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I am really troubled with Karim.

While being in a superior position as the military affairs minister, he never left the capital, never seen the site and only do some clerical works.

He doesn't get what the information of the other country means but still being noisy on certain things.

I wonder if he can't see reality.

Even if he looks at the movement of the soldiers, even if he looks at the movement of goods such as food, he does not know how to operate the military completely and only has amateurish idea.

The opponent is just a small country. Even if S rank adventurers decided to make it their base, we can crush it directly with 2,000 to 3,000 soldiers.

Thinking it properly, there are no adventurers that will put their hands on a war of that magnitude.

Anyway, even without any information, I can't see any element for that small country to win against Galland Empire.

It is obvious even to an outstanding fool.

There is no movement in the resident border troops.

According to the spy we sent there, there is no information regarding movements of soldiers in each city and nothing changed in the price of foods or the movements of goods.

And, there is no unnatural movement from the goods in the wagons of the peddlers.

What does this mean?

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They can't afford to gather soldiers.

Anyone will be able to understand it if one thinks about it a little.

Even if it is called an emerging country, the n.o.bles who were actually thinking about independence from the kingdom only conspired with the fraudster who is claiming to be the Dragon Knight who appeared with a good timing.

There is no reason for such a country to be able to take care of Rembrandt Kingdom.

In other words, their 30,000 resident border defense force and the soldiers in each city can't do anything against Galland Empire.

An ordinary man will stop thinking at that point.

However, I am different.

Because I am not an ordinary man.

I'm currently paying attention to the report about the movement and achievements of the king who is the so-called dragon knight which seems to be a lie.

It says: The last troop of the Galland Empire who stepped on their territory was annihilated.

It says: He declared the foundation of a small country with the western region of the Rembrandt Kingdom.

It says: S rank adventurer party swore allegiance.

It says: The city and the castle were built in only about one week.

It says: There were sightings in several cities in one day.

Reports of those kinds of things came one after another.

Unfortunately, the military affairs minister seems to have been deceived but a veteran fighter like me can see though fraudster like that.

In other words, they are shaking up their soldiers while making preliminary arrangement in surrendering and will be negotiating for good conditions when the siege war with Galland Empire begins.

It is a shameful measure to have.

However, I, who has a shining character, won't be cheated by that fraudster.

I am someone who learned a lot from my father from the past war and was trained to be a genuine soldier since childhood.

I am a great general who has knowledge and experience.

For a person like me, such opponent is only a prey to crush and trample.

However, in spite of that situation, that idiot Karim was successfully cheated again by Maeas who brought the slaves back with double the price.

He was saying something about the relationship with Maeas but that fool is really a good nuisance.

Why did that greedy Meas buy back the slaves they sold at an exorbitant price such as double the price?

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This involves Rembrandt Kingdom.

The reason the kingdom is gathering a lot of soldiers from the east and is collecting slaves, they intend to attack Galland Empire.

In other words, once the former western part of the Rembrandt Kingdom will be attacked by both the empire and the kingdom.

And at this point, Maeas who values profit will sell to the highest bidder.

「That Karim…」

I unintentionally clenched my teeth and threw a sigh.

Because Karim was blinded by gold and sold the slaves, the Rembrandt Kingdom will be able to recover part of their western territory.

Looking at the size of the army, the Galland Empire would be able to obtain a large territory at a rate of about 7 to 3 but being robbed by the kingdom, that 30 percent is a heavy loss.

Everything is Karim’s fault.

When the war ends, I decided to report this to the Emperor to punish Karim.

After all, I pray that our marching army will be able to cut out the territory earlier than the kingdom.

Now, we'll be at the border soon.

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「Somehow, I can turn it with this …」

I am finally able to calculate the budget and rest.

「I am really troubled by Hakan-sama.」

I felt more depressed about the complaints that were going out of my mouth.

After all, Emperor Hakan used up all the budget to the last minute to collect soldiers.

In this state, as General Torga says, we should conquer two cities in a short decisive battle. If we're not able to do that, we have to pull out before taking serious damage.

At that time, the Galland Empire's finance will be a horse on fire.

General Torga claims that I am being deceived by the opponent, that I did not know the operation of a large army, but there is a fact that nearly 100,000 soldiers were annihilated.

Isn't it enough for us to be vigilant?

Finally, Torga seems to have sent a letter to Hakan-sama for the purpose of interfering with me.

I don't mind making decisions for the country with the words coming from our own but since this is a case the involves another country, it is necessary to calmly examine the situation from the viewpoint of several third parties.

Why aren't there a big movement? Why are the peddlers not running away from that small country?

I wonder why that foolish general doesn't have such doubts.

Whether winning or losing, when this fight is over I will bring my family to the countryside.

I got tired of being with foolish adults who only thought of positive things.


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