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Chapter 120
Chapter 120 Is someone invading Planet Hongshan? (Unedited)

Since Saiyans started carrying out missions outside Planet Hongshan, their presence began to appear in the near several starfields. For a time, this caused panic among the neighboring small and weak races as they had heard Saiyan’s vile reputation, and feared that Saiyan’s would invade.

For a while, they waited while trembling in fear, but the expected invasion did not occur. They realized that Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans were different from the rumors, thus they became relieved. And some daring races even tried to get in touch with Saiyans.

An employment relationship similar to protection situation was established.

In this regard, Planet Hongshan also generously accepted and its sphere of influence began to expand. After all, the number of Saiyans right now on Planet Hongshan was small. So, there were not many races that cooperated with Saiyans. Only, from then on, Saiyans reputation in nearby several starfields of Planet Hongshan’s East Area began to spread.


An unending range of mountains pierced straight into the sky, and snow-capped peaks connected with clouds and mist, the scenery was deep and serene. Suddenly, a deafening exploding sound spread throughout the sky before a shadow descended. A s.p.a.ceship slowly descended after pa.s.sing through the clouds.

The rumbling sound suddenly broke the tranquility. “Gu gu gu”, in mountain range’s lush forest the ma.s.sive flock of birds was startled.

A luxurious dark golden s.p.a.ceship resembling a beast that emerged from primeval times directly press down on the

mountain range. With a fierce tremble, the ground suddenly sunk down like soft mud, and the trees directly bent down and snapped. After the s.p.a.ceship stopped and stabilized, five strong and muscular figure emerged from the cabin door.

“Cough, cough, this Planet Hongshan’s air is quite good. It is hard to understand how those Saiyans haven’t destroyed the environment of this planet yet.” Captain Dudunjiya breathed in a mouthful of Planet Hongshan’s air and sighed with emotion.

In his eyes, Saiyan was a boorish and uncivilized race. Those planets which they had gone for expedition, which one of them was not filled with devastation after the war and environment hadn’t greatly degraded. But, this Planet Hongshan has still preserved its pristine scenery, making him somewhat shocked.

“Ha ha ha, after all, Saiyan’s have to rely on this planet to survive, so they may be subjected to some restrictions!” The teammate Jack answered.

Dudunjiya nodded and again looked at the surrounding scenery. Tut tut, not a bad planet. It is somewhat of a pity that it is occupied by Saiyans.

At this time, a green-haired alien Seijin, who was in charge of reconnaissance equipment, operated the detector in his hands and when the detected data was received, he said:

“Planet Hongshan, with a diameter of 6768 kilometers, has 12x the standard gravity, and the ocean area accounts for approximately 67%. And the part of the remaining 33% has polar glaciers, while area suitable for living is 21%.”

This is a

a very standard parameter for multiplying species diversity, and most of the planets that have living beings and abundant food-chain fluctuates about this parameter.

“12x gravity?”

Dudunjiya was surprised and felt the gravity on Planet Hongshan through his senses. Um, it’s really 12x gravity, still it doesn’t mean anything. Because aliens, like them, who have more than 10,000 battle powers, normally live on planets with comparatively much higher gravity. Planet Hongshan’s gravity wasn’t much surprising to them at all.

“Hey, Seijin, quickly check out the situation of Saiyans. My hands are getting itchy.” On the side, Jack laughed and spoke.

“Yes, investigate Saiyan’s situation. Although they are now in a cooperative relationship with Galactic Patrol, we must let them know of Galactic Patrol’s strength and not let them be too arrogant.” Another member called Afude shouted. He was the most addicted to war among Dudunjiya’s defense squad.

The green haired alien Seijin nodded his head and adjusted the wrist.w.a.tch-type detector. With “beep, beep” electronic sounds, a series of Saiyan’s data appeared on the display screen.

It’s just that the numbers were a bit messy, continuously jumping about and looking dazzling, they seem to be gibberish.

Among them, dozens of numbers were even more strange, occasionally rising, and occasionally falling. Suddenly, several of those numbers began to skyrocket, exceeding the range of the detector. Rumble, the detector emitted black smoke due to its operations going beyond range, and burned down.

“What happened, how did the detector get burned?” Dudunjiya loudly shouted.

This detector


This detector was a brand-new product that they had received from Galactic Patrol Organization. Its technology was extremely advanced, and upper limit can measure Battle Power around 50,000! But, then how did such an advanced detector burned down?

“Not clear, it may be device malfunctioning.” Puzzled, Seijin shook his head

“Tch, high-tech stuff is really unreliable!”

They obviously didn’t think of the possibility that computed target was above the detection range, thereby burning the detector, because Saiyan couldn’t even accomplish it during their most flourishing time. How can this current leftover riff-raffs accomplish it?

a.s.sociating with the series of weird gibberish numbers that appeared on the screen before, their hearts concluded that the device has malfunctioned.

But, they would never think that every data that appeared on the screen just now was real, and that continuously changing data was due to the result of those Saiyans trying to control their Ki.

“Boss, what do we do next? Without a detector we have no method to find Saiyan’s position!” Weiss, who had always been prudent, looked towards Dudunjiya.

This is indeed difficult to handle. If I had known earlier, I would have brought several more detectors. Dudunjiya waved his hand and said: “Now, we can only slowly conduct the investigation. Fortunately, this Planet Hongshan is not big. It should be possible to find the traces of Saiyans if we spend some time.”

“Snort, really a bad start!”

“How about this, we would all search in different directions. Once we have found Saiyan’s traces, immediately Saiyan’s traces, immediately use the communicator to inform everyone.” Dudunjiya spat out, they could only use the most stupid method now.


Everyone shouted in reply. Even if they act alone, they absolutely weren’t afraid because each of them has more than 10,000 Battle Power, and were an exceptional expert in the universe.

Hence, the five people were a.s.signed their own task and they searched for the traces of Saiyans in different directions.

At the same time, when the s.p.a.ceship of Dudunjiya entered the atmosphere of Planet Hongshan, Feidaya people in monitoring system at the Guardian Corps observation center had already discovered their presence.

When the five unfamiliar energy sources that entered Planet Hongshan were detected to be above 10,000 energy, Guardian Corps observation center’s alarm suddenly issued a “buzz buzz buzz” urgent sounds.

The members of the Planet Hongshan’s Guardian Corps, who were still in various parts of the city, doing routine training, were all stunned when they received the warning alarm signal. Has someone invaded Planet Hongshan? Their facial expressions became a little funny. Usually, if Saiyans do not invade others, they should be grateful, but unexpectedly they dared to invade Planet Hongshan?

Immediately their faces turned ecstatic.

Someone invaded Planet Hongshan. Isn’t it time to show the Guardian Corps capability?

So, these Saiyans who has stayed on Planet Hongshan and did not leave for mission, were feeling excited as they began to stretch their tightened bones and muscles and energetically rushed towards the Guardian Corps observation center.

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