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Suddenly, Chen Feng stopped his steps. Despite the activation of his Luck Aura, he could still feel a sense of crisis.

There was danger in front of them!

Is it falling down? Chen Feng thought knowingly.

The base form of his Luck Aura would only affect the probability of things, which was why a lot of tottering structures around them stayed firm without crumbling. However, if whatever that was supporting a certain structure was completely gone…

Then the structure crumbling down became an incident with a probability of 100%.

If he insisted on stopping it, he would have to activate the advanced form of Luck Aura to affect more than the probability of things. Instead, reality itself needed to be affected to interfere with the crumbling of the particular structure. In that circ.u.mstance, the small amount of luck values Chen Feng had saved up would be fully exhausted in a split second. And afterward, they would no longer have any other chances to leave this tunnel safely.


They could not take this step forward.

"What’s going on?"

Everyone was somewhat flabbergasted by Chen Feng’s action of stopping.

However, it was at this moment that the wall above them started rocking.



The wall came crumbling down, smashing onto the path in front of them.


Everyone perspired all over their body.

If it wasn’t for Chen Feng…

"Let’s go."

Chen Feng took a detour around the crumbled wall and set off once again.

However, soon after, Chen Feng encountered a similar circ.u.mstance once again. It was even more horrifying this time as there were several pieces of walls that would crumble down, including the chunk directly above them.

Even Luck Aura would not be able to block this falling wall.

Chen Feng stopped. "Qin Hai! Above us!" Chen Feng said.


The dark energy sword in Qin Hai’s hand bloomed.


The piece of the wall that crumbled down from above them was smashed away. Around them, pieces of wall started crumbling down. An area with the circ.u.mference of 10 meters was entirely covered by the falling pieces.

Incredibly thrilling.

We are arriving soon… Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

They took a huge detour around the crumbled walls. Finally, they reached where Xia Yan had been earlier.

"It’s here."

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

He refused to believe that Xia Yan would truly want to die together with them. Indeed, they found bloodstains on the ground but no signs of Xia Yan’s corpse.

That woman had escaped!

"Follow the bloodstains."

Everyone was stirred.

It was indeed as their guesses.

They followed along the blood trail and started crawling upward. Thorough this path, no obstructions was met. Soon, they could feel the fresh air and signs of light from the surface ground.

"There’s signal here!"

Everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Chen Feng smiled. "Let’s go!"


Qin Hai smashed the ground.

At the Qin family’s ruin, the rescue personnel were searching nonstop. However, due to the energy separation on the wall coupled with a messy tangle of all sorts of other energy in it, the rescue operation was not progressing smoothly at all.

The rescue mission’s progress was worse off than everyone had imagined.

Even Hou Liang’s expression gradually turned unsightly. Chen Feng, them…

It was at this moment that...


The ground suddenly crumbled down.

One aura after another that was familiar yet weakened appeared.

"Someone is coming out!"


The rescue personnel were pleasantly surprised.

"It’s them!"

Hou Liang’s eyes lit up.


He charged into the ruin. It was indeed those children!


Hou Liang was very happy.

He knew that these children wouldn’t die here.

Currently, in the hospital, under the doctor’s emergency treatment, Xia Yan already had her arm restored. In this gene era, as long as one did not suffer from brain death, there would definitely be a way for one to have full recovery.

However, unexpectedly, the atmosphere in the hospital ward was somewhat bizarre in an indescribable fashion.

"Big brother…" Xia Yan stuck to the personnel in front of her. "I’m scared."


The personnel blushed.

He was merely an ordinary medic with a certain level of healing ability. When had he ever gotten the chance to be so close to a producer, and such a beautiful and alluring producer on top of that?

Xia Yan pasted her seductive body to the medic. "Can you accompany me for a bit?"

"All right," the medic answered nervously. He could feel his body heating up.

"I’m cold." Xia Yan started rubbing her body in the medic’s embrace, her tiny hands crawling all over the medic’s body. However, her eyes were focused on the communication tool on his waist.

"First position search done."

"Second position search done."

Messages kept appearing on the communication tool.

Suddenly, a new message appeared.

"New update for rescue personnel. Qin Hai’s spiritual energy was overexhausted, a.s.sistance is urgently required."


Xia Yan’s heart jolted ferociously.

They came out! They actually came out?

Xia Yan was shocked.

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were supposed to die the moment she exploded her gene armament!


The whole tunnel had crumbled down. Coupled with the special environment of the Qin family’s ruin and also her attack, how was it possible for them to have survived?

d.a.m.n it!

Xia Yan had an ominous feeling.

If Qin Hai, Chen Feng, and the rest survived…

"Oh oh~" The body of the medic in her embrace trembled as he gasped. "Faster."

Suddenly, his body stiffened.

Gently, Xia Yan’s body slipped out of his embrace.

Blood… started flowing.

Currently, at the Qin family’s ruin, the first words Chen Feng said after he came out was, "There’s a problem with Xia Yan. She killed Peng Long."

"Xia Yan?" Hou Liang blanked and ordered immediately. "Hold Xia Yan down!"

Regardless of whether what Chen Feng said was true or not, it wouldn’t be wrong to get Xia Yan first.

"All right."

The personnel ordered promptly.

However, they suddenly lost contact with the personnel posted at the hospital. When they arrived, only a cold corpse was found.

Xia Yan had escaped!


Hou Liang was furious.

No wonder they couldn’t find any other dark energy! No wonder something so major would happen during a normal purifying mission!

Xia Yan…

The problem actually originated from a purifier of their Gene Production a.s.sociation?

"Investigate. Investigate this thoroughly! Use your abilities to perform a full investigation on all the purifiers," Hou Liang ordered.

What joke was this? If even the purifiers were problematic, one could imagine how serious this issue would be. The dark freaks’ penetration had reached such a level?

Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng. "How are you all?"

"We’re fine." Chen Feng shook his head. Apart from Qin Hai who was seriously injured, the rest were in good condition.

"How did he end up so heavily injured?"

Hou Liang looked at Qin Hai that was being carried away in an ambulance.

Wasn’t this the second time for him?

Just as his body recovered, he was lying on the hospital bed once again.

Moreover, every time he suffered an injury, it was due to excessive exhaustion of spiritual energy coupled with external injuries. External injuries were easy to heal. However, for excessive exhaustion of spiritual energy… if it happened too much, problems would arise!

"He should be fine." Chen Feng looked at the rest that came out with them and coldly said, "To rescue a group of idiotic team members!"

"Is that so?" Hou Liang said thoughtfully.

Despite them being the top 10, despite the formidable strength displayed during the compet.i.tion, however, in real life, the level of performance these people had demonstrated was too different from each other!

"They all applied to join the headquarters… When we return, I will appoint you as the evaluator," Hou Liang said coldly.


Chen Feng’s lips curled up, forming a smile.

Evaluating their qualifications to enter the headquarters?


He would definitely take that job seriously!

Since Chen Feng’s group was fine, Hou Liang felt relieved. However, they had to investigate clearly what had actually happened. They also had to figure out if there were other hidden conspiracies!

"Unfortunately, Xia Yan escaped," Hou Liang said coldly. After investigating, they had found out that Xia Yan was here for those research results. However, those research results had been destroyed, so no one knew the contents within.

They were not even aware of the motive behind everything.

What information had they been trying to retrieve?

What had Xia Yan been trying to hide?

What had the dark freaks been doing with the Qin family?

No one knew!

Chen Feng suddenly smiled. "That’s not for sure."

"Mhm?" Hou Liang blanked.

"We encountered the information they were trying to retrieve once. At that time, we were chasing after Xia Yan and reached the end of the tunnel. Beside her were a bunch of items. When we arrived, they all exploded…" Chen Feng said faintly.

Hou Liang nodded slightly. He was aware of all this.

"However," Chen Feng suddenly said, "the moment we saw those things, I aimed my wristband toward those things and took some interesting pictures…"


Hou Liang’s eyes shone.


Due to the fact that their signals had been blocked in the tunnel, they had all subconsciously neglected this. This had not even crossed the mind of Yun Xiaoduo and the rest.

However, Chen Feng…

"Good, good, good!"

Hou Liang was ecstatic. Worthy of being the genius he looked highly upon indeed!


Chen Feng transmitted the pictures he'd taken to Hou Liang.

Despite them being unclear…

Despite the distance being very far…

However, as long as a small clue was given, the Genetic Union would be able to obtain more information after a.n.a.lyzing it. To prevent anything unexpected from happening, Hou Liang directly summoned a cracking squad to proceed with the a.n.a.lysis.

In half an hour, the information Chen Feng had taken pictures of was fully reinstated. Although what was reinstated was merely the top page of the stack, something that only the naked eye could see, even with this alone, it was sufficient to overwhelm everyone with shock.

That was because the information showed that behind Xia Yan was a huge organization with a complete organizational structure.

As for the dark freaks?

These were merely one of the energy form organisms that this group had produced from research.

That was all.


Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

Dark freaks?

Only one of the energy form organisms?

A huge organization?


Even Hou Liang couldn’t remain calm.

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