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Chapter 35
Chapter 35 Departure

Translator- DM

“How about it, am I now qualified to be your captain?” Xiaya said smilingly. Carrying the halo of “Winner”, his smile appeared very dazzling in the eyes of all Saiyan present.

Shaque shook his head to wake himself up, and then looked at the devastated uneven ground, especially that deep huge hole, and shook his head with a bitter expression: “I always thought that I was outstanding among my peers, even boasting that I am not too bad myself compared to the older Saiyan’s, but who would have thought I was just a frog looking at the sky from the bottom of a well.”

Recalling the rapid attacks from just now, Shaque was completely convinced: “If even you are not qualified to become captain, then who else is qualified!”

Patting on Shaque’s shoulder, Xiaya laughed heartily and said: “Ha ha ha, my name is Xiaya. From now on, the name of our Squad will be Xiaya Squad and you all will be its members. But I will bluntly say it first. Once you join the Squad then you will have to follow orders, or don’t blame me for not showing mercy!

“Rest a.s.sured captain, we will surely obey orders!”

Shaque and others glanced at each other, while repeatedly nodding their head. Saiyan obeying orders of the strong is a matter of course. So long as the captain is not telling them to go and throw away their life then they will strictly carry out the orders.

At the same time a fervent feeling appeared in their heart, with such a powerful captain, would they still need to be afraid of not being able to fully enjoy fighting? Thinking upto here, the several Saiyan’s revealed crazy smiles on their face.

The little bit of unhappiness in Shaque’s heart also disappeared completely.

Saiyan’s are called Fighting Race because in addition to the being a war-addict deep in their bone marrow, their formidable ability to carry out orders also cause other’s to gasp in admiration.

Saiyan’s were heavenly-gifted mercenaries, as long as a mission is announced they will love to finish it. Saiyan’s don’t carry out mission for money, because money doesn’t have any use for them, they just enjoy the pleasure of fighting.

Xiaya come to such a conclusion!

Sometimes he wondered if Saiyan’s were not hired by Frieza forces, but instead directly accepted missions released by the Milky Way System’s direct organization such as s.p.a.ce Police then would Saiyan’s still have such bad reputation.

Shaking his head to clear these unrealistic thoughts, his expression turned serious and said: “Then, next I will explain about this time’s mission. Maybe you already know that our mission destination is Planet Dalia.”

His gaze swept over everyone. Seeing Xiaya mention Planet Dalia, Shaque and everyone’s fervent expression turned serious.

“This is a planet approaching mid-level, which means that we could possibly run into something unexpected at anytime, and if it happens then I am afraid that except me, Xiling and Shaque, all of you will be at very huge risk, especially Lydia and Bailey, as your Battle Power is the lowest you have to be even more careful! ”

“Uh huh!”

“Captain rest a.s.sured, we understand.”

Seeing everyone listening carefully, Xiaya was at ease. He then pointed at Xiling and introduce her to everyone: “Well, this is my sister Xiling, she is also a member of the Squad. Moreover her Battle Power is also not lacking compared to mine! ”

Of course, this strength is after the suppression of Battle Power.

One by one, Shaque and everyone turned their attention to Xiling, eyes full of amazement, especially Anastasia and Angeline. Similarly as female Saiyan&r

squo;s, they were envious of Xiling for having such Battle Power.

“Umm… captain, how old are you and Xiling, and how much is your Battle Power?”

The person speaking was Anastasia who has a tall figure; she was 12 years old and has entered adolescence, with beautiful hair fluttering in the air, her womanly features were clearly highlighted. She looked the most mature among the several Saiyan’s.

Drawing a lovely arc across the mouth, Xiling said in a crisp voice: “I and Xiaya will soon become nine years old. As for Battle Power, Xiaya is 1000, and mine is 970!”

Returning to Planet Vegeta for the past few days, they again raised their Battle Power by a few dozen points.

Although her voice was low, the two conspicuous numbers were defeaning like a sudden clap of thunder, suddenly silencing Anastasia and everyone.

1000 Battle Power, 970 Battle Power!

And age is only … … 9?

The several Saiyan looked at them with disbelief, but that frightening strength from before was still lingering in their minds so they had to believe that everything was real.

“Only nine years old, but you have such high Battle Power. Are you really just a Mid-Level Warrior? Shouldn’t it be High-Level Warrior?” Bailey screamed exaggeratedly, his Battle Power was the lowest among this people, reached 738 Battle Power at 12 years old, this comparison, it was really embarra.s.sing ah!

“Far more than that ah, I feel that even High-level Warrior would not necessarily be so exaggerating … …”

Lydia sighed, pitying their luck.

In fact, their current strength was already not bad. As soon as they reach p.u.b.erty their strength will advance by leaps and bounds, easily reaching more than 2000 Battle Power after adulthood, which will be in the middle among Mid-level Warrior’s.

Only, comparing with some evildoers it was somewhat shocking.

Shaque wryly said: “I originally thought that reaching more than 900 Battle Power at the age of twelve was already very outstanding, but compared to you … uh, it has no way to compare……”


Anastasia and Angeline repeatedly nodded, strongly agreeing with Shaque’s words.

Unconsciously, the relationship between several Saiyan’s got closer. With such a thick “huge wall” like Xiaya and Xiling, the small gap between them looked insignificant. They all now shared a common target.

Unconsciously, they had started to see Xiaya as a great genius similar to King Vegeta’s son.

“Well, let’s go. I think the s.p.a.ce Port side must have prepared our s.p.a.ceship.” Xiaya said as they were talking, his mannerism already of a captain.

“Right, we should go.”

“Go, I am already feeling a little impatient.”

The few Saiyan’s chuckled lightly and then flew in the direction of s.p.a.ce Port. Half an hour later, seven people entered the s.p.a.ce Port’s area, landing one by one, and then were led by guides to the area where their personal s.p.a.cecraft were docked.

On an empty platform, seven spherical s.p.a.cecraft of 2m diameter were orderly docked on a sunken landing site.

Opening their respective s.p.a.cecraft, the several people entered.

After the door closed, Xiaya’s voice appeared in the communication devices: “Let’s set off and wish Xiaya Squad’s first mission to be successful!”

“Set off!”

“Set off!”

Everyone’s reply came from the communication device, and then the seven white spheres emerged from a layer of white light, then very quickly departed Planet Vegeta for the month-long interstellar flight.

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