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As the skies darkened gradually, Lin Fan thought that the time was about right for him to go have a look.

Ye Shaotian’s condition must have improved by now. The viciousness of was something that Lin Fan understood. No matter what sort of cultivation base one had, strong or weak, as long as one was a man, he would definitely feel the pain. While he could not empathize personally, he understood.

Descending from the Nameless Peak, Lin Fan walked within the sect grounds alone.

Along the way, outer sect disciples who caught a view of him felt a twitch in their crotch, sensing the danger from this man. But that innocent, bright smile coming from Lin Fan made them feel that if they were to run off immediately, it would be rude, and in fact, even more dangerous.

If this guy were to think that they were being too impudent and sent a kick towards their direction, that’d be deadly.

"Junior Master Lin!" greeted the outer sect disciples who were pa.s.sing by politely.

"Hmm…" Lin Fan nodded his head as he acknowledged their politeness. To gain the acknowledgment of these outer sect disciples was worth more than anything else in Lin Fan’s eyes. In their eyes, he must be a great and n.o.ble man for sure.

And as soon as those disciples pa.s.sed Lin Fan, they picked up their pace hastily and hurried off. Once they determined that they were far enough, they would stop and pat their chest while sighing in relief, "Dangerous! That was way too close!"

Anyone who had witnessed the scene from earlier today had the seed of fear implanted into their hearts… Too horrific! The flash of that kick had surpa.s.sed anything, and from Senior Brother Ye’s expression, it had perfectly reflected the deep agony of his little nuggets.

And at this moment, Lin Fan halted to a stop and slapped his thighs. ‘Sh*t! Even if I wanted to visit Ye Shaotian, I don’t even know where he stays at! Sh*t man!’

Surveying his surroundings, Lin Fan caught sight of a disciple far in the distance and hurried ahead.

"Please hold your step, Junior Disciple."

Upon hearing the summon of this voice, the disciple took a leap of joy as he stopped. Especially with the term "Junior Disciple", could it be an elder who was summoning him?

But when he turned around, his face turned pale as a sheet when he realized who was approaching. Entering flight mode, he momentarily tried to flee, but he realized he had nowhere to escape to.

His hands, which were by his sides, moved swiftly to cover his crotch, and those legs which were slightly ajar shut closed immediately, leaving not a single gap within his thighs.

"Junior…Junior Master Lin! Can…I a.s.sist you?" The outer sect disciple stuttered. If this were in the past, upon viewing Lin Fan, this disciple would definitely show no fear. But after what happened today, everyone knew clearly in their hearts. Junior Master Lin was vicious in his attacks. This man was not one to be trifled with. Even someone as strong as Ye Shaotian could meet with such a tragic end, let alone someone of their caliber.

Looking at the terrified disciple, Lin Fan patted him on his shoulders, "Worry not, do I look like I’ll eat you up?"

"Ha…haha! You…kid…Junior Master Lin! I’m just…I’m just too happy to see you!" The outer sect disciple bootlicked Lin Fan’s a.r.s.e, bringing smiles to Lin Fan’s face.

"It’s fine, it’s fine! Yours Truly knows that I’m a proud and n.o.ble figure within your hearts, but there’s no need to be overly excited! I’m a really amicable man, you know? Do you know where Ye Shaotian stays?" Lin Fan smiled. This outer sect disciple need not have stated the obvious.

"Yes! Yes!" The outer sect disciple pointed ahead in the distance and spilled the location. He just wanted to leave as soon as possible. Even standing close to Lin Fan sent shivers down his spine.

"Ah, that’s way too complicated. Come here, bring me there, my Junior Disciple. Yours Truly has some questions he wants to ask as well" Lin Fan could not be bothered trying to remember the left turns, right turns and what not. He might as well save the trouble by letting this boy lead the directions.

"Ahhhh….!" This outer sect disciple was stunned, and he suppressed the tears from spilling out of his eyes. He hated himself deeply for coming out tonight. Everything would have been fine had he stayed at home. In the end, the outer sect disciple could only bite his lips and lead the way silently.

Lin Fan was deep in his thoughts, pondering what he should say once they met. After all, having such a deep wound to his body was bound to leave Ye Shaotian’s heart fragile and weak.

"Junior Master! Here, here’s the place where Ye Shaotian stays!" The outer sect disciple pointed at a house. "If there’s nothing else, your Junior Disciple, me, will take his leave!"

"Yes, go." Lin Fan waved his hand.

Upon hearing this, the outer disciple turned around in a swift motion and walked off without hesitation while picking up his pace. He had to notify everyone else. Junior Master Lin had come to look for Ye Shaotian.

Putting on a smile on his face and arranging his robes, Lin Fan prepared to present the most beautiful side of himself to Ye Shaotian, expressing his sincerest concerns.

Lin Fan intended to give Ye Shaotian a surprise and expected to see the truest side of Junior Disciple Ye, receiving the love and concern of an elder.

Without a sound, he entered the courtyard.

As he got closer, Lin Fan’s heart buzzed.

In his eyes, Ye Shaotian was a genius, albeit with a bad temper. But that was all negotiable. After all, he was just a young man. And just at this moment, a series of ‘Oh’s’ and ‘Ah’s’ resonated from within the house. Lin Fan was taken aback, could something be wrong with Junior Disciple Ye?

Within the house.

Ye Shaotian stood with his birthday suit, revealing a body which was unable to be considered buff, but was relatively defined. And opposing him was the number one genius in the outer sect, Ruo Mengyu.

Just like Ye Shaotian, Ruo Mengyu was in her birthday suit, showcasing that impressive figure to the surrounding air.

"Brother Ye, I am ready" Ruo Mengyu whispered gently.

Ye Shaotian stared at Ruo Mengyu’s perfect figure l.u.s.tfully…

Lin Fan, who was standing outside the house, was dumbfounded towards what was unfolding within the house. Upon his arrival in this world, this was the first time he witnessed such an explosive scene.

And what amazed him equally was Ye Shaotian’s recovery rate! To think that despite being dealt such a blow in the afternoon, he was ready as a bull in the night? Incredible!

Facing this R-rated scene, Lin Fan did not prepare to leave, nor did he think that there was anything wrong with it. In Lin Fan’s eyes, as an elder, he had to naturally show deep concern for the night activities of these juniors.

If the night activities were not harmonious, it would lead to a large amount of stress to the body, unable to be exerted out. Over time, this would build up to a nasty temper, and in worse cases, depression.

"Not bad, not bad. This skill of doggy styling, give and take, this fella’s got half of my skills" Observing Ye Shaotian’s knowledge, Lin Fan nodded his head approvingly, praising him without a single shred of selfishness.

The only thing Lin Fan was unsatisfied about was that this Ye Shaotian was too amateurish. How could he have thrust the blade in immediately without any foreplay? To the experienced Lin Fan who had studied countless relevant films, this was indeed regrettable.

"Wait, not right…"

At this moment, Lin Fan’s face changed. There was something wrong with this scene.





"Ah…!" Ye Shaotian grunted with exhilaration in his eyes. This Ye Shaotian…he was…he was just a three-second wolf!

"Junior Sister Ruo, was it comfortable?" Ye Shaotian asked with satisfaction.

"Yupp! Senior Brother Ye is too powerful! I couldn’t even stand it!" Ruo Mengyu praised while lying on Ye Shaotian’s chest without a single hint of hesitation spread out across that happy face. But those resentful eyes told another story of her inner heart.

f.u.c.k! I had not even gotten started….

Seeing what happened, Lin Fan let out a sigh. His once concerned heart had now nothing left within it.

Filled with regrets, he had not expected Junior Disciple Lin to have such an Unspeakable Flaw. Now that Yours Truly had witnessed it, he could not sit idly by and let this go on. Lin Fan now knew what present he needed for Ye Shaotian.

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