO SMELLY?!" The Ancient One's face changed, unable to cope with this mysterious gas. With that, the arm that was gripping onto Chicky loosened up.

Seizing the opportunity, Lin Fan disappeared from where he was and caught onto Chicky immediately. Channelling lifeforce into Chicky, he then tossed the latter into the distance, "Grandmaster! Hold onto him for me…!"

"I am the fart G.o.d, Yao Wuxie! Thief, let go of that innocent barbeque chicken!" A man stood in the air imposingly, evidently proud of the outcome of his wondrous fart.

"B*STARD…!" The Ancient One broke out of his stupor. Looking at the person, he reached out to grab at him.


Seeing this, Lin Fan was stumped. Just what sort of a situation was this!?

Just as Chicky was released, why was Yao Wuxie captured again?!


But at that instance, Lin Fan's jaws dropped agape.

To think that Yao Wuxie, who was captured just now, would fart towards the palms of the Ancient One repeatedly, repelling his arm away!

"This…!" Even Lin Fan was in some sort of disbelief right now.

Breaking free of the Ancient One's arm, Yao Wuxie immediately escaped into the distance.

"Brother Lin! The opponent is too strong! That's all I can do! You've got to depend on yourself for the rest of it! Your brother's gonna make a run for it first!" In that instant, Yao Wuxie's figure disappeared from the Heaven and Earth.

"Hahaha, to think that he's still as cowardly as ever." Looking at the disappearing figure of Yao Wuxie, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out gratefully.

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