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Chapter  46  The Agreement of A Month (2)

Just then, Ye Feng walked up lightly.

"I will give you a chance. One month later, on the Arena of the Sect, you can fight with me. If I am defeated, you have nothing to blame. If you lost, you must get out of the Sect!"

Ye Feng's eyes glowed, and he shouted.

So vicious!

w.a.n.g He was cursing in his heart.Ye Feng actually wanted to expel him from Sect!

Even if he was sent to the Ministry of Justice , at most he was severely punished, and then closed for several months of confinement, but he would never be expel out of Sect.

"Okay, I agree!" w.a.n.g He said.

In his eyes, the cold light flashed, Ye Feng was purely looking for death.

He cultivation was higher than Ye Feng,waht's more,especially in the recent cultivating, he was quite understanding. In a month, he was sure to enter the 9th Layer QI condensation realm.

"I will bear witness for you guys." Luo Elder said.

"See you in a month!"

w.a.n.g He left here with a trembling step.

"You come with me."

Luo elder looked at Ye Feng with a different look and then led him to the quiet and peaceful valley where he lived.

In the valley, the gra.s.s was flourishing and the rich spiritual energy was floating. It was really an excellent blessed land.

"Tell me the magical power in your body!"

Luo elder 's eyes were flashing, the reason why he would appear in the a.s.sessment area, was the imposing of the magical power that Ye Feng had displayed had shocked him .

Ye Feng raised his eyebrows, and he knew that Luo Elder would ask him about that.

"I went to the mountain to do ch.o.r.es a month ago.Accidentally i encountered an old man who was cutting wood. i saw that he was old and inconvenient, so i helped him."

"The result that i didn't think of was that this old man turned out to be a spiritual man!"

"He said that i am good-hearted,it was the desitiny that i had met him. So he taught me a magic power."

Ye Feng calmly replied, these excuses he had already thought about on the way.

"Chopping wood...the old man..."

The Luo elder's eyes flashed, and he muttered to himself as if he was recalling something.

Suddenly, he glanced at him and said, "Is it the elder of the first Saint elder in the Sect?"

"The Saint elder..?I don't know..."

Ye Feng's face was pure, but in his heart,he had already laughed.

It seemed that Elder Luo had already believed his words and automatically supplemented the ident.i.ty of the old man.

This was in line with the mind of Ye Feng.

"This is a big deal, and there are so many things involved. You need to promise me that you will never tell anyone else about the old man!"

Luo Elder's face was dignified and he sighed.

"Well, I promise, I will never tell anyone else about the old man's whereabouts!" Ye Feng solemnly vowed.

Seeing Ye Feng vowed, Luo elder's dignified expression was somewhat relaxed. He looked at Ye Feng and said with a look of relief: "Since he taught you the supernatural powers, it means that he is extremely optimistic about you. You can't be lazy on cultivation, you need to work hard. And don't give him a shame!"

"I will definitely double the cultivation, and would never let the old man losing face!" Ye Feng said with a serious look.

"And, you have to remember, the magical power that he taught you can not be used unless  you have to!"

Luo elder looked serious.

Ye Feng nodded and promised, and then talked with Elder Luo for a while, and finally he left the valley.

He had pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment of the outer disciples, and now the most important thing was to choose a master, so that he officially became a outer disciple!

"w.a.n.g He, after a month, I will defeat you!"

Ye Feng said coldly.

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