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The Shaman's Poison

Chapter 2

After drinking the fresh blood, Bai Tan rested for a while before he gradually drifted off, shirtless. Sitting cross-legged on the icy ground, he tried to break into the fifth level of the "Sky of Six Desires".

Just as he was starting to do well, an invisible force grasped his soul, making him breathless. It was as if he was caught by his ankles and was unable to escape no matter how he struggled.

In a world of darkness, a presence lingered around him persistently.

Listening carefully, it was as if there was a muttering voice. The voice approached his ear, and it almost felt like a puff of air was blown into his ear.

"Tan'er1, do you regret killing me?"

"Out of all the little kids I raised, I loved you the most…"

As though a basin of icy water was poured over his head, Bai Tan felt a rush to his heart, and vomited the blood out.

It failed again.

If he does not come out of seclusion soon, something really bad will happen.

Bai Tan clenched his teeth; his heart was under a smouldering fire. He only wants to take out the corpse of the demon and set the bones on fire.

Remembering the illusionary phrase, he heard while meditating, he felt chills crawling down his spine.

Although the demon was dead – through and through – he could not erase him from existence.

Recalling his past, he felt blood surge to his heart and yet, was unable to expel it.

Bai Tan struck the ground with his palm, forcing an indent to form on the malachite2 floor, leaving deep cracks behind.

The shaman cowered in fear and trembled uncontrollably.

Bai Tan glanced at him and seeing him in this state somehow amused him. He wanted to tease him. "You don't look all that stupid; you know enough to fear death. Try saying something."

The Shaman let out a string of hoa.r.s.e sobs, "Do-Don't kill me…"

"You speak?" Bai Tan raised the shaman's chin, forcing him to look up. "Refer to me as master from now on."

The shaman blinked and took a while to reply, "Mas…ster."

"You know that I am your master. Where are your manners?"

The shaman obeyed and bowed, "Master."

Bai Tan looked down at the shaman and felt slightly amused. He was becoming more intrigued.

He was an extremely prideful person. Yet, in the years that he lived as Wu Yanfu's disciple, he was treated like a plaything. He was humiliated and has developed a weird personality. Now, he liked seeing others submit to him the most.

That the shaman's body was able to absorb the poison of the ghostly vines shows that it has capabilities beyond that of a normal human body. He wondered if the shaman had done something to offend Wu Yanfu which warranted his miserable state.

However, Bai Tan was not a person who pitied others.

His biggest concern was how the blood of the shaman could help him improve his skills.

If the ghost vine was not poisonous, the shaman's blood could be consumed in larger quant.i.ties, and he would have drunk all of the shaman's blood in a single day. After he was injured from the battle of the rebellion half a month ago, he retired to practice, but has yet to achieve the desired effect. It is risky to drag on his practice as the demons and monsters in the sect are on the move and ready to wreck havoc.

Feeling the burn of a thirst in his heart, Bai Tan felt the blood addiction recurring.

He grabbed the shaman's wrist, bit into his blood vessel, and gulped down a few mouthfuls of blood. He felt a rush of joy as well as an indescribable feeling which rose from his Dantian3

He reached to feel his pulse and couldn't help but to be surprised.

He needs to be able to have s.e.xual intercourse to reach the higher levels of the Sky of Six Desires.

Bai Tan has been troubled for a long time that he couldn't help but to be overjoyed. He quickly sat back onto the icy ground. After circulating his cultivation in the two zhoutian4, he really did break through the fifth level.

As such, he can come out of seclusion ahead of time.

In a good mood, Bai Tan pushed the door open and took the path behind the altar room that led to the forest.

Shadows casted by the tall and st.u.r.dy trees created an eerie atmosphere and, with their intertwined roots extended, took over and dominated the forest floor.

In the colourless, lie the graves of all the former leaders of Fu Tu Sect.

The faint moonlight filtered through the tree canopies and casted itself on to the surface of the cold pool.

Under the surface of the water, a corpse moved with the water that suspended it, the motion resembling that of a ghost.

Bai Tan picked up a leaf that was floating on the surface of the water, but his action did not provoke a single ripple in the water.

"It was such a coincidence that I came out of seclusion on the day of your death anniversary, Shizun 6. Or is this your way of congratulating me?" Bai Tan stared at the face of the person under the water, his brows furrowed, indistinguishable from sadness or happiness.

"If I was not afraid that your soul will escape, I would love to burn your body and scatter the ashes."

With the flick of his hand, a piece of falling leaf crumbled into dust and was scattered by the wind.

"Love results in sorrow, it results in fear, as leaving one's lover, is without fear or sorrow. Shizun, I have killed you with my own hand, so I will no longer feel fear or sorrow, too."

The young sect leader who could kill without batting an eyelid bent down and, like a child playing with water, slid his fingers through the cold water repeatedly, causing a trace of ripple.

"What can you do now, besides appearing in my dreams and turning them into nightmares? Watch as I live with dignity, as I achieve all that you have ever wanted, as I make a name for myself, all while being in the position of a sect leader."

Bai Tan was unaware of the gaze coming from the man in the altar room and how the man's pupils constricted.

“When you love, you will worry. When you love, you will also fear; if you do not love, you will not worry and have no fear…”

A sudden and strange laughter crackled from deep within the silent forest.

Bai Tan froze; looking around, no one was to be found. Smelling a faint fragrant scent, he almost had a complete grasp of the situation.

At the moment, Bai Tan sneered and spread his hand. A flash of silver flew from the altar room and into his palm, like a bolt of lightning. It was a strangely shaped blade. This object originated from Tianzhu7 and belonged to Wu Yanfu. It had a sabre on one end, a hook on the other, and a handle in between. The blade curved like a dragon and had serrated edges that looked like reversed scales. The scales can be detached and doubled as a set of hidden weapons. Even the light reflected off the sabre seemed like it was living as it changed every so often. It is indeed a devilish weapon, more evil than the devils themselves.

Therefore, it was named "Shi Yue8".

He turned his arm over and, with a flash, the metallic object flew into the forest, forcing a shadow to jump out from the forest while letting out weird screams.

The black shadow is only the size of a small eagle. It was not a bird, but rather a human head.

The person's hair was in disarray; he was wearing a skull crown and there was a smiley face mask on his face. It fluttered around the forest, dodging the hook on Shi Yue.

If an ordinary person comes by, the sight would definitely scare their soul out of their body. But this amused Bai Tan, like watching a monkey show.

"I know my mistake, sect leader. Please spare me!" The head forced its way towards Bai Tan as four limbs appeared from under the floating robes. He knelt in front of Bai Tan and kissed Bai Tan's pale foot.

Bai Tan reached out to retrieve Shi Yue and with his eyebrow raised, lifted the mask. Under the mask, was another mask. This time, it was a crying face, showing a true expression of sorrow.

This person was his bodyguard, nicknamed “the demon of hallucination,” Li Wuzhang.

The Fu Tu Sect originated from the Indian Tantra9, it does not follow the Buddhist way, but rather it is the domain of the demon. The sect leader symbolizes the Sixth Demon King, and the four bodyguards under him are the four demons that the Buddha encountered while achieving Nirvana10. In addition to the demon of hallucinations, there are three other demons. It is the evil spirit, the demon of death, and the demon of desires.

The four great guardians were all the apprentices of Wu Yanfu; they were regarded as the brothers and sisters of Bai Tan. Because he is the youngest of the brothers, he was also an "imperial concubine" of Wu Yanfu. These brothers and sisters looked down on him and were alienated from him. Only Li Wuzhang, who was around his age, was slightly closer to him.

At the death of Wu Yanfu, the sect was divided into a few sections. Of the four great guardians, one was killed, one rebelled against Bai Tan, and the remaining two were Li Wuzhang and his sister the "evil spirit," Yin He.

Bai Tan lifted his chin, staring at the mask with a troubled expression. He snorted, "Trying to see me make a fool of myself? How dare you. Are you not afraid that I will kill you too and let you accompany Shizun?"

Putting on the smiley face mask, Li Wuzhang said, "Your subordinate wasn't deep asleep when I felt movement in this colourless world. Fearing that it was an uninvited guest breaking it while you were in seclusion, I rushed over. I didn't expect it to be the sect leader who was having a chat with Shizun and in the spur of the moment misspoke. I beg for your forgiveness.."

"Chatting?" Bai Tan released Li Wuzhang's chin and gave the pool under the tree a quick glance with a thought in mind and scorned, "As if I* would have anything to say to him; I'm more likely to whip his corpse."

Li Wuzhang dare not say anything.

If not for Wu Yanfu, the fierce looking young sect leader in front of him would still be the most honoured little prince from the Xi Ye Kingdom. He would have the best food and clothes, received the love of all, and have the throne in his reach. But now… although he holds the position of sect leader, he was gravely ill and involved in troublesome matters.

There were many forces against the Fu Tu Sect; Wu Yanfu's death only worsened the situation. The instability within the sect itself made it such that Bai Tan would need to worry about both the internal conflicts and the external threats. It would be no exaggeration to say that Bai Tan was in deep waters11.

If it was not for the unspeakable reason, Li Wuzhang would not risk his life guarding Bai Tan who was going to be the target of the public.

Li Wuzhang followed Bai Tan to the edge of a cliff, where the latter was looking at the snow-capped peaks of Tian Shan while seemingly lost in his thoughts, and asked, "Sect Leader, were you able to gain anything from this period of seclusion?"

As the last syllabus left Li Wuzhang's mouth, Bai Tan leaped from the cliff!

At first glance, there was a shadow to be seen at the snow peak, clothes fluttering in the wind like a dance with a graceful figure. The white shirt was like a blooming snow lotus, and he leaped again. Shi Yue was in his hands, and it split the sunlight into a beautiful rainbow.

The Brahman12 broke! (Surpa.s.sing the three Brahmans of the first ) or it could possibly just be a skills name?

In an instant, a resoundingly loud rumble erupted from the ground and the snow-capped mountains crumbled, starting from the peak of the mountain.

The man on the summit, with a gentle tap of his foot, floated up lightly with the spread of red light under his feet. Just like a heavenly woman, yet a tinge of unorthodox beauty seeped through.

"Congratulations on the sect leader's breakthrough to the fifth level!"

When Bai Tan returned to the edge of the cliff, Li Wuzhang was on a knee, utterly shocked.

It is necessary to know that Wu Yanfu took a whole year to break through the fifth level of the Sky of Six desires. Bai Tan used the short duration of three months to reach that realm, not knowing whether if it was the blood relic that embodies the skill of Wu Yanfu or the blood of the shaman that was the cause of that.

After all, Bai Tan is so weak to the extend of not being able to practise martial arts without the blood and the relic.

Bai Tan was not as optimistic, "Don't congratulate too early."

Without a "Concubine Ming" to practice double cultivation, it was difficult to further improve his skills. The skill he executed was a momentary burst of energy, Bai Tan thought, clenching his fist under his sleeves.

The red pulse darkened and turned purple, as though blood could ooze out at any time.

It was only a small try, and Bai Tan was already showing the symptoms of the practice/inner energy going awry.

If there was the slightest error, then he would walk the path that Wu Yanfu walked. The Sky of Six desires is an unorthodox skill of the Tantric. The higher they go, the more dangerous the situation of the pract.i.tioners. On that day, if Wu Yanfu had not gone awry in his practice, he would not have managed to kill the devil. He doesn't want to end up like him.

He wants to live, to survive and not just to hold the position of sect leader…

More importantly, he wants to be extraordinary and live a satisfactory life.

Li Wuzhang seemed to be able to read Bai Tan's thoughts and enquired, "Is it alright with the Sect Leader if this subordinate was to pick the nominees for 'Concubine Ming' now and send them over tomorrow, when you come out of seclusion tomorrow?"

"But I* can't wait any longer, how about…" Bai Tan leaned towards Li Wuzhang's ear, his breath was like the tongue of a poisonous snake, "you help me with the double cultivation?"

"Sect leader, please do not joke around!", Li Wuzhang retreated in fear. Li Wuzhang did not expect that Bai Tan would suddenly go all out, striking towards his face. The hand that was bent to resemble a claw came into contact with the mask and the mask shattered under the force of the strike. A pale and handsome face was finally revealed. Being attacked and left with no room for retaliation, Li Wuzhang bowed down in front of Bai Tan, feeling uneasy.

A hand reached pa.s.sed his neck and, like a silver snake, held his chin still. Bai Tan laughed like a child, showing a smug grin: "Forget it, seeing you so scared I* will not make it difficult for you. I* will choose the 'Concubine Ming' personally. You will ignite the beacons and spread the news throughout the altars as I* was successful in advancing my skills and will be coming out of seclusion. Make sure that those who are planning on wrecking havoc behave themselves."

Li Wuzhang, with his chin now free nodded and stood up, with his black robes wet and sticky full of sweat.

The Fu Tu sect originated from the Tian Zhu Tantaric Sect. In order to practice the skills from the Sect, the pract.i.tioner was required to emulate Nandikeśvara and practice double cultivation. To be chosen to be “Concubine Ming” was an immense misfortune because they were not just a cultivation partner but also a human container. “Concubine Ming” would need to provide their finest blood for the pract.i.tioner as nourishment -until they were only left with bones.

With an enticing body, it was suitable for Bai Tan to practice the Art of Enchantment and be "Concubine Ming". Wu Yanfu had brought Bai Tan out from Xi Ye Palace and took him in, with that exact thought in mind.

However, the result was…truly unexpected. It is difficult to predict anything for sure, and it was not only Li Wuzhang who thought so.

Wu Yanfu watched as Li Wuzhang left before he looked away. Wu Yanfu hid the cynical smile on his face and lowered his head, returning to the previous dazed look.

Bai Tan returned to the room and, without sparing the shaman a glance, proceeded to sit, cross legged, in the middle of the Fu Tu spell. It felt like his lungs were on fire, burning from both the inside and the outside.

Unable to suppress the heat surging in his chest any longer, Bai Tan vomited blood. However, the pain had not subsided. Bai Tan clenched the collar of his robes and curled up in the middle of the spell, hoping that the new position will help ease some of the pain.

Asura's Flame of Emotions, it really was a flame from purgatory.

Bai Tan was still suffering after all, suffering from his thoughts of Wu Yanfu.

Despite being a demonic skill that confounds and enchants all living beings, the pract.i.tioner of the Sky of Six Desires must have a heart of stone and remain indifferent in the midst of all the desires and l.u.s.ts.

Bai Tan was never suitable for martial arts. He was not interested in it and had weak inner energy. Yet, he consumed Wu Yanfu's blood relic, secretly learned, and forcibly practiced the Sky of Six Desires. To have his meridian channels13 affected, his blood and energy in reverse, was an expected outcome, but Bai Tan did not expect that it would be this painful.

"So hot…" As though flames from h.e.l.l14 were burning his entire body, Bai Tan clenched his teeth and tore his robes open. A red flush stained his chest and slowly spread from his chest to his neck.

Bai Tan clawed wildly at his chest, tearing his robes and drawing bits of blood, totally oblivious to the fact that his miserable and pitiful state was a brilliant view in someone else's eyes.


Bai Tan eyes opened, barely registering what he saw.

The coloured streamers which decorated the door swayed in the wind, and a person materialized in mid-air.

That person was slender; his eyes were deep, and he was exceedingly handsome, yet he had an air of danger surrounding him, looking like he was ready to kill at the blink of an eye. His black robes moved with the wind and looked like wings. He looked like Asura in the flesh.

"Get lost!" Bai Tan's hand shot out at the person's throat. His fingers tightened around the neck that felt cool to the touch.

A strangled moan escaped and broke the hallucination.

Coming back to his senses, Bai Tan found himself covered by a body as well as countless strands of white hair, splayed and tangled over his body and face. The hair blocked Bai Tan's line of vision, and he blinked before flicking the hair out of his face. Once removed, Bai Tan saw a pair of blue eyes shining faintly in the darkness, staring at him intensely like a famished wolf. Bai Tan got a fright before realizing that it was the shaman. The shaman was prodding Bai Tan's lips with his fingers that had blood on them, as though he was trying to feed Bai Tan some blood, trying to help Bai Tan.

Bai Tan suddenly grabbed the shaman's wrist and gently pressed his thumb to the shaman's pulse.

It was as Bai Tan had thought, a curse was place on this shaman like all the other shamans in Fu Tu Sect. The curse forces the shamans to obey their masters' every command and saving their masters is an instinct they cannot go against. When Bai Tan consumed Wu Yanfu's blood relic, he had inherited all of Wu Yanfu's cultivation, hence, the shaman would recognize Bai Tan as master.

Bai Tan sneered and with his lips parting slightly, his tongue darted out, lapping up the blood on the shaman's fingertips and leaving a glossy trail behind.

Wu Yanfu's eyes narrowed dangerously as he watched Bai Tan lick up the blood on his fingers and his pulse throbbed like that of a predator in ambush. Despite his thoughts, Wu Yanfu had the look of obedience and subordination plastered on his face. "Master… are you feeling better now?" Wu Yanfu enquired softly.

Bai Tan swallowed a mouth of blood and felt the burning in his chest subside bit by bit. As soon as the burn subsided, it was replaced with fatigue.

Bai Tan propped himself up from the floor and collapsed on the bed. With the curl of his finger, Bai Tan beckoned the shaman over.

The shaman swayed as he stood up, and, as though pulled and guided by an invisible string, the shaman floated over to the bed.

The youth on the bed pulled on Wu Yanfu's hand and Wu Yanfu slumped onto the bed.

Bai Tan removed his outer robes and cuddled against Wu Yanfu, sighing contentedly, "So comfortable. Your body is more effective than the bath."

Wu Yanfu closed his eyes, as though he was troubled by such a position when he actually found the situation amusing.

Hearing the breathing slowly even out, Wu Yanfu looked over, taking a peek at the sleeping youth beside him, and a glint of mockery could be seen in his eyes.

If it were to be in the past, Wu Yanfu would have no problem killing Bai Tan, the little devil who he had raised. However, in his current state, it is difficult to even move his arms, much less kill.

Having died at the hands of his disciple, at the final stages of the cultivation, Wu Yanfu roamed as a soul before he was reborn into the body of the shaman that he had created and raised. There was nothing else that could be more ironic.

The deed has already been done and there was nothing he could do to reverse it. Wu Yanfu decided that he would treat this as a trial and would slowly take his revenge against the little kid.

Translator’s Notes:

1Tan Er is an intimate way of calling Bai Tan

2Malachite is a jade like gemstone

3Dantian are the Qi Focus Flow Centre, where the body energy (qi) is focused in

8Shi Yue means to kill the moon but the kill is more specifically used for when one kills the emperor/leader/owner/someone of importance.

9Tantra literally means 'loom' or 'system' where it is an indication for the tradition of Hinduism and Buddhism that is specialised for specific groups of people

10Nirvana is the goal of the Buddhist path

11Deep w{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcRootClientId”:””,”srcClientId”:”8479da0d-d425-47ec-9935-f078ed823734″}aters is an idiom for in deep trouble/ to live a miserable life

12Brahman is considered the highest universal principle in Hinduism

13 Meridian channels (经脉) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meridian_(Chinese_medicine)

14 The flame(业火) is the fire used in h.e.l.l to burn sinners.

*The “I” used here made a reference to his position or suggests a high rank. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhist_cosmology – Form_Realm_(R%C5%ABpadh%C4%81tu)

Chapter 3

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