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"If you are not Xiao Dong, who are you?" Qin Zongheng asked in confusion. This Qin Dong and the second young master resembled so much, they looked like the same person.

"I am Qin Dong!" Qin Dong answered loudly.

Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong stared at each other. Puzzled, Qin Zongheng asked, "You told us that you were not Qin Dong just now."

Laughing, Qin Dong responded, "I tell you I am not the second young master of Clan Qin. But I am Qin Dong."

Sun Yanglong was startled to ask, "You mean that your name is Qin Dong?"

Qin Dong nodded.

Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong were astounded.

"Is there such a coincidence in the world? Two people look exactly the same and their names are identical. Is it miraculous?"

Waving his head, Qin Dong smiled wryly, "There is one more mysterious incident. It is said that the second young master has a birthmark of golden dragon on his chest."

Qin Zongheng gave a nod of confirmation, "Exactly, that is the symbol of the new-generation dragon envoy of Clan Qin."

Qin Dong undressed his jacket silently and exposed his chest. Seen through the thick mist, a golden dragon rode on a cloud at first sight.

Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong shrieked. Qin Zongheng quivered as if being shocked by electricity. It was hard to believe, and aghast glinted in Qin Zongheng's eyes.

"Impossible! Impossible! Why do you have the same birthmark? What is the matter?" Qin Zongheng could not think clearly.

He could accept someone looking alike his son and also with an identical name. But the birthmark of the golden dragon, the token of the dragon envoy of Clan Qin, appeared on the chest of this man. Qin Zongheng found it difficult to accept. 

According to the past history of Clan Qin, a dragon envoy appeared every a hundred years. The envoy was unique with a paramount status. It was unbelievable that two birthmarks represented two envoys.

Even though it was possible for two envoys to show up at the same time, there was a matter which Qin Zongheng could not figure out. Qin Dong was not the second young master, but an outsider of Clan Qin. The dragon envoy only existed in Clan Qin, however, the birthmark of golden dragon symbolizing the envoy's ident.i.ty appeared on the chest of an outsider. Would that be possible?

Stunned, Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong mumbled, "You…you are not our second young master?"

Qin Dong shook his head, "I come to Clan Qin with Qin Feiyan to investigate the reason that the birthmark emerges on my chest. I didn't have the golden dragon birthmark before."

"What? You were not born with the birthmark?" Amazement seized Qin Zongheng.

Nodding slowly, Qin Dong answered, "Though I do not know when the birthmark appeared, I am certain that it did not belong to me."

Qin Zongheng and Sun Yanglong looked at each other quietly.

After a while, Qin Zongheng told Sun Yanlong, "Yanglong, I think we are wrong all the time."

"Big brother, what do you mean?" Sun asked perplexedly.

Qin Zongheng was agonized, replying, "We expect the dragon envoy for too long to neglect a point. According to the experience of the past envoys, they were not born with the birthmark of golden dragon. As the dragon soul of the envoy woke, the birthmark emerged gradually. Our Xiao Dong was born with the birthmark. His doesn't look like the true birthmark of golden dragon, at least resembles little that of the young hero before us. "

Gazing at Qin Zongheng, Sun Yanglong asked in surprise, "Big brother, you mean that the real dragon envoy is not our second young master, but the one in front of our eyes."

Qin Zongheng nodded and answered deeply, "I am afraid so."

"Wait! Does the dragon envoy only come from the members of Clan Qin? I am not one of your family members. How could the special birthmark appear on my chest?" Confused, Qin Dong asked.

"Ha…ha…How can't you be a family member of Clan Qin? Your family name is Qin!"

As astonishment paralyzed Qin Dong, he opened his mouth widely and did not know what to say.

Qin Zongheng murmured while seeing astounded Qin Dong, "Another Clan Qin separated from us a thousand years ago and evaporated ever since. n.o.body knew why we lost touch with it. I am afraid you are the successor of that clan."

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