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Chapter 48
Chapter 48 Planet Feidaya

Translator- DM

On the other hand, after leaving the team, Xiaya pa.s.sed through the lush pristine rainforest while killing the several native beasts with Energy waves who wanted to attack him. He carefully observed the surrounding environment, and after determining that no one was around, he maneuvered in his mind and launched Instant Transmission……

At a distance of seven-day flight from Planet Longju, a tiny silver-gray planet was revolving around the sun periodically.

The planet was surrounded by two silver haloes that were mutually intertwined. The similarly bright colors made Planet Feidaya look like a huge pearl adorned with two intertwined coils, appearing exceptionally gorgeous from far away in the distant starry sky.

The two mutually intertwined silver halos were actually two intertwined s.p.a.ce corridors surrounding the planet at ninety degrees perpendicular and were constructed by Feidaya people using the highest technology.

However, at this time, the two magnificent long silver snakes were slightly tilted. The alloy parts at several intersections had collapsed. From time to time, several booming sounds of violent explosions were coming and crimson flames and plumes of smoke continuously rose from inside the s.p.a.ce corridors.

Planet Feidaya’s surface, a huge lithospheric plate was disorderly floating above the planet’s mantle and the boiling hot lava was emitting hot black smoke. Thousands of meters tall lava could be seen flowing upwards everywhere, and the lava falling down from the sky became lava rain, and then again submerged into the planet, continued flowing along the low-lying plate into the earth’s mantle.

“The natural disaster on Planet Feidaya is actually so serious!”

Xiaya was stunned by the scene in front of him, where is this natural disaster ah! It’s clearly the result of the planet colliding with a large object!

“No, if something was coming towards the planet from outer s.p.a.ce, the advanced technology of Feidaya race should have discovered the thing early on. But, this scene is showing that Feidaya race didn’t even have the time to react and the ground’s surface was destroyed like this!”

The suspicions in Xiaya’s heart grew, he quickly ruled out the possibility of collision with something from outer s.p.a.ce as the earth’s core sudden change wouldn’t have been so fast.

“Someone must have attacked Planet Feidaya!” Xiaya suddenly reacted, it must have been caused by a huge energy attack.

What kind of energy attack can cause such huge damage to the planet? It must be known that Planet Feidaya is a huge hard sh.e.l.l, and all the weak areas have gone through high-tech reinforcement!

Even so, it was still destroyed like this!

Xiaya’s face turned serious, inflicting such a huge damage, the attacker’s strength must be not small, probably more than 10000 Battle Power.

In the universe, 10000 Battle Power is a dividing line. Under 10,000 Battle Power, even a large-scale attack at best can only kill the species on the planet. It is not that easy to completely destroy the entire planet.

Only the attack of a powerhouse above 10000 Battle Power can cause such a serious damage to Planet Feidaya, and what’s more, if someone of Frieza’s level had attacked at full power, then he could have wiped out the entire planet from the universe.

Xiaya couldn’t help but force a smile, he just wanted to subdue a group of high-tech talents as subordinates, didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.

“However, this is also good. Faced with this disaster, the difficulty of subduing them can also decrease.”

Afterward, Xiaya seriously began to perceive the energy responses on Planet Feidaya


Soon, he perceived innumerable weak Aura’s on the planet, these should be the native race of Planet Feidaya—–Feidaya, and also the goal that he is looking for.

The Feidaya race people’s Ki was very weak, each one was like a small candle, shining brilliantly in front of the berserk power shrouding the whole planet and could be extinguished any time in this doomsday like dangerous situation. In addition to the natives energy reactions, he also perceived several hundreds of powerful Auras.

The Aura’s are all above 1000 Battle Power, and some have even reached 3000 Battle Power.

“Sure enough, Planet Feidaya is being attacked by foreign forces!” Xiaya opened his eyes after a long while, his face showing a clear understanding look.


Farther away, an unusually powerful Aura entered Xiaya’s perceiving range.

“That Ki……”

Xiaya’s face suddenly became grave, an ice-cold feeling swept over him after feeling that Ki, as if suddenly detecting a giant ice cube, this feeling … even though it was several thousands of kilometers apart it clearly made him feel a slight chill.

“Such an evil Aura, and the Ki is even stronger than mine, at least 20,000 Battle Power!”

Xiaya was taken aback, this is probably the most powerful energy he came across after coming to Dragon Ball World.

And around that Ki, there were also fluctuations of dozens of energy sources of Battle Power exceeding 1000.

“It seems that others had already fixed their attention on this planet. But so much time has pa.s.sed, why haven’t they annihilated the natives of Planet Feidaya yet, are they looking for something?”

A lot of questions flashed through his mind, Xiaya immediately converged the Aura on his body. At this moment, he has to be very careful and absolutely cannot be discovered by them.

Pa.s.sing non-stop through the wrecked cities that were spewing lava, Xiaya’s figure appeared at an empty public square in the capital city. The huge statues located in the middle of the square were toppled to the ground, broken into several pieces.

This was a vast and magnificent outdoor square, but now it was covered with ruins, and the atmosphere of laughter and singing of the past had disappeared from the magnificent square.

Standing in the square, a mournful and melancholic mood sprang up unbidden.

Xiaya couldn’t feel any indications of life here, the people who were originally living had already left.

“It seems like everyone had already run away, huh?”

Xiaya stopped, he sensed a large group of Aura gathered together at three hundred kilometers northeast. There were also powerful auras exceeding 1000 Battle Power emitting martial prowess, and the weak lives were decreasing little by little.

In a huge metal bunker, a short little Feidaya was hiding under the bunker.

Outside, a scaled Alien wearing the traditional Battle Armor was armed with a tubular energy launcher.

A round of dark red energy beam was fired from the launcher.


A huge hole was blasted open in the metal bunker, and the thousands of Feidaya people were immediately exposed to the Alien’s eyes.

“Wow Ka ka, so you were hiding here ah! You sure made me look for you. Now obediently tell me the location of ancient warriors, perhaps this uncle would be willing to make you my subordinate.” The Alien arrogantly said, his skin covered with scales making zizi harsh sounds.

The Feidaya took few steps back, his face full of frightened expression looking desperately at the Alien in the sky.

“We really do not know any ancient warriors, please let us go, at least, let these children live!” A man who looked like the leader stood up and begged.

The Alien hummed twice, spitting out his long tongue similar to a lizard.

“You d.a.m.n lowly dwarves, you dare to lie and deceive me, the clever Sir Jeeta. I am telling you Sir Zarbon has already told us, you Feidaya’s know the whereabouts of ancient warriors.” That Alien called Jeeta suddenly flew into rage.

I, Jeeta, am a clever person, Sir Zarbon had said.

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