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Chapter 407: Take Your Time Slowly

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

Lin Fan sat there in an extremely relaxed manner, like any other cinemagoer would as they enjoyed the show on screen. He had already seen through these Grandmasters thoroughly.

Now that he had already lured everyone here, Lin Fan had no intention of watching any further. It was time to take care of them once and for all.


Chicky was bored out of his wits and returned to Lin Fan. He thought that there would be something really exciting to see. However, after a while, he realized that everyone here were practically just rookies. None of their strikes had any soul chilling effects.

Neither the Heavens shook nor the Earth tremored.

What sort of weak a*s sissy fight was this? Only big bro's fights were the best to watch.

To Chicky, these guys looked just like a bunch of kids throwing a tantrum.

All the various Grandmasters stared at this strange chicken that was glaring at them. At the same time, they seemed to be sensing a look of disdain within those eyes of the chicken.

They wondered if they were hallucinating.

Patting Chicky who was perched on his shoulders once more, Lin Fan looked at these so-called great sects of Cangling Continent and commented, "Very good! You guys have performed splendidly. Great job!"

Lin Fan was playing with the storage ring in his fingers. At the same time, he looked at the crowd above with a cold laugh. Pinching the ring slightly, the storage ring of the Yan Emperor crumbled into dust and all the treasures within scattered on the ground once more.

Looking at that face, the expression of the Heaven Queen changed into one of disbelief.

As for Fang Han and Han Lu, their faces were even more terribly shocked.

The person who was hidden under black robes jerked momentarily as he/she caught sight of the look on Lin Fan's face. In fact, he/she even felt a strain of fear.

"Who are you?" The ma.s.ses looked at this man seated there with extreme caution. At the same time, they were filled with bewilderment.

Listening to this question, Lin Fan could not help but laugh out, "Seems like the eminent do have short memories indeed. It's only been… what? Two years, hasn't it? And it seems like everyone present has forgotten all about me completely. Well, I've got to say that your brains aren't really functioning that well, eh guys?"

"Not only are you alive, to think that you'd come back." The Heaven Queen stood there quietly. At the same time, her eyes were filled with perplexed emotions.

"Oh? Seems like the Heaven Queen remembers me! What a memory you've got there!" Lin Fan burst out laughing.

"Heaven Queen, who is he?!" The ma.s.ses asked in confusion. They had tried hard at recalling but they just couldn't recall who this person was.

Heaven Queen looked at the ma.s.ses, "He is the disciple of Saint Devil Sect who left with the G.o.d Blood back then."


The moment Heaven Queen finished her words, everyone's faces were filled with evident disbelief.

THAT disciple who had left with the G.o.d Blood back then?!

How could that be?!

With that, everyone glanced at one another before they burst out laughing. "HAHA…! To think that it's that lad back then! That old fogey from Saint Devil Sect must have thought that the disciple whom he had sacrificed his life to send away must be pretty smart. But there we have it, he's a fool! Seems like you've made quite the big plan to lure us all in together, eh? But you're just one. Against all of us? Thanks for throwing yourself into our net!"

"r.e.t.a.r.d…" After hearing these words, Lin Fan burst out laughing maniacally.

Were the heads of these Grandmasters filled with dung?

Without a single word, the Yan Emperor retreated to the back of the crowd. He had a bad feeling about this. He had an especially bad feeling after Lin Fan crushed his storage ring just by pinching.

That storage ring was a treasure that even he himself could not destroy as such. If the other party could do with such ease, there was no need to further explain the meaning behind that.

Listening to the words of the eight Grandmasters, Heaven Queen frowned. Couldn't these guys tell what was happening right now?!

If he dared to wait for them singlehandedly, he must either be a fool or he had got a trump card.

What sort of tricks could he pull in just two years?

To the Heaven Queen, two years were a really short period of time, which practically amounted to nothing. But looking at how casually he was seated there, her heart couldn't help but thump furiously.

"Are you behind the reason why there's no one here at Qiankun Sect?" Heaven Queen asked.

"Oh, that's where you're wrong. Qiankun Sect? This is Saint Devil Sect. As for those from Qiankun Sect? I've let some of them go. But some of them are still right here with us. Right, how about this? Let's check on them together so that you guys can be mentally prepared as well." With a chuckle, Lin Fan flicked his robes. Seven sky piercing pillars appeared in the skies before slamming down onto the ground.


The moment the towering pillars appeared, Qian Kunzi, who was tied up on it, wailed out tragically once more.

The moment everyone saw this, their hearts skipped a beat, unable to believe the sight before them.

What happened to Qian Kunzi?!

Heaven Queen did not dare to view those men on the pillars directly. She then asked, "What do you want?"

"F*CK YOUR MOTHER. YOU'VE GOT THE MOTHERF*CKING CHEEK TO ASK ME WHAT I WANT? YOURS TRULY WILL MAKE IT CLEAR THEN. NONE OF YOU SHALL F*CKING DREAM ABOUT LEAVING THIS MOTHERF*CKING PLACE… DEAD OR G.o.dF*CKING d.a.m.n ALIVE!" Initially calm, Lin Fan shot up standing immediately upon hearing that question. With that, a formidable aura erupted out from him.

"Back when you guys destroyed Saint Devil Sect, you should have known that this would be your outcome one day. You reap what you sow. Yours Truly has endured all sorts of hardships, all just for today. All of you mother*ckers shall crumble beneath my feet." Lin Fan's gaze of hatred filled the Heavens and Earth as he seethed the words out.

Flicking his robes once more, twelve heavenly piercing pillars shot out, sealing the Heavens once more and slamming down, embedding themselves into the ground.

"I've prepared all of these just for you guys." Lin Fan glared at the eight Grandmasters, Yan Emperor, Heaven Queen and the two traitorous lackey dogs who had turned their backs against the sect.

"Interesting. I've destroyed countless of sects. Yet, this is the first time someone has come seeking vengeance. You're the first person whose methods of handling things are even more imposing than my own. But, if you want to create such a fuss, we've got to see if you've got the capabilities to match the fuss. Let me test you out then." Old master Wanmo sn.i.g.g.e.red sinisterly. Turning around, he turned into a cloud of black mist as the entire cloud darted out towards Lin Fan.

The others waited cautiously.

Fang Han and Han Lu exchanged glances with one another. They had not expected Lin Fan to come killing his way back.

Now that the old master Wanmo was going to strike, they naturally had to observe. The best outcome would be for that kid to be a weaksh*t and die in the hands of old master Wanmo.

Furthermore, old master Wanmo was devious and specialized in the dark arts. The skills he cultivated were often vile and nefarious. In a one on one fight, other than Heaven Queen, no one should be able to get an advantage against him.

One of the strongest powerhouses of the entire Cangling Continent was not someone that any small fry could just hope to take on.

"Hehe…lad. You could have lived longer. But since you came seeking death yourself, then there's no way you can lay the blame on me." Old master Wanmo laughed out coldly. He was determined to suck the essence and blood of this kid dry.

He had coveted the G.o.d Blood for a really long time now. This kid should definitely not have what it took to completely absorb the G.o.d Blood.

Looking at the puff of black mist that was darting out towards him, Lin Fan's lips curled with contempt.

As old master Wanmo approached Lin Fan and noticed that the other party had yet to react at all, he laughed out wildly, "HAHAHA…!"

But of course, old master Wanmo's laughter did not last.

"How could this be…?!" Old master Wanmo looked at the figure before him in absolute disbelief. To think that the other party would stop his entire skill with just a single hand?!

Seeing this scene, everyone's hearts jerked. At the same time, their eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popped out. They could not believe this.

"Hmph, trash…" Raising his hand gently, Lin Fan gripped old master Wanmo's throat tightly, choking and lifting him up into the air.



Instantly, a leg broke through the void and struck at old master Wanmo's groin.

'ARGH…!' Old master Wanmo howled out in pain.

As though he had lost every last bit of fighting strength, he rolled about on the ground, frothing and foaming from his mouth.

These tragic cries rang in everyone's ears.

How chilling it sounded…

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