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Chapter 54
Chapter 54 *Hidden*

Translator- DM

Xiaya slightly parted his lips and coldly spit out a few words: “TIME, STOP!”

Yes, he can’t wait any longer. There is a very big disparity between him and Zarbon, and he obviously can’t make up for this disparity. But who made a rule that the fighting must be based on the level of Battle Power?

This is not swapping pointers, but matter of life and death, so resorting to other methods is allowed!

Suddenly, the entire planet turned into a blue world and everything on Planet Feidaya paused.

It was the second time that Xiaya has used his Time Superpower against an enemy, the first time was against ‘Xiling’ Body-Transformed into Great Ape, and this is the second time!

Time Superpower is different from s.p.a.ce Superpower, as there is no significant improvement in it over the past few years and with his current Battle Power it could only pause time for 3 seconds, nothing more. Moreover, the paused time will be shortened by different degrees according to the strength of the target who is being paused.

Sure enough, after bringing Zarbon, whose Battle Power had reached 25,000 into the Time Pause range, the energy inside his body rapidly depleted. Thus, I reckon that time will only be paused for a maximum of two seconds.

Only 2 seconds! It is basically the time pause limit!

But it is enough!

With a rough estimate in mind, Xiaya’s body became a ray of light, and in the blink of an eye arrived before Zarbon.

In the icy-blue world, everything except Xiaya was still. In mid-air, Zarbon was paused with a stunned face, the ugly toad was looking forward with an expressionless face.

Because Zarbon’s energy was too strong, he didn’t dare to be the slightest bit negligent according to his current capabilities. So, he didn’t make any unnecessary moves and directly extended his hand, sticking his palm at the place of Zarbon’s heart.

A cold and stern light flashed through his eyes, and Xiaya forcefully bent his five fingers lightly, and his body’s energy quickly converged to the palm of his hand, a dazzling color immediately appearing on the center of his palm.

With a tremble, an energy ball was continuously being compressed in the palm of his hand.

Chi Chi!

The vast energy agglomerated into a peanut-sized bright white light, surrounded by twirling faint blue electric arcs.

Crackle, the arcs continuously flashed.

The little white flash has agglomerated more than half of the energy from his whole body and after going through the maximum compression, it’s might have increased by more than hundredfold! He is sure that if this small flash of energy erupts, it would be sufficient to destroy everything within ten kilometers of its diameter.

“Zarbon, go to h.e.l.l.”

A cold voice sounded and Xiaya looked at Zarbon, expressionless.

Huala! The ice-blue world suddenly shattered.

At this time, Zarbon recovered his perception, for him time was never paused. From his perspective, only the enemy which should have been standing in front of him had unknowingly disappeared.

An unknown foreboding emerged from the bottom of his heart, he instinctively regained his mind and felt an indescribable tremble.


A small finger and a fine beam of light pierced through his chest, and then came out from his back. Suddenly feeling a sharp pain in his heart, Zarbon slowly lowered his head, and what welcomed him was the two dark icy-eyes of Xiaya.

How is he in front of my chest? Perplexed, Zarbon opened his mouth and then looked down, the heart’s position was burned black, and the smell of hot blood and cooked meat unceasingly flowed outward.

His heart was penetrated?

Zarbon found it hard to believe.

If the heart is punctured, for the vast majority of the living creatures in the universe, it would only have one common outcome – that is death! Zarbon’s physique was not st.u.r.dy enough to survive after the heart was crushed…

How could this be? His eyes suddenly widened.

He could not understand, how did this small brat standing opposite him did it!

His Adam’s apple moved, and blood spurted out from his throat, due to lack of oxygen an uncontrolled burst of dizziness appeared in his brain. He opened and closed his lips, his words full of unwillingness: “Who could have thought that I, Zarbon would unexpectedly die at the hands of a n.o.body……”

“You can only blame yourself for being too arrogant.” Xiaya coldly said.

He could only defeat Zarbon because of many coincidences. If Zarbon hadn’t underestimated the enemy from the start and had wanted to play the cat and mouse game, instead had used all of his strength, Xiaya wouldn’t have gotten the chance to activate superpower.

“Ha ha ha, Right, I was too arrogant. cough, cough …I am not willing! However, King Frieza will not let you off……” Zarbon spit out a mouthful of blood, his consciousness beginning to get blurry.

Who would have thought that as an important henchman of King Frieza, he would die on such an unknown planet.


Zarbon’s body started to swell and violently exploded, his flesh and blood turning into flying ash.

Xiaya sighed, the lion still utilizes his full strength when fighting rabbit, underestimating the enemy on the battlefield is an absolutely NO. Zarbon’s fate given him the alarm. No matter how strong the opponent, you have to at least to keep vigilance in the heart. Just as Zarbon had said, he died very unjustly!

If he wasn’t careless before, if Xiaya didn’t have so many strange Superpowers, if Xiaya hadn’t eaten Senzu Bean at the last moment, then the result may not be this.

Unfortunately, there is no if!

Few dozen kilometers away, those Aliens, who accompanied Zarbon, saw with their own eyes that the overbearing Sir Zarbon had died at the hands of the youngster. Everyone was muddleheaded, looking ahead with a lifeless look in their eyes. For a moment, the scene had sunk into silence.

After a while, an Alien who had hairs growing on his entire body reacted, shouting in astonishment:

“Sir Zarbon is dead!”

“Ah, Sir Zarbon is dead …”

With a loud shout, the panic suddenly spread out, the Aliens screamed and looked at Xiaya with eyes full of fear, and then everyone fled in all directions to escape.

But how can Xiaya let them escape? Dealing with this kind of small fishes of Battle Power one or two thousand, he doesn’t need to expend too much strength!

With a flash, Xiaya’s body appeared in front of the Aliens, “You people have also done many bad things, so you can all go to h.e.l.l with Zarbon!”

Speaking, his palm lightly moved in the air and boundless energy spread out to the surroundings in the sky as magical ripples.

The Aliens body immediately became immobile, strangely confined in midair.


Deep dark-red cracks appeared in mid-air, and then like a prehistoric giant beast opening his ferocious mouth to take a bite, soon the dozens of Aliens were swallowed into the cracks.

All these deep cracks were s.p.a.ce fragments, feeling unpleasant inside, after some seconds the Aliens were all crushed into powder from the s.p.a.ce force!

“Hu, All done!” Xiaya clapped his hand and the deep cracks immediately disappeared.

Landing on the ground that had been changed beyond recognition from the previous fight, the scorched earth seemed to have just undergone numerous bombings of huge tons of nuclear bombs. The huge uneven craters of several thousand meters diameters were spread out everywhere in the surroundings and boiling lava was gushing out from the center.

After a attack from s.p.a.ce by Zarbon and his fierce battle with Xiaya, Planet Feidaya’s tectonic plates have completely loosened and are expected to slide inevitably into the earth’s mantle soon.

This planet is expected to become the scene of purgatory in a short period of time and is no longer suitable for living.

Resting for a while on a half-person sized stone, Xiaya had completely recovered his strength, and then he searched for the remaining Alien Aura’s on Planet Feidaya.

In addition to Aliens who had accompanied Zarbon, there were about a dozen Aliens still scattered around in various places, among which there were several people with maximum Battle Power 3,000.

“To weed out the gra.s.s, remove the roots!” Xiaya thought for a moment and teleported to the Aliens.

When those Aliens saw Xiaya suddenly appearing, it was as if they had seen a prey, they didn’t pay any attention to him and scrambled to be the first one to kill him. It goes without saying what was the result of those Aliens, Xiaya threw them all inside the s.p.a.ce cracks.

A few minutes later, Xiaya had killed all the Aliens on Planet Feidaya.

Suddenly losing several hundreds of Frieza Corps soldiers, especially Zarbon, a senior member. Don’t know what kind of expression Frieza will have after finding out this news? Xiaya inwardly thought, feeling delighted.

However, with Frieza’s temperament it is impossible for him to feel even a little bit sad, but feeling anger, however, is certain.

Thinking of the sight of Frieza angrily throwing down his wine gla.s.s, Xiaya felt cheerful in his heart.

Chapter 54 Zarbon’s Death

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