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There came a lot of sounds of footsteps, disciples of Luoyun Sect arriving. Some of them were outer disciples, and some of them were inner disciples.

Ye Feng stood on the top of Yuxu Inheritance Mountain and cast a glimpse at these disciples. "Who is going to challenge our Yuxu Inheritance?" Ye Feng whooped in a dull voice, with his eyes sparkling.

"What a madcap guy! Do you think you are unrivaled just because you won the inheritance compet.i.tion among outer disciples?" An inner disciple got out from the crowd; he looked askance at Ye Feng with his face filling up with scorn.

"It's Senior Leng Qingfeng; he ranks 67th on the Qingyun List!" An inner disciple shouted out with excitement.

"Senior Leng Qingfeng comes from Kendo Inheritance. It's reasonable for him to challenge Ye Feng!"

"It seems Senior Zuo Li doesn't need to show up. Senior Leng Qingfeng is able to defeat Ye Feng!"

"When Senior Leng Qingfeng was an outer disciple, he won the inheritance compet.i.tion among outer disciples every year. He is strong!"

"Bulls.h.i.t! Have you ever seen a Senior on the Qingyun List is weak?"

There was a mess in the crowd, full of noise. Almost everybody was discussing the battle between Ye Feng and Leng Qingfeng. However, in most people's eyes, although Ye Feng was powerful, he had been promoted to an outer disciple for a short time; compared with Leng Qingfeng, who had been an inner disciple for many years, it was impossible for Ye Feng to triumph over Leng Qingfeng.

"Ye Feng, today, I will let you know how strong our Kendo Inheritance is and how weak your Yuxu Inheritance is." Leng Qingfeng's eyes were frozen; he kept close to Ye Feng step by step.

"Someone comes, someone fails. Today, n.o.body can humiliate Yuxu Inheritance, no matter who you are!" Ye Feng roared with dazzling splendor rounding him. He moved, gave off his mighty energy and confronted Leng Qingfeng straightly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When they hit each other, infinite lights burst out and horrific energy fluctuation spread, shaking the ground.

"No wonder you are arrogant! You actually have strong power." Leng Qingfeng sneered. According to the past conditions, Ye Feng was powerful enough, having the qualification to combat with him.

"You could have been successful in the future at first, but you ruin your future with your own hands! It's you who bring about your own destruction. Don't blame others!" Leng Qingfeng exclaimed with a kind of amazing sword energy coming out from his body. Phfft! A black long sword appeared in his hand. The sword released glistering black lights, seeming exceedingly strange

"Today, I will let you kneel down for apologizing!" Leng Qingfeng froze his eyes and thrust at Ye Feng with his black long sword.

"I'm afraid you have no that chance!" Ye Feng snorted without any dread. He strode and punched Leng Qingfeng's black long sword with the fierce Tiger Fist.


The black long sword was smashed. Ye Feng's shimmering fist pa.s.sed through the fragments of the long sword and reached on Leng Qingfeng's chest. Immediately, Leng Qingfeng flew out.

"It's impossible!" Leng Qingfeng roared; his eyes were full of astonishment. That black long sword was a mid-grade Spiritual Tool, featuring mighty power. But it couldn't parry Ye Feng's fist and was even destroyed by him!

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