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This single sigh boomed out like thunder that rang out within the hearts of everyone present. Qin Yue'er looked around the void rapidly, trying to seek out this mysterious person.

Amongst the present crowd, there was no lack of Greater celestial full cultivation state powerful beings. In fact, there were even a couple of them who had cultivated over ten Energy Grid Line Chains. But despite that, there was no one who could detect the location of the other party.

Since when has there been such a powerful being that existed within the Xuanhuang World!?

"Sir, may I know who you are? Could you please present yourself?"

w.a.n.g Xiaoliu looked over to the void and cupped his fists.

Towards the safety of his own child, w.a.n.g Xiaoliu still had quite a bit of confidence. While it was evident that he was in the grasp of the other party right now, w.a.n.g Xiaoliu knew that the Heaven's Will of the Xuanhuang World was watching over the w.a.n.g Family.

If there were any danger to their lives, the Heaven's Will would eventually appear to protect their descendants.

All of the delegates that were present exchanged glances with one another. They could only hear that single sigh, yet they could not find any trace of the other party at all.

This was way too incredulous in their minds.

"Old Liu, even you can't sense that?"

One of the delegates asked an elderly person at the side respectfully.

This elderly person had the highest cultivation state out of everyone present, with a full twelve Energy Grid Line Chains to his name. Compared to those Senior Elders of the great sects, he wouldn't be much weaker.

But right now, even Old Liu was frowning. Inevitably, this caused everyone to feel pretty startled.

Looking at everything before him, Lin Fan could not help but feel exasperated in his heart. This w.a.n.g Xiaoming must have been drunk on power. Of all the good things that he could learn, he ended up learning to lead a hedonistic lifestyle.

If not for the fact that Yours Truly had been watching over his back, he would have long been slaughtered outside!


Suddenly, the voice boomed out from the void once more.

However, this time around, everyone was truly flabbergasted.


That was the name of the w.a.n.g Family Head! But ever since the w.a.n.g Family turned so influential, there had been no one who would dare to call him with that name! That was because the name itself sounded so gaudy!

w.a.n.g Xiaoliu's face changed. It seemed as though there was something bugging him at the back of his head, and he was trying to recall it.


The void trembled.

Lin Fan was ready to head out and take responsibility for this scene now.

And when the true body of Lin Fan finally made its way out of the void, all the delegates present at the w.a.n.g Family leaped forth and surrounded him.

Qin Yue'er looked at this n.o.ble figure before her. Even though the other party did not speak at all, those long hair of his that fluttered with the breeze had deeply captivated her heart.

'He's the one who had saved me. But, who in the world is he?' Qin Yue'er's heart was confused as she could not help but start imagining things.

Right now, Lin Fan's cultivation state was that of a Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state. The aura he gave off was far from any normal beings.

Everywhere he stood would naturally turn into the center of attraction for the world.

"Who are you? Why are you here at the w.a.n.g Family to act so insolently?" The faces of the delegates right now were cautious. They knew that this young man before them was far from simple.

"All of you, make way!"

At this moment, w.a.n.g Xiaoliu peeled the crowd away from him as he looked at this man emotionally. This familiar face was one that w.a.n.g Xiaoliu would not forget for the rest of his life!

But now that he was appearing before them once more, everything had w.a.n.g Xiaoliu feeling so surreal!

Ever since the w.a.n.g Family had been established, w.a.n.g Xiaoliu had tried scouting out for news. Eventually, he got to know everything he needed to know.

As such, he thought that there wasn't going to be any chance for him to meet with this man ever again for the rest of his life. But, to think that he would appear before his eyes so realistically once more!

"w.a.n.g Family Head, be careful." Old Liu warned him warily.

Old Liu was filled with grat.i.tude towards this w.a.n.g Family Head. Back when he was being hunted down, he had escaped here and managed to seek asylum with the w.a.n.g Family. From then on, he became one of their delegates.

At the same time, the w.a.n.g Family had even produced a large amount of resources for him to cultivate. This was something that Old Liu could never repay.

w.a.n.g Xiaoliu waved his hands off, "It's alright. If he truly wanted to kill me, there would be no one in this world who could stop him."

The moment these words of w.a.n.g Xiaoliu were spoken out, the ma.s.ses were startled once more. After that, they looked at this young man with an immensely curious gaze.

Who in the world is this young man such that the w.a.n.g Family Head would speak of such words? There shouldn't be someone with those capabilities in the Xuanhuang world, right?

"Big brother…!"

w.a.n.g Xiaoliu's eyes were reddened as he spoke with a croaky hoa.r.s.e voice.


At this moment, everyone seemed as though they had misheard him.

What did the w.a.n.g Family Head just call this young man?!

'Big brother?'

At this moment, everyone's attentions were flushed onto Lin Fan. This was something that was inconceivable!

At this moment, Qin Yue'er's heart suddenly sank. To think that this young man would be acquaintances with the w.a.n.g Family! T-this…!!!

"U-uncle Lin?" w.a.n.g Xiaoming who was being hung up in the air suddenly returned to his senses. He then looked at this young man in bewilderment.

A flood of emotions burst forth from within his heart while a series of images gushed right through into his mind.

At this moment, w.a.n.g Xiaoming finally recalled, "Uncle Lin! I am Xiaoming! I'm bullied by this stinky b*tch! You have to stand up for me!"

Even though w.a.n.g Xiaoming had only met Uncle Lin once in his life, he would always remember one thing.

Back when he was young, Uncle Lin had once fondled his head!

"And it's precisely because you're Xiaoming that you're even having the chance to speak right now. Otherwise, you would already be a dead corpse." Lin Fan scolded harshly.

He had not expected that just a few years of absence had caused that once pure and innocent w.a.n.g Xiaoming to turn into a hedonistic man.

This was way too speechless for Lin Fan!

"Uncle Lin, please don't scare me! Xiaoming knows of his mistakes now!" The moment he heard these words, he started bawling out in tears. This was especially so after he caught sight of that stern expression of Lin Fan. It got him so scared his little heart was thumping furiously.

When Lin Fan caught sight of the situation before him, he chuckled out.

Whether or not this was a hedonistic boy, it didn't matter to him. After all, he wasn't all that good of a man either. So what if this boy had turned out to be hedonistic?

Lin Fan chuckled and walked forth before patting on w.a.n.g Xiaoming's head just like when he was a young child. This was a feeling that was ever so familiar for w.a.n.g Xiaoming.

'Ding…Discovered Eternally Hated Body of the Destined Child.'

Lin Fan had wanted to say something, but he shut up all of a sudden.

That calm heart of his had suddenly started thumping furiously once more.

What in the world was this system saying?

'Eternally Hated Body of the Destined Child: Within the universe, there are many living beings that carry forth with them the power of the universe. One that gathers a huge amount of fortune would be considered as a Destined Child. There is a myriad of different types of Destined Child bodies. But amongst all of these Destined Children, they have a Destined Foe. This Destined Foe would be born with a face of mockery that could allow all the Destined Children to work their hardest to raise their own cultivation states. And this is the Eternally Hated Body of the Destined Child.'


Lin Fan was stunned. This was the first time he had come across such a body type! However, that was not right either! How could w.a.n.g Xiaoming possess such a body type?

Lin Fan checked out w.a.n.g Xiaoming carefully. And at this moment, w.a.n.g Xiaoming felt the back of his hair standing up, feeling a bad feeling from this.

'That's right! It must be because I must have given w.a.n.g Xiaoming too much fortune back then! As the saying goes, too much of a good thing is bad as well. Initially, with the backing of Yours Truly, w.a.n.g Xiaoming was destined to lead the life of a main character. However, because I gave him way too much, it ended up having the opposite effect, and he is now the Destined Foe out of all the Destined Children out there!'

For all the Destined Children out there, w.a.n.g Xiaoming was just like a whip. From time to time, he would lash at them, allowing them to unleash their potentials and work hard at cultivating!

In order to prove this theory in his mind, Lin Fan cast his sights at Qin Yue'er.

And this single look was more than enough to prove Lin Fan's guess.

Qin Yue'er's potential was immensely high, and there was a strain of consciousness deep within her that was in slumber. At the same time, that unyielding character of hers was entirely befitting of being a Destined Child!

At this moment, Lin Fan was speechless. To think that things would turn out as such!

However, it didn't take long before Lin Fan's mind started whirling as he had just thought out of a grand and ambitious plan.

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