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"Senior brother Ye looks in major pain." Those disciples looked at Ye Shaotian’s faces and were stunned.

"Yes, Senior brother Ye is crying. I have never seen him crying."

"That kick is scary. If it hit me, I would probably die."


The disciples looked at Lin Fan in fear. He was too strong. Ye Shaotian just recovered to his peak level, but he was in a huge pain right now.

His suffering made everyone who was watching hard to breathe.

Scary, too scary…

"Grand master..." Feng Bujue looked at Lin Fan with fear. He had seen that kick clearly, quick, precise, and powerful. He attacked with no hesitation, he must be a veteran. Feng Bujue did not dare to say anything. He was frightened, if the grand master attacked him, he would suffer some heavy consequences.

Lin Fan looked at Feng Bujue and Ye Shaotian. Ye Shaotian looked at Lin Fan with his red eyes. It seemed like Lin Fan had killed his father.

"Retreat..." Lin Fan turned around and ran away quickly. Feng Bujue was going to say something, but the grand master is retreating, so he had no choice but to follow.

‘This is bad, this is too bad.’


"Brother Ye..." Ruo Mengyu was worried about him and tried to check him out.

"Do not touch me... do not touch me." Ye Shaotian felt his soul going up and down like a roller coaster. He felt bad, really bad. Ruo Mengyu had no idea whether she should touch Ye Shaotian or not. She stared at Lin Fan with hatred.


Lin Fan returned to the unnamed mountain and finally felt relieved. He knew he had made another enemy. Now, there was no good disciple in the Saint Devil Sect. He had to do everything by himself. But that was not how a grand master should act.

Lin Fan thought Feng Bujue’s level was good, and he was hardworking. He really liked Feng Bujue, and was very satisfied. The key was that Feng Bujue had nowhere to go. Under his care, Feng Bujue would listen to him eventually.

"Grand master, you are back." Zhang Ergou, who is overseeing the weed removal job, saw Lin Fan and ran to him in excitement.

"Em." Lin Fan nodded. He saw those disciples working hard in the weed fields. They did not slack off at all. The progress was also good. The work seemed like it would be done after a few days.

"Grand master, is this the sect?" Feng Bujue looked at the mountain. He knew the mountain was poor and deserted, but he did not know it was that bad.

That two-story tall wooden house made Feng Bujue depressed.

"Yes, not bad right?" Lin Fan said proudly. Everything was in progress, and the sect would transform soon.

Feng Bujue looked at the grand master and answered, "Sure."

This "sure" includes many meanings, such as ‘I give up’, ‘Never mind’, and ‘I will take it’.

At least he could still stay in the Glory Sect.

Lin Fan was happy, this was his sect. When the Saint Devil Sect would become the strongest sect in Xuanhuang World, he would have all the honor.

‘Senior brothers, do you see me now? I am great.’

"Grand master, where should I live?" Feng Bujue said.

He probably could not live in the outer sect anymore. He would have to only stay on the mountain.

"You...you…." Lin Fan did not know what to say and looked around, "Go and cut down some trees, build a house right next to mine."

"Ah..."Feng Bujue stopped, he needed to build his own house?

"Rely on yourself, feed yourself. In order to train, you have to train and take care of yourself. If one day you are in the deep forest, what will happen?" Lin Fan said with a serious tone shamelessly.

Feng Bujue was scared, "Grand master, I understand."

"En." Lin Fan nodded, but his mind was running, ‘This place only has weeds, if you do not work, should I do that?’


Later, Lin Fan went back to his wooden house. He was still confused about that kick attack. A simple kick could be a martial skill, that was surprising.

After the system had updated, Lin Fan was getting more and more confused. Lin Fan checked the status of Ball Kicking, this skill was so inhumane.

"Ball Kicking has no level, the secret is a sneak attack. This skill only works on men. There are many nerve systems in lower part of a man’s body. This skill can disable a man quickly. Light effect: anger enemy. Heavy effect: disable enemy. The skill can be upgraded."

Lin Fan was convinced. This skill was not on the panel, but when he thought about it, it showed up in his mind. The use of the skill was surprising.

This was a double-edged sword.

Light effect: anger enemy. Heavy effect: disable enemy.

Lin Fan thought for a while, this actually made sense.

The skill indeed did cause pain. But if the pain were light, it would make people crazy.

Well, well…

Lin Fan was fine with the skill, and the upgrades were interesting. But, he did not know how it could get upgraded.

Lin Fan thought that he should go pay Ye Shaotian a visit. Although he was arrogant, he looked really pained at that time.

He would see Ye Shaotian in the future in the sect, so visiting was appropriate indeed.

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