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We, who withdrew, temporarily returned to Val Valhalla castle.

Cartas, who was left in the castle, was surprised when he heard what happened in the throne room.

「Wh-what…! A Hastur really appeared…」

I can hear Cartas gritting his teeth while Sherry looks uneasy as she opens her mouth.

「…ano, who is Hastur…?」

To Sherry's question, I, who's sitting on the throne, crossed my arms. How should I explain to her an existence from the game?

「…Hastur, is a pillar of an evil G.o.d. It has a special type of jutsu that can seal specific type of people to sealed statue.」

When I explain so, Sherry looked at me with a serious expression.

「…Specific type, of person…?」

To Sherry's question, I nod while sighing.

「Apostle of G.o.d's juusha.」

「Th-that is…!」

After hearing my explanation, Sherry raised those words and placed both of her hands in her mouth.

Well, to be more accurate, there are things that must be satisfied first but it is roughly like that.

The game's hastur is a special event unique boss.

One of the greatest features of the game is that players can make a guild by himself by creating a number of NPC's.

To utilize that system, they made an event featuring hastur.

On that map of that special event stage, four hastur's will set up a barrier as an opening move then scatters on the map.

That will definitely happen as soon as a player entered the map. The NPC of his guild will turn into a statue and they will never return to normal unless the player defeated all the hasturs on the map alone.

When you defeated all the hasturs, the event boss, either of Nyarlathotep or Cthugha, will appear.

TN: ナイアーラトテップ( Nyarlathotep)  and  クトゥグア (Cthugha) - both are Cthulhu mythos characters like hastur.

I challenged that event twice. My first exploit ended in failure and I barely finished it the second time.

The reason is that my guild is a one player guild. That is the most difficult event for me.

Hastur is supposed to be a raid boss that should be challenged by more than ten players. That game event pushed me to my very limit.

By the way, that event was made to oppose the standby players who are challenging events by only using and watching their NPCs. That made the game company concluded that the players should establish a well-balanced guild.

If four hasturs are in this world, I understand what their role is but there is something else in my mind.

I looked at the three safe people.

There is no problem with Sherry, Dan, and Anri.

Sainos is an NPC so he will definitely be sealed but how about those who inherited an NPC's blood? Canaan has turned into a statue but Anri was not affected.

Is it because of blood thickness?

Then, majority of the elves' will be sealed and majority of the beastkins will be unaffected.

That is possible but it is too dangerous to try.

While I'm worried about it, Cartas roared.

「uumu…Hastur's appearance in eastern Rembrandt Kingdom, is it really a coincidence…? That's too convenient for the empire.」

「Are you saying that the empire has tamed four Hastur cla.s.s boss? That's impossible. Apophis also appeared but…」

I muttered until there then came up with a certain idea.

Until now, I thought that those who were called as saints and saintesses of the melqart religion are some players like me but perhaps they are different.

This time, a boss in the game appeared and it seems like it is backing up the empire.

If an event boss like hastur from the game appeared, then there is also the possibility of one acting as the G.o.d of the melqart religion…that might be it.

I only managed to complete that event once so my memories about the bosses Nyarlathotep or Cthugha are vague.

Though I am certain that Nyarlathotep is an earth G.o.d and Cthugha is a fire G.o.d.

Both of them are humanoids at first but they will transform into their heteromorphic figure in the battle.

I should have read the page about them a little more on the internet.

While I'm having such regret, Anri looked up at me while having a blue face.

「What's wrong Anri?」

When I asked Anri, she opened her mouth while having an expression of mixed anger and sorrow.

「…What will become of Sainos-sama?」

Anri, who muttered so, looked slightly vain. I nodded to Anri with a smile to relieve her a little.

「Do not worry. We have experienced this kind of thing before and overcame it without problems. Sainos will be back as if nothing happened.」

When I said so, Anri nodded quietly and dropped her gaze.

Seeing her, Sherry looked up at me and opened her mouth.

「Ren-sama, with this situation, when the representative of each country come to the eastern part of the kingdom… 」

「No, the representatives will never come to the battlefield. However, the dark elves will definitely go there will carrying soldiers and goods from each country. If that happens, everyone will turn into a statue as soon as they get there. Given that, we should gather them at the capital first. 」

When I replied to Sherry, Cartas who heard it opened his mouth immediately.

「I'll send messengers. 」

「Ah, I ask of you. 」

After my reply, Cartas immediately called out the two maids waiting at the entrance of the throne room and issued some instructions.

Now, this time, hastur is the spearhead of the empire.

Although it does not move out from its fixed area in the game, I can't be too sure.

If rules of the game are applied, all characters other than players are NPCs.

However, judging from what I've seen as we leave the eastern part of the kingdom, unrelated people are safe.

TN: Unrelated people are local people of that world that don't have anything to do with the game. I did not use local people since except from Ren's NPC, all elves/beastkins are born in that world so I guess they can be considered local.

Still, the characters created by players and those who still have thick blood might become statues.

If this is a defensive battle, we can manage it by attacking from a distance but now, neither my guild members, the elves, nor the beastkins can fight on that place.

Victory will be difficult unless I borrow human power of this world.

Thinking up to that, an idea suddenly flashed.

「…don't I have S-rank adventurer acquaintance? 」

The problem now is, I forgot how much it cost to make an S-rank nominated request.


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