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Chapter 404: Heaven-Piercing Treasure Aura
Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

It had been a long time since Lin Fan had used Monkey Steals Peaches, or even Twisting Heaven and Earth for that matter of fact. After all, these were skills that disrupted the balance of Heaven and Earth really intensely.

And, the most crucial point was that he already had the True Origins Crushing Kick right now. Hence, there was no need for him to intentionally resort to Twisting Heaven and Earth.

However, for the sake of allowing w.a.n.g Xiaoliu's confidence to be regained, Lin Fan had to do a proper demonstration.

As for this Grandmaster Qiankun who was once so strong in Lin Fan's eyes? Naturally, he was the best candidate for the demonstration.


This tragic cry was chilling. Even the elders nearby could only watch with befuddled eyes.

What in the world had just happened?!

"You…!" Elder Di Zhonghai glared at Lin Fan in a rage.

However, the moment his eyes moved towards Lin Fan's right hand, he could not help but retreat back a few steps.

A gentle pain in his nuggets began to surge up to his head.

Looking at everyone else, Lin Fan smirked. His pinched his fingers repeatedly before turning his gaze down and glaring at everyone with a sinister look, "I'm here for revenge today. None of you shall even dream of escaping."

All the elders of Qiankun Sect were astonished. Glancing at one another, they hollered back, "Don't you dare go overboard…! With just you alone?!"

Lin Fan chuckled, "Give it a try then."

"BRAZEN…!" In that instant, all of those elders burst out with an immense amount of energy, slapping towards Lin Fan with palm strikes. These strikes had a tremendous aura. In the eyes of w.a.n.g Xiaoliu and the others, this was practically enough to destroy the world.

Lin Fan stood and looked at these people calmly. Their cultivation states were too weak. So weak that he wasn't interested in the least bit. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that he could even squash them like ants with the flip of his palm.

"Boss, be careful!" Looking at this scene, w.a.n.g Xiaoliu could not help but exclaim out in worry. In w.a.n.g Xiaoliu's eyes, the fact that Lin Fan was standing there motionlessly was a sign that he should be rooted in fear.


The six elders let out a gleeful smile. Their strikes of full power had landed successfully on the other party.

But in that instant, their faces changed.

"Weak. Simply too weak…" Lin Fan laughed coldly. Activating True Origins Crushing Kick, he sent a kick towards all of their crotches.



One by one, the sounds of their nuggets exploding rang through the skies.

The six elders lied on the ground, their hands covering their crotches as they rolled around in pain without a single care of their image any longer.

Painful…PAINFUL! THIS WAS b.l.o.o.d.y PAINFUL…!

It was so painful that they were starting to doubt the very existence of life.

Looking at the scene, all the surrounding Qiankun Sect disciples could only gape with frightful eyes.

As Lin Fan cast his gaze on them, all of their faces turned pale with shock.

They were truly fearful right now.

To think that the Grandmaster and all the other elders could not even withstand a single strike from the other party! What sort of a terrifying existence was he?!

Lin Fan looked at these Qiankun Sect disciples.

For every debt to be collected, there was a debtor. Lin Fan wasn't someone who would involve others or destroy the sects of others for no reason.

These disciples here had no right to take part in that battle back then. They were not involved.

"Y'all... Scram." Lin Fan muttered these words softly.

Instantly, all of the disciples sprinted as quickly as they could away from the sect out of the mountains. Be it inner sect or outer sect disciples, none of them dared to stay any longer. They didn't even dare to pack their belongings before running off without a single word.


"Boss…!" w.a.n.g Xiaoliu looked at Lin Fan with a face of respect.

The other punching bag disciples were the same. Domineering and imposing... To think that Grandmaster Qiankun, who was practically invincible in their eyes, would be as weak as a chicken in front of Lin Fan.

"Xiaoliu, don't worry. The promise I made to you those years ago that you'll definitely soar in life, I'll definitely fulfill it. I guarantee you that your life from henceforth will change entirely." Lin Fan continued.

"Boss, that wasn't what I was referring to. Just the fact that you could glorify my family technique, Monkey Steals Peaches, to this state of mastery... I'm already grateful enough for that!" w.a.n.g Xiaoliu replied in grat.i.tude.

"It's alright. These are two different things. Wait for me at the back. I've still got stuff to finish settling here."

"Yes." w.a.n.g Xiaoliu and the others nodded their heads and headed off.

Looking at the seven men lying on the ground, Lin Fan smiled with a frosty look.

'You reap what you sow.' Now that Yours Truly was back, none of them should even dream of escaping this.


Fair enough. HAHA. Yours Truly would use that vice of greed to lure all of them back here.

From his storage, Lin Fan took out the storage ring of Chen Xuan. Even though this man dared to proclaim himself as someone blessed from the Heavens, he did do pretty well. In just the span of a single year, he had collected tons of valuable treasures. And now, these treasures were about to show their worth.

Lin Fan poured out all the treasures within. They piled up like a small little mountain on their own. These were treasures that people of Cangling Continent could never ever obtain.

After all, Chen Xuan did have 60 energy grid line chains to his command. Therefore, the items he would take an eye or liking to would definitely be some peerless and priceless treasures.

Looking at these precious items, Lin Fan smirked coldly and flicked his robes.

'Treasure Aura! Go forth and attract those dumbf*cks back for Yours Truly!'


With that, a beam of treasure aura shot up straight into the sky.

w.a.n.g Xiaoliu and the others glared at the light beam, stunned and in a daze. They did not know what that was. But by the looks of it, this thing looked pretty d.a.m.n cool. It seemed to be something really powerful.

Lin Fan looked at this treasure aura. "Seems like it looks attractive, but it's not enough. Fine, I'll just throw everything out and see who'll come for it. But, they'll have to see if they've got the life to get away with it."

'Energy grid line chains, come out!'

Energy grid line chains could be considered as a form of treasure as well. With that, Lin Fan tossed all 60 energy grid line chains of Chen Xuan into the mix of treasures.

An even rougher beam of treasure aura burst out into the sky, creating a strange phenomenon.

A vortex appeared above the sky, with lightning rumbling within it.

This was the process of the formation of a treasure guardian spirit. Once the treasure aura hit a sufficient capacity, it would result in the formation of a treasure guardian spirit catastrophe. If it could tide through the catastrophe, a treasure guardian spirit would be formed. And if it couldn't, all the treasures would disappear into dust.

"Get lost…!" Looking at the skies, Lin Fan slapped his palm outwards.

Suddenly, the entire catastrophe ripped apart and dissipated.

'Yours Truly is here to attract all those greedy f*cks. There was no need to form a treasure guardian spirit.'

With that, a shockwave rippled out in all directions towards the world.

Countless sects felt the vibrations.

Infinite Flower Sect.

Black Water Sect.

Infinite Demon Sect.

Fine Sword Sect.

All sorts of powerful beings were hidden somewhere in the world...

Countless powerful beings were all attracted by that treasure aura that surged up into the sky.

To the strong and powerful, an aura like this was truly captivating.

"Just what sort of powerful treasure has appeared in this world?"

"That seems like it's in the direction of Qiankun Sect. Could Qiankun Sect have obtained something really precious? Not bad, not bad. It's time to go get a share of it."

"Such a brilliant aura! This must be the best treasure that has appeared throughout the history. No matter what, we've got to get our hands on it."


Somewhere in a forbidden ground, a young man was holding a jade bottle. He had cultivated out a pure essence from within it and infused it within his body. After that, as though he was attracted by the beam of light as well, he left the forbidden grounds.

At the same time, in another pitch-black place, a man opened his eyes. This man's body was thick and bulky. Carrying an aura of both Yin and Yang, he reeked of a sinister feeling.


Lin Fan smiled and waited slowly. There was no need for him to go searching before all of these people would send themselves here.

'The remaining eight great sects, Yan Emperor, Heaven Queen... All of you degenerates would definitely not miss this chance for the treasure. But, once you're here, don't think that you can ever leave again.'

Lin Fan took in a deep breath. He had waited for this moment for a long time.

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