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Translator- DM

Strong experts arrogance is something that Xiaya is not able to understand. In his eyes, no matter how unremarkable the opponent is, you should fight at full strength to deal with them. Because it is possible that you could run into an opponent who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and suffer unexpected failure due to carelessness.

Maybe… It is because they have not encountered any disadvantageous situation in the past that it has caused strong experts like Frieza and Cooler to always have a ‘playing around’ att.i.tude against their enemy during battle.

Looking with a dignified face towards Cooler who was floating in the sky, he quietly chewed the senzu beans that he had kept before in his mouth and swallowed. Xiaya clenched his teeth and suddenly burst into crazy laughter. Then, a new wave of fighting began once again.

Rumble! Rumble! !

The air was still pervaded with sour odors. Thin gaseous clouds divided the blue sky into two parts. It was as beautiful as a dream.


A b.l.o.o.d.y sword spurted out, and Xiaya’s body rapidly flew like a cannonball while the surrounding air issued whistling friction sounds. Rumble! Wherever the shock waves pa.s.sed, all the obstructing forests and rivers were destroyed. Innumerable trees and vegetation were snapped and swept away into the sky.

He once again spread out his hands to stop in mid-air. At this moment, Xiaya’s aura was a lot weaker than before and was heavily panting, looking somewhat fatigued. And in stark contrast to him, Cooler expression was relaxed and at ease, without any fatigue at all.

With a demonic laughter, Cooler slowly floated over with hands behind his back. He arrived at a place only a dozen or more meters away from Xiaya, and looked at him with interest. Everyone from the powerful Frost Demon race has a similar nature to Cooler’s because they are born with a large reservoir of energy, so they have never been on brink of death.

Therefore, they especially like to look at other living beings struggling with life and death. It makes them delighted from the bottom of the heart!

Xiu! Cooler’s silhouette once again disappeared, and again appeared in front of Xiaya before kicking towards his chest. Immediately, Xiaya crossed his arms and caught the foot, but when blocking the foot, Xiaya’s countenance abruptly changed as the rich explosive force was not easy to neutralize.

Xiaya’s body was kicked flying far into the distance. If not because of the tempering his body had gone through with the help of s.p.a.ce-time force, making it unusually strong, then that kick just now would have broken his hands.

“So powerful!” Feeling his entire hand still tingling, Xiaya bared his teeth, and several ideas flashed through his mind but ultimately he could only force a smile.

“Resisting strength with strength will not work. I can only look for other methods!” After this thought just appeared, a silvery grey light flashed in his eyes. Xiaya understood that he was not Cooler’s opponent at all. So, before it’s too late he should use his decisive skill.

“s.p.a.cetime Freeze!”

Suddenly, an icy blue world covered the entire planet.

This move of his was much more powerful than his previous “Time Freeze” by numerous times. For a moment, the whole Planet Picchu’s time and s.p.a.ce simultaneously stagnated.

In the icy blue world, Aiolos and other aliens heads were raised with a calm expression. They were still living in their timeline while not even knowing that their actual s.p.a.ce-time had been stooped.

Not far away, the proud and aloof Cooler was stagnated in mid-air with a sneer still hanging at the corners of his mouth.

“After bringing Cooler into s.p.a.ce-time Freeze, the energy consumption is really so fast. I have to act quickly!”

The rapid energy consumption didn’t give him too much time to ponder because Cooler’s energy was too high. Just as the sun attracts earth to rotate around it, if it is reversed and the sun is made to rotate around the earth, it would hardly be possible.

He instinctively deduced that s.p.a.ce-time Freeze’s time, perhaps wouldn’t even reach one second.

But at this time, something unexpected occurred. Cooler’s eyes which were stagnated in s.p.a.ce-time suddenly moved, and then a frightening and earth-shattering imposing aura swept out in all directions. Crack! The crystal clear ice blue world suddenly cracked like a smooth mirror!

"Not good!" A shocked expression flashed by on Xiaya's face. He didn't think that Cooler could break free of s.p.a.ce-time restriction.

To Cooler, who is nearly a thousand times more powerful than him compared to his restriction power, Xiaya’s ability was still out of reach, and they are a little bit worse.

Regarding Cooler who was 1000 times more powerful than him at restraining strength, Xiaya’s ability, in the end, was still worse than his, by a small margin.

Small cracks started to originate from middle and then extended out in all directions. Soon, the ice-blue world became pieces of fluorescent sparkling crystal and the seemingly colorful, shining tiny fragments slowly disappeared with the wind…


An intense backlash occurred, and he felt sky and earth spinning around while his blood vessels seemingly burst open. Puchi, a big mouthful of blood spurt out. For a moment, Xiaya spirit was feeling listless.

“Cooler is so powerful that even s.p.a.ce-time ability can’t restrict him!”

A shocked expression flashed past his face. He removed the blood stains at the corners of his mouth. As his s.p.a.ce-time was forcibly shattered, it was much more difficult to withstand than when Zarbon had broken his s.p.a.ce ability. Looking deathly pale, Xiaya bitterly laughed.

This was his decisive skill used when under pressure. It was precisely because that he had this type of skill that he dared to stay and fight Cooler while still knowing that the disparity between them was so big. Now that even his s.p.a.ce-time ability was not working, then there was no meaning in staying at all. He can only search for a method to escape.

“Oh? What magical skill is that? You used some strange move just now, right? Tut tut, it unexpectedly made me lose my senses. I’m really becoming more and more interested.” Cooler coldly smiled and his body turned into a stream of light. In an instant, he once again arrived beside Xiaya.

“Not good!”

Many thoughts flashed through his mind, Xiaya’s face continuously changed, but regarding Cooler’s dominant position, he doesn’t have any method to deal with it at the moment.

A steel-claw like hand grabbed onto his arm while the other hand waved a punch toward him. Rampant Ki ran amok around it. Following that, time seemed to have stopped as countless sharp blades ruthlessly struck toward Xiaya.


Xiaya couldn’t react at all as a brutal power penetrated through his abdomen!

Then, with a heavy punch, Xiaya was shot down from a high alt.i.tude. Rumble, a few meters diameter crater appeared on the ground and immediately splashing gravel and yellow soil to hundred meters above the ground. Invisible airwaves bent all the trees while some thick trees directly snapped from the middle.

Xiaya’s figure sunk underground and completely disappeared!

Cooler looked calmly at the crater for a while. There was no reaction for a long time. His lips were curled in sneer for a long time until Aiolos came forward and said: "King Cooler, energy reaction has disappeared, that boy should have died.”

“Uhm.” Cooler’s indifferent voice sounded, his purple tail swatting on the ground, he turned around and said: “Let’s go, we are leaving this planet!”

“Yes!” Aiolos lightly bent down with courtesy, and then directed the subordinate aliens to deal with the site.

Soon, the disk-shaped s.p.a.ceship lifted off, exited the atmosphere and arrived at a place far away from the planet before stopping.

Then Cooler floated out of the s.p.a.ceship and stared with a sinister expression at the huge Planet Picchu which was revolving by itself in his line of sight. He extended out a finger, and a spark flashed at his fingertip before immediately turning into a huge fireball of several hundred meters diameter.

“Death Ball!”

Cruelly smiling, he pointed his finger, and the big fireball containing tremendous energy, quickly rushed towards Planet Picchu. This move was very similar to Frieza’s Planet Destroying Ball. After getting hit by it, Planet Picchu will become dust in the universe.

Looking at the huge fireball slowly approaching the planet, Cooler laughed heartily while Aiolos and others in the s.p.a.ceship revealed excited smiles.

Destroy the corpse, and eliminate the source of the troubles!

This is Frost Demon race’s way of handling things!

Not to mention that the energy detector was just used to make sure that the other party was dead. Even if it was an immortal, it will not be able to escape Death Ball’s powerful attack!

After Death Ball fell, in the midst of a shocking bright explosion, Planet Picchu completely melted into fine powder in the starry sky of the universe. Perfectly satisfied, Cooler retracted his smile before leading his subordinates for the headquarters.

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