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「Where are Brunhilde and her party now?」

When I asked, Cartas knitted his eyebrows in vexation.

「I think they have returned to the city just now…will you ask them for help? No, I guess there is no other choice.」

「Yes, it can't be helped. After all, you, the elves, and the beastkins will not be able to fight. Incidentally, Anri's blood is thin so she'll be fine.」

When I said that, I looked at Anri and she nodded silently. I think that I can see flames in her eyes.

「Now, where can I find other ordinary humans that can fight…」

When I murmured, Sherry opened her mouth.

「There are Rihannsama and Keirsan!」

Sherry looked up at me saying that.

That's right. Sherry and Rihanna learned magic at the same school.

「Then, it will be me, Dan, Sherry, Anri, Rihanna, Keira….and the five members of silver wind. 11 individuals, will this work? If no one will bother me, I can take on a Hastur in a one on one battle…」

When I was simulating my battle with Hastur in my head, Dan grasped his fist with a stern expression.

「…a battle with an evil G.o.d…never in my wildest dream could I have thought of partic.i.p.ating in such a fight. I will do everything I can to not pull your legs…」

Dan began to speak words with resoluteness while having bloodshot eyes but I swayed my hand to the left and right while looking at him.

「It will be fine so take it easy. It is good to work hard but you should do your best not to die.」

When I said that and laughed, Dan looked at me with bewildered eyes.

I turned my gaze from Dan to Cartas.

「A new plan has been decided. First, let's gather the other guild members, the elves, and the beastkins in Einherjar. There is a possibility that Hastur can move out from its specific map. For the time being, have them all withdraw from the Rembrandt Kingdom and Immenstadt Empire. After that, call for the five members of silver wind. Let's commence the plan tomorrow.」

When I said so, Cartas reluctantly replied.

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When I visited the house of Brunhilde's party, every one of them is sitting around a table.

「Ren-dono has arrived.」

Oguma, who greeted us at the entrance, said that to the four in the living room but it seems like they're talking something serious that they didn't notice us.

「Thus, my magical power runs out.」

「Can't you just drink a magic potion?」

「Drinking every now and then is too expensive. The taste is also unpleasant.」

「Yeah, it feels like swallowing drool but…it can't be helped, right?」

「Then, how about we have Ataratte throw stones as much as possible? That will save us a lot of magical power.」

「How about you do it? How can that knock down an orc? What do you think of me?」

「Ataratte is a woman who can throw stones…and has a bad mouth.」

「Don't joke around too much Meldia, Marina. I'm already in charge of finding traps, opening locks, and scouting monsters at a distance.」

「There are neither traps nor locks in the forest of abyss, the dragon king's dungeon.」


「If I use my killer move, magic or stone will be unnecessary…」

「But you can only use your killer move a few times, right?」

「Moreover, the enemy needs to be alone too.」

「It would be better to have Oguma run in his iron plate while swinging his sword.」

「You b.a.s.t.a.r.d…you don't have to say that…」

Upon hearing the conversation of the four, Oguma opened his mouth while knitting his eyebrows.



When Oguma shouted in a high volume that is enough to shake the window, Ataratte jumped up while raising a lovely voice.

The other three who saw the one behind Oguma widened their eyes.

「Ren-dono has arrived.」

Oguma said that again. The four, who acted like scared dogs, noticed my presence and stood up.

「My apologies for bothering you. You seem pa.s.sionate…」

「No worries, we're just discussing tactics for Oguma.」

When they said so, Oguma laughed but his eyes are not laughing.

「Ha ha ha, tactics.」

I can see that the members of silver wind feel like screaming.

His angry face sure looks scary.

「…Okay, the tactics discussion ends here, let's get down to business.」

I told them what happened.

When they heard that Sainos and the others became statues, even Oguma was surprised.

「Sainos-dono, and even Sunny-dono…」

「Evil G.o.d…can we win against it…」

「… I will do my best. This is exactly like the story of the apostle of G.o.d and his braves against the evil G.o.d.」

While everyone is touched by a feeling of anxiety, Ataratte said that with burning fighting spirit.

Marina slowly nods to her line.

「Ah, it's the battle of G.o.ds. The final battle where the heroes, apostle of G.o.d and his juushas, challenge the evil G.o.d…It is the story that was pa.s.sed down through generations. The battle of G.o.ds that fractures the earth and had the sky fell to the ground…I heard that the population of the world was reduced to half as an after effect of the battle that time.」

That is very exaggerated.

I thought of such a thing after hearing Marina but thinking about it, myths are usually like that.

The greek mythology, the old testament, and others have written extraordinary natural phenomenon.

「…How much will be your request fee for us to appear in that battle?」

Oguma inquired with a delicate face. Hearing that, Brunhilde knitted her brows.

「Oguma, the world is in crisis…」

When Brunhilde said so, Oguma shook his head to the left and right with a stupendous face.

「Crisis is crisis… Request fee is request fee…If adventurers risk their lives for free because a town or a country is in crisis, the dead adventurer’s family will live a terrible life afterward. Even the adventurer's guild has reserve funds in case of emergency request. Also, having the person who accepted the request fixed their equipment will have a higher success rate and a lower mortality rate.」

After Oguma said that to Brunhilde, he turned his face to me.

「Ren-dono…No, Your Majesty King Ren. Please, if an adventurer who's willing to sacrifice his life for the country appears, treat him warmly. In the future, young aspirants who will save a lot of people will increase.」

Oguma said that, slightly pulled his chin, and dropped his gaze.

Looking at him, I nodded shallowly.

「I promise. Now, how much do you need to accept his emergency request?」

「This scale will cost you five white gold coins.」

Five white gold coins. Five million dinars.

Approximately 500 million yen in j.a.panese yen.



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