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Although the members of Clan Qin were commoners in the mortal realm and practiced the inferior ancient martial arts, their energy might transformed into spiritual energy by virtue of the magical Xuan Icy Cave and the energy sealed in the mystic chaos ring. At that time, they would be the cultivators of the heavens.

If as Qin Zongheng said, that Qin Dong shared the same forefathers with Clan Qin, the relationship between Qin Dong and Clan Qin would be intimate. Facing Clan Qin's calamity, how could he stand by?

The golden dragon birthmark did now show itself in the heavens but in the mortal realm. Qin Dong secretively thought it might imply something.

He had no reason to turn down Qin Zongheng after consideration. Hesitating for a while, Qin Dong gave a nod of a.s.sent slowly.

Qin Zongheng's stiff face relaxed immediately and happiness showed between his eyebrows. He might not be so ecstatic while finding some rare treasures.

Qin Dong laughed, "Don't be happy so early! I promise to help Clan Qin, but I will not do anything you ask me to do. I will give you a hand if Clan Qin is in danger, but I will never commit wickedness for Clan Qin."

Smiling bitterly, Qin Zongheng felt awkward, "Please don't worry about that. Clan Qin is well-known for its honesty in Country Longyuan. We will never do the villainous things."

Qin Dong nodded, "That's perfect! In addition, please don't call me dragon envoy anymore. Each time you call me, I feel embarra.s.sed."

"I am afraid it…is not suitable." Qin Dong's plea stumped Qin Zongheng.

If Qin Dong was the true second young master of Clan Qin, Qin Zongheng would call him Xiao Dong naturally. Qin Dong was not, but a new-generation dragon envoy with a high cultivation base. In a world where the strongest were respected, Qin Zongheng thought he might offend Qin Dong if calling him Xiao Dong.

Qin Dong found Qin Zongheng hesitant and answered in a deep voice as his face darkened, "If you don't promise me, I will leave now in spite what will occur to Clan Qin."

"Please don't…" Qin Zongheng shouted eagerly and shook his head helplessly, "All right, Xiao…Xiao Dong!"

Qin Dong smiled, "That sounds more pleasant! Elders, please keep the secret that I am a martial artist, and you can treat me as the useless second young master in the future."

"What if the real Xiao Dong returns?" Qin Zongheng asked.

Grinning, Qin Dong supposed that he would already make Qin Feiyan fall in love with him then.

"It doesn't matter; we will discuss the issue then."

"All right." Qin Zongheng hoped that the second young master would not show up in the future. Clan Qin would be more peaceful without the useless and despicable person.

"Dragon…No, Xiao Dong, how is Feixiong?" Qin Zongheng glanced at Qin Feixiong.

 As the outstanding youth in Clan Qin, Qin Feixiong was welcome. Qin Zongheng even wanted him to be the successor of Clan Qin, and how he couldn't worry about Qin Feixioing.

As his eyebrows wrinkled, Qin Dong glimpsed at Qin Feixiong, "The purple flame energy inside his body has been neutralized by the millennium cold air. But his vitality is greatly undermined. It is hard for his cultivation base to recover to the current stage without convalescing for a few years. Even though his cultivation base will be brought back to the current level, he will never make any breakthrough. "

Qin Zongheng never imagined that Qin Feixiong's problem would be so serious. If Qin Dong' words were the reality, that being said, Qin Feixioing was wasted from now on. Qin Feixiong could not bear such a blow himself, let alone Qin Zongheng, who winced while listening to Qin Dong's conclusion.

"d.a.m.n it! Gu Yuetao, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, was so cruel! We must revenge on him one day!" Sun Yanglong roared.

Qin Zongheng replied helplessly, "Anything may happen during the martial arts compet.i.tion. If we go to Clan Gu for retaliation, they will laugh at us."

"What can we do? Do we swallow the insult and humiliation silently and let it go?" Sun Yanglong asked Qin Zongheng angrily.

"Of course, we don't. But it must be Feixiong who retaliates himself!"

Qin Zongheng's reply made Qin Dong admire him a lot. Qin Zongheng was a hero of indomitable spirit.

"All right. We can't stay here any longer. Now that the purple flame energy inside Qin Feixiong's body has been removed, the cold air will harm his body if he remains here. " Qin Dong told Qin Zongheng.

Picking Qin Feixiong up in a hurry, Qin Zongheng scurried to the outside after Qin Dong ordered.

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