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“Hehe, running around for so long, this little devil is very ferocious ah!” The yellow alien’s face was very sinister, it licked its lips, exposing sharp teeth.

“Wuwu, don’t eat me…”

Myers was finally forced to a corner. She tried to force herself against the wall, but there was nowhere to go.

The little girl closed her eyes in panic. Immediately after a "puchi" sound appeared, followed by the sound of blood dripping to the ground as well as a painful scream. Surprised, Myers opened her eyes and found a tall and straight figure standing in front of her.

“Ah, it’s you!” Myers screamed in surprise as she saw the other’s appearance. She did not expect that the person who would save her would be Master Adri’s nephew!

After experiencing the greatest fear of her life, different kinds of feelings were bubbling up in her heart. And suddenly a familiar person appearing in front of her, Myers couldn’t help but rush forward and bitterly cry.

Myers talent is outstanding and is one of the few people Xiaya plans to evacuate, he will definitely not allow her to die before Planet Vegeta is destroyed.

“There, there, Now obediently stay by my side. Right now, it is very dangerous everywhere on Planet Vegeta.” Patting her head gently, Xiaya comforted her.

He could not stand the crying of a little child.

“I went to look for Master Adri in these months, but he was not at home….. And suddenly today it became like that, so many people want to kill me…”

Myers recovered from the nervousness and looked at Xiaya with her bright red eyes. Although she did not like Xiaya very much, and arrogantly believe that Xiaya is only an insignificant Mid-level Warrior, but right now only staying by his side gives her a sense of security.

“Uncle Adri, they are somewhere else!” Xiaya looked at the broken city and heaved a sigh: “Frieza’s purpose is to kill all the Saiyans. So, we can’t stay here anymore.”

Next, Xiaya led Myers and walked on the road. Myers turned silent and timidly followed by his side. Xiaya glanced at her while thinking in his heart, this brat is really badly frightened.

Among the city enveloped in flames of war, Xiaya and Myers, one small and one big figure were particularly attention-grabbing. When the aliens saw them, it was exactly like beasts seeing their prey, they rushed towards them and started attacking them.

And whenever this happens, Xiaya only waved his fists without saying anything. His seemingly casual attack would always kill them. Soon, the number of Aliens who died in Xiaya’s hands exceeded 10,000.

These aliens at least have more than 2000 Battle Power but they aren’t even Xiaya’s match, Myers looked on with an inconceivable expression with her little mouth opened wide.

As more and more aliens died in Xiaya's hands, Myers gradually became numb.

At this moment, she discovered that Xiaya is much, much stronger than her. Seeing Xiaya’s light and casual manner, Myers’s eyes turned brighter and brighter, her small eyes filled with worship.

“Hey, how powerful are you? Why are these aliens not your match?” Myers grabbed his hand with a hint of excitement as her whole body swinging from his body. Her previous dissatisfactions from before suddenly disappearing.

Xiya continued to walk forward. “Naturally, you will know this later. Right, why were you running around by yourself, and where are your parents?”

Myers pouted, somewhat dissatisfied: “Who knows where they have run to? I had only rushed out to take a look when I heard sounds of explosion and saw those aliens viciously slaughtering Saiyans. I killed a few weak aliens, and then I was hunted down all the way by that alien from earlier.”

“Wu, that Alien was very powerful and keep chasing me …”

Recalling the dangerous situation from before, Myers’s legs were still a little weak, and if it were not for Xiaya’s timely arrival then she would have been already killed by that disgusting alien.

Myers’s parents should have summoned by King Vegeta, Xiaya thought in his heart. Myers’s parents were completely Saiyan-nature. At this time, they must have responded to King Vegeta’s summons and went to fight against Frieza Corps.

Anyway, Myers was able to kill an alien of not so ordinary Battle Power at such a young age. Although there may be an element of sneak attack, it is already very amazing.

Just as Xiaya brought Myers along to destroy the aliens on Planet Vegeta. Within the vast universe, a bright and colorful flower blossomed in the outer s.p.a.ce.

Saiyan’s High-level Warriors had already encountered Frieza’s First Corps and had a fierce confrontation with them.

Fighting in the outer s.p.a.ce has natural restrictions on Saiyan. Because Saiyan could not survive in s.p.a.ce, they could only wrap their body with energy and stay there for a short period, it is an additional risk in a dangerous battle.

Many Saiyans could not persist, and one by one lost their lives under alien’s big cannons. The corpse would float in s.p.a.ce, and was then burned into ashes by energy cannons that were firing around everywhere.

Every Saiyans eyes were red with murder, and were charging forward without regard for safety. Hence, in the dark and quiet starry-sky, there were bright orange dots appearing in the surroundings with the dark red Planet Vegeta as the background… everything looked very cruel.

Not far from them, disk-shaped s.p.a.ceships were spread out all over the place.

Shortly after the first and second corps launched attacks, the aliens of the third and fourth corps also joined the battle. A concentrated group of aliens dressed in armor and armed with energy cannons swarmed out like locusts and flew over while forming a dense ma.s.s covering everything.

Soon, the outer s.p.a.ce of Planet Vegeta was flashing with flames and lightning.

In a flash, half an hour went by, there were already numerous Saiyans who had died on the battlefield. Watching the Saiyan warriors who were still running forward while covered with cuts and bruises, Bardock’s eyes were covered with tears. Is this not the scene he saw on Planet Kana.s.sa?


Bardock gnashed his teeth with anger.

He roared, his body erupting with a thick golden Ki, the thick energy wall covered his body in raging flames. Bardock’s ice-cold, bone-chilling eyes stared intently towards Frieza’s direction.

boom! boom! boom!

Bardock moved, his body turned into an afterimage and quickly arriving to the front of an alien before crazily throwing the energy ball in his hand.

“So fast!”

Seeing Bardock fight, the large number of aliens in the surroundings had a huge change in their complexion before they retreated back. However, there were few bold aliens who did not retreated but advanced forward and surrounded Bardock in groups of threes or four while some even rushed forward and held him tight.


Roar, a dazzling light flashed.

Bardock’s body erupted with a tremendous amount of energy. The aliens, who were holding his body were blown away as the energy waves wildly raged while the aliens, who were in the range of 100 meters were burnt into powder.

“Well done!”

“Long live Sir Bardock!”

“Everyone rush forward and kill those d.a.m.n aliens!”

“For Saiyan’s honor…”

Greatly encouraged, every Saiyan rushed toward the Frieza Corps as if they were injected with chicken blood. The dazzling flashes suddenly rose, and the rumbling explosion echoed in the ears. When some Saiyans knew that they could not defeat their opponent, they would take down their opponents with self-detonation.

Watching Saiyans killing their opponents using their lives, Bardock felt as if a knife was piercing his heart. Thus, his attacks became even more merciless. Snap! Grabbing the leg of an alien before him, he exerted force and forcibly broke it by twisting.

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